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Chapter 144 - Preparation Before The Slaughter


Not only Shangguan Feng, but She Kui and Xie Sha also felt a coldness as if they had been suddenly transported to the world of ice and snow, where people couldn’t stop shivering.

Everyone suddenly discovered that the source of the cold air was Yang Chen. But all three of them very quickly understood that this was not any cold air, but killing intent. The frightening killing intent surprisingly made all three of them sense a chill in their bodies.

She Kui and Xie Sha were still better, but Shangguan Feng’s jaw began to clatter. Xie Sha discovered that there was something wrong with the situation and hastily yelled:

“What are you doing? It was not Shangguan who attacked your master!”

The killing intent diffused in the air, but coldness still spread across Yang Chen’s entire face. He rushed to Shangguan Feng and asked:

“I am sorry, senior disciple Shangguan. I lost my self control there. Do you know who did it?”

Shangguan Feng required a moment to recover from the shock. That one act just a moment ago had scared him half to death, it was as if he was facing a death god. Fortunately, Yang Chen had stopped it in time, otherwise Shangguan Feng would have been embarrassed in front of everyone.

If these people knew that Yang Chen’s blood river was still being used to soak the Immortal Beheading Blade and that the killing intent he had released was only a hundredth of its full potential, their thoughts could be imagined.

“It is currently unknown.”

Shangguan Feng shook his head, and continued his answer with some lingering fears:

“Master ancestor had walked away quite hastily, without saying much, he merely rushed me to inform you.”

As he said that, as if he had remembered something, Shangguan Feng fished out a compass:

“This is something the Master ancestor left for you, saying that this would be able to point to master ancestor’s position.”

Yang Chen held the compass and carefully observed it for some time, then he immediately realized that this was a compass which searched for a certain object on Wang Yong’s body, probably the qiankun pouch. Then he immediately became clear headed.

Wang Yong didn’t know who attacked Gao Yue, but Gao Yue definitely had a magic tool on her body which she would have used in a moment of crisis to immediately inform Wang Yong. This was a high grade tool used for warning in extreme crises, which could only be refined by YuanYing stage experts.

But Yang Chen was still exceptionally worried. Issuing an alert over being seriously hurt, she had made it clear that she had suffered a powerful attack. Her position was still unknown, if Wang Yong was too late, then there would certainly be grave consequences, so Wang Yong had hastily departed, most likely because of the same reason.

Thinking this, Yang Chen did not stay anymore and immediately stood up, wanting to rush out. Suddenly he thought of something and stopped, then turning around he asked:

“Would you two seniors like to make a trip with me!”

She Kui asked, opening his eye:

“To do what?”

“Kill people!”

Yang Chen said to the two people without hiding his killing intent in the least.

“Younger disciple Yang!”

Shangguan Feng shouted with great alarm, Yang Chen wanted to kill openly, this was exactly what he expected but hoped not to happen. Most of all, he was also taking She Kui and Xie Sha, the two YuanYing stage experts of Eccentric Hall. If something went wrong, there would be a lot of trouble for the Pure Yang Palace.

“Senior disciple Shangguan, there is no use stopping me!”

Once Shangguan Feng opened his mouth, Yang Chen knew exactly what he wanted to say:

“Those who have dared to harm my master, even the heavens cannot save them. Why else do you think the great master asked you to inform me?”

Shangguan Feng was startled for a few moments and then immediately turned speechless. Wang Yong had made these plans with such an intention, otherwise, a YuanYing stage expert like him setting out was already excessive, so what was the need to inform Yang Chen?

“Senior disciple, help me by taking over as the Merit Transferring Disciple here for a few months, I will go and quickly return!”

Yang Chen extended his hand and pulled Shangguan Feng to his seat and then immediately turned around and left with She Kui and Xie Sha.

It had been two years since they had entered Pure Yang Palace, but following with the rules had been quite depressing for them. When they were demon beasts, they were free and careless, so long as the enemy’s strength didn’t surpass them, they would immediately kill them when they wanted. After being restrained for two years, once Yang Chen invited them to kill people, they immediately followed him without saying anything more.

“Younger disciple Yang, be careful!”

Shangguan Feng knew that there was no way to stop Yang Chen, so he could only warn him to be careful.

Yang Chen did not even turn his head and directly waved his hand behind himself and sped off.

His master was seriously injured and had still not been found by anyone. Yang Chen took out his Flying Shuttle and started moving together with She Kui and Xie Sha. The Flying Shuttle along with two brilliant rays in the sky disappeared from the Nine Earth Manor in a flash.

Holding the compass, Yang Chen began adjusting the directions. During these few months, he had been staying at the Nine Earth Manor and did not know where Gao Yue was collecting materials. However now, with Wang Yong’s compass, he discovered with surprise that Gao Yue’s was actually in the direction of the NanHuang Great Mountain.

Initially he had believed that Gao Yue had simply gone to the city to purchase ingredients, but now that he had discovered that Gao Yue had possibly gone to the NanHuang Great Mountain, Yang Chen realized that the matter was not so simple.

The Great Mountain penetrating deeply into NanHuang was far away from where ordinary people lived. Even the most savage types of people could only establish their footing with great difficulty. There were demon beasts everywhere in the Great Mountain. Aside from cultivators, nobody would dare to set foot in there.

As it happened, the natural resources in this region were extremely extravagant, because it was a deserted region, countless heavenly materials could be found there. Similarly, the underground also had extremely enriched mineral resources. A lot of high grade tool refining materials usually came from this Great Mountain. In all likelihood, Gao Yue wanted to find some good materials, that’s why she had come there.

There were many demon beasts and cultivators there. Not just of upright sects, but also of the devil sects. Generally speaking, there simply weren’t any rules in the NanHuang Great Mountain. Only strength ruled there.

The countless battles happening among cultivators, among demons and among magicians were completely beyond reason. Everything that happens there was not under the influence of any sect, everyone did what they wanted without the slightest scruple. It was also a dangerous place, where cultivators could temper themselves at the edge of life.

Yang Chen was extremely worried, he even felt some regret. How could he only think of enjoying the warmth of the MingGuang sword again, but neglected Gao Yue, who had to face these grave dangers? He could not help but urge his flying shuttle to move at its fastest speed, moving almost as fast as lightning to catch up to Wang Yong.

In his previous life, Gao Yue did not spend so much effort to refine the MingGuang sword, so it could be assumed that Yang Chen’s arrival and his deeds had changed many things in this world.

Yang Chen was constantly praying in his heart:

‘Master, you can not have met with any mishaps! If you are seriously injured, that is still alright, as long as there is still an opportunity for you to live, this Yang Chen will immediately grab it and bring you back from the edge of death.’

The more anxious he became, the calmer Yang Chen started to look.

The Greater Mountains were unlike the Immortal Falling Well. The Immortal Falling Well still had Elder Wu to keep watch and after Elder Wu left, some other elder would be assigned. But the Greater Mountains were completely unlike that. The one with the bigger fist was the law. If he wanted to take revenge for Gao Yue injuries, then there was no other way than to be even fiercer than the others.

Even though the speed of Yang Chen’s flying shuttle was very fast, it would still take him at least one month from the Pure Yang Palace to the Greater Mountains. Wang Yong certainly had some good magic weapon and he had been ahead of Yang Chen all the time from the beginning.

But that also gave Yang Chen some relief. The higher Wang Yong’s speed was, the larger was the possibility of him providing support to Gao Yue. Currently Yang Chen was hoping that Gao Yue only sustained injuries and had not been killed. Otherwise, even if it would ruin the Immortal Beheading Blade, Yang Chen would massacre the entire Greater Mountain.

While She Kui and Xie Sha were flying on their strange flying swords, Yang Chen suddenly thought that it was a good decision to bring these two YuanYing stage demon beasts with him after all. Who knew what kind of difficulties they would have to face and Yang Chen did not want to be done in while taking revenge.

He could already command the Blood Phantom Vine, so frankly speaking, he could even resist a YuanYing stage experts, but Yang Chen did not mind a few more helpers.

Since the blood river in his spirit sea couldn’t be used, Yang Chen found that he could only use Mo Qian and her disciples, who were sitting within the dome of the Medicine Garden, after much thinking.

Six people, one at the middle YuanYing stage and five at the middle JieDan stage, while the strength of the five disciples was equal. Initially, when they were at the Clear Sky Sect, they had a very ferocious character, but unfortunately they had all turned into vegetables.

Despite turning into vegetables and losing the perception of their surroundings, some deep rooted memories still remained and they had also retained their cultivation instinct.

During the time Yang Chen had ignored them, these six people were motionlessly sitting in the main hall of the Medicine Garden, silently cultivating their primary cultivation method.

This was caused by a minor hypnosis within the Soul Stunning Technique which Yang Chen used, which left only one thought in their mind: before Yang Chen summons them, they should continue to cultivate. But now Yang Chen had to draw support from their strength.

Since they had completely lost their consciousness other than killing them, Yang Chen could only convert them into puppets. But Yang Chen wished to make them different from ordinary puppets. As far as he knew, the only defect they had was the loss of consciousness, other than that they should remain as they were before, just like other cultivators. This also implied that they would turn into even higher grade puppets than normal puppets.

Perhaps calling them loyal slaves was more suitable. The trick Yang Chen used did not erase everything from their mind but changed them so that they could only listen to Yang Chen’s orders instead. In their hearts, there would not be anything besides Yang Chen’s orders. They wouldn’t have any apprehensions, fear and no ability to think about the problems at hand. They would only be slaves who would work according to Yang Chen’s orders.

Frankly speaking, the results of their cultivation during this time were far better than cultivation done by six normal people in the same time. Not to mention anything else, just the fact that their hearts were without greed was something which usual cultivators could not achieve easily.

These six people did not have think about anything such as a heart’s devil during their cultivation, let alone think about things like attacking the boundary of the next realm. They were wholeheartedly devoted to cultivation, which made it much more smooth.

What Yang Chen wanted to do with them was to turn them into his faithful slave puppets. This required a special trick but simultaneously also required very formidable spiritual awareness.

Although Mo Qian was under Yang Chen’s hypnosis, she was still a middle YuanYing stage expert. Yang Chen’s current level of spiritual awareness was still not high enough to make her follow his orders to the point.

Mo Qian’s five disciples on the other hand were all at the mid JieDan stage and Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness, which was currently at the initial YuanYing stage, was sufficient to control these five.

For this kind of control, Yang Chen had to plant a special spiritual awareness imprint. This could only be done by a person like Yang Chen, who had exceptionally formidable spiritual awareness.

The five disciples as well as Mo Qian were all metal attributed, so cultivating in the dome of Medicine Garden was most suitable for them. And with the Medicine Garden’s dome, when Yang Chen used his trick, it would not allow She Kui and Xie Sha to see anything they shouldn’t see.

Because he didn’t need to control the entire body of the target, only the spiritual awareness, the person would still retain the original personality, but these five people had lost their minds long ago, so it was even easier. While on the road, Yang Chen didn’t enter the main hall of the dome, instead, using his hand to hold the lid of the bottle, he had already successfully established thorough control over the five within less than twenty days.

Although She Kui and Xue Sha were travelling together with him, they only thought that this was Yang Chen’s way of refining the lid and nothing more. They didn’t have the slightest idea what was going on inside.

Five metal attributed middle JieDan stage experts with equal cultivation. This was perfectly suitable for a spell formation within Yang Chen’s mind: the Five Direction Profound Female Spell. The five people forming the spell would take five different positions. The offensive strength was far better than five people just cooperating.

But this formation of five women was only a last resort for Yang Chen. Since he had never gotten the opportunity to change their appearances after trapping the five women, if they appeared in public then maybe they would catch the eye of someone they knew, so unless he had to, Yang Chen would not use them, like he did not use the blood river unless absolutely necessary.

During the following days, Yang Chen and the two demon beasts hastened on their journey. While Yang Chen was completely calm on one side, She Kui and Xie Sha had quite a fierce expression, as if they wanted to kill people without any regard. Naturally they could sense the tempest within Yang Chen’s calmness.

They feared that if the news was not good, Yang Chen would go on a massacre. They did not know why, but they were still somewhat fearful against Yang Chen. This was just their instinct as demon beasts and did not have any relation with their cultivation, so they did not know the reason.

Suddenly it seemed as if Wang Yong’s figure had stopped moving. With great relief, Yang Chen quickly controlled his flying sword to go towards that region.

From the beginning Yang Chen was only a day behind, so now he only ran half a day when the pointer of the compass suddenly started shivering, indicating that Wang Yong was in the vicinity.


The flying shuttle was immediately withdrawn by Yang Chen and the figures of three people appeared in the sky standing on air. After being bored for one month, She Kui and Xie Sha, who had already been restraining themselves, began to move their hands and feet around.

Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness began to extend crazily in all four directions, to sense the circumstances in his surroundings. Soon after that, his figure suddenly shuddered, discovering the position of Wang Yong.

And together with Wang Yong was the figure of someone whom he was extremely familiar with: Gao Yue. At that moment Gao Yue was lying in Wang Yong’s arm, with her hands and legs softly hanging down. If it were not for her rough breathing, Yang Chen would have thought she was already dead.

Sensing this, Yang Chen finally took a long sigh. His master was alive, then everything was good.

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