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What Gao Yue and Yang Chen hadn’t seen was that the Palace Master and Wang Yong, who had been returning, had stopped mid-way.

The Palace Master found a place to sit down and then put up a restriction spell. Then the Palace Master said to Wang Yong, who had been following just behind him:

“Senior disciple, this grand disciple of yours really leaves people speechless!”

“Are you envious?”

Wang Yong and the Palace Master were fellow apprentices, so in private they were more casual than when they were in front of people:

“Being envious is useless, it was just my good luck that I have such a good Grand Disciple!”

“Yes, Yang Chen’s fortune can make people go mad with envy!”

Palace Master did not hide his jealousy, but he was only envious towards Yang Chen and not envious of Wang Yong.

“Having good fortune is also a skill!”

Wang Yong was trying to safeguard his Grand Disciple in every possible way, but when hearing the Palace Master’s bare jealousy, he paid no mind to it. The Palace Master was unlikely to do anything to Yang Chen because of a little jealousy.

“He is greatly pushing himself.”

The Palace Master shook his head:

“The largest trees catch the most wind. After this challenge, for the time being, don’t allow him to go out to train, so that others don’t harm him.”

“Staying at the sect is also good! Only, should we let him do what he wants?”

Wang Yong completely consented to this point, if a talent showed off excessively, making people secretly envious, even with great fortune, who could say when a person’s luck would run out. Although the big sects were extremely polite and amiable on the surface, if the times demanded it, they would not hesitate to backstab, like the Greatest Heaven Sect had done towards the Five Phases Sect or like the Green Jade Immortal Islands had done to the Greatest Heaven Sect.

“Spirit power of the five attributes at the Foundation stage, and he is also extremely well educated and knowledgeable, so surely guiding the outer disciples has to be enough?”

Apparently the Palace Master had already thought this through.


Wang Yong nodded, being a Merit Transferring Disciple at the Nine Earth Manor, Yang Chen would have to remain at Meiqing mountain within the territory of the Pure Yang Palace. If he did not have to face some calamity on the level of having his family exterminated, it would be just impossible for him to go out. Not to speak of the fact that he also didn’t have to worry about security, these arrangements made by the Palace Master were extremely brilliant and did indeed make use of people to the greatest extent.

Yang Chen didn’t know that he was already confined in one place under disguise by the Palace Master and Wang Yong in such a short time. After he had settled his issues and consolidated his realm for such a long time, the foundation realm of the complete Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets had been fully consolidated, so he could attempt to break through to the next realm.

However, before that Yang Chen had to settle his dispute with Li QingChen.

After two months Yang Chen and Gao Yue appeared on a small island in the territory of the Green Jade Immortal Islands. This island was a region which was decided for his life and death duel with Li QingChen.

Li QingChen was also there with a JieDan stage expert of the Greatest Heaven Sect. A duel between two Foundation stage youngsters to settle their personal grudges was still unworthy for any high level expert to witness, not to mention travelling here.

What was unexpected was that two YuanYing stage experts had appeared from the side of the host, the Green Jade Immortal Islands, as well as the concerned party, Fairy Shi.

Among the two YuanYing stage experts, one was Guan Yueying with whom Yang Chen had already crossed swords once, the other was someone he didn’t know, but the other expert seemingly had some relationship with Li QingChen.

“Yang Chen, I am sorry!”

Before the duel had begun, under the hateful gaze of Li QingChen, Shi ShanShan walked to Yang Chen and apologised to him.

Yang Chen could clearly see that Shi ShanShan was not acting like an unreasonable person who could easily be duped like before. This sentence clearly proved that she had borrowed Yang Chen’s name to deal with Li QingChen in the previous matter.

With regards to the apology from the Cold Plum Fairy of the future, Yang Chen began to feel slightly bitter. If it were not for Li QingChen, Yang Chen would not have received so much trouble at the Pure Yang Palace.

Sure, Yang Chen only treated his experience as troublesome and not as life and death crisis to temper himself. But he also knew that, with Shi ShanShan’s cold personality and her nature of not easily communicating with other people, the cause of everything would have been how Shi ShanShan had treated Li QingChen, who had thought that his love was being reciprocated. Then again, not all of this could be completely blamed on Shi ShanShan.

“In the future, don’t drag me into your affairs!”

Since settling this time’s affairs still depended on the intentions of the Green Jade Immortal Islands, Yang Chen did not intend to nag too much on this matter, so after saying this, he closed his eyes and began to rest, no longer paying any attention to his surroundings.

Seeing Yang Chen’s attitude towards her, Shi ShanShan was astonished within her heart. From the time she had entered the Green Jade Immortal Islands until now, she had been constantly pursued by people and had never seen a male fellow daoist like Yang Chen treat her so coldly. This was both new and odd for her at the same time, though it was while was still feeling guilty. Speaking of which, it seemed like Yang Chen still hadn’t completely understood the situation.

“You must be careful!”

Shi ShanShan said with an unvarying expression, in low voice:

“Li QingChen is related to my sect’s elder Li Yunyu and has received pointers from her, so by all means you must be extremely careful in this life and death duel.”

This information seemed slightly troublesome to Yang Chen. If the situation was like this and he killed Li QingChen, then the Pure Yang Palace and Green Jade Immortal Islands could be in disagreement, rather than being put into trouble with the Greatest Heaven Sect.

But at this moment, the arrow had already been released from the bow, so other matters would have to be put off until this one was settled. Regardless of whoever was behind Li QingChen, it was impossible for Yang Chen to use his own life to make up for it, Li Qing Chen had to die.

“This matter has arisen because of me, if you fail in the challenge…”

Saying this, Shi ShanShan suddenly bit her lip, the color of her face turned red and finally, after making her resolve, clenching her teeth she said:

“If you lose here, then I will live as your widow!”

After saying this, Shi ShanShan directly turned around and left, without waiting for Yang Chen’s reaction and returned back to the side of elder Guan Yueying. Bowing her head, she again resumed her cool and elegant appearance and then stood calmly.

Many people had come to watch the fight, but all of them were standing slightly far. Since the duel hadn’t begun yet, no one dared to use their spiritual awareness and risk provoking the two YuanYing stage experts. Although Shi ShanShan had said this in a low voice, the few people near them, including two people from the Greatest Heaven Sect, the two YuanYing stage experts from Green Jade Immortal Islands and Gao Yue had all heard her words clearly.

Yang Chen was also startled. Widow? What did this mean? Among ordinary people, it referred to a wife, who did not marry again after her husband was dead or a woman who did not marry for her whole life after her fiance was dead. Among cultivators, this meant not looking for a Dao Companion after their Dao Companion was dead. The problem is, did Yang Chen have such a relationship with Shi ShanShan? How could Shi ShanShan say such a thing?


While Yang Chen’s side still hadn’t recovered from their astonishment, Li QingChen had already gone berserk due to anger. Without waiting for the agreed upon time, he started approaching Yang Chen while shouting loudly:

“Yang Chen, you die for me!”

Not just Yang Chen and Li QIngChen, but Guan Yueying, Li Yunyue, the two YuanYing stage experts and Yang Chen’s master, Gao Yue, were completely stunned hearing Shi ShanShan’s words.

Shi Shanshan had simply expressed her opinion, she did not think Yang Chen had much of a chance of winning this duel. This was completely normal as Li QingChen was at the peak of the foundation stage, a core disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect, still under the guidance of a YuanYing stage expert. His cultivation was unfathomably deep.

On the contrary, Yang Chen had only built his Foundation not too long ago, and he was moreover a disciple of a second rate sect. When Yang Chen was just an executioner, Li QingChen was already training and travelling with Shi ShanShan. Although she did not know the exact troubles Yang Chen had faced later, Li QingChen must have given him many troubles, she was completely sure of this, therefore she had come to this conclusion.

Just as Shi ShanShan had said, she thought this matter was because of her, therefore she had to take responsibility. Previously, Guan Yueying had guided her regarding the problem in this field, if she did not obtain a thorough understanding of Yang Chen, then Shi ShanShan would give in to her Heart’s Devil and would be unable to extricate herself. Since it was already hopeless for Yang Chen, Shi ShanShan might as well prepare herself for living as Yang Chen’s widow, this calmed her feelings.

Gua Yueying clearly understood the feelings in Shi ShanShan’s heart, but she hadn’t expected that Shi Shanshan would surprisingly put out such resolve. She also hadn’t discussed this with Guan Yueying and had assumed the identity of Yang Chen’s widow all by herself.

Once she remembered how Yang Chen had dealt with a her, a YuanYing stage expert, so easily, Guan Yueying couldn’t help but issue a bitter laugh. Shi ShanShan, this stupid child, why did she make such a vow? If Yang Chen was certain that he would lose, why would he initiate a life and death duel?

On the other side, Li Yunyu had completely different thoughts. She had long ago decided to make Shi ShanShan and this descendant of her clan Dao Companions. Therefore, she had all along spared no efforts in helping Li QingChen gain a favourable impression in Shi ShanShan’s eyes. This time, Shi ShanShan had gone too far saying such words. This was simply trashing her face.

At this moment, Li Yunyu was even angrier than Li QingChen. Shi ShanShan had clearly expressed her intentions, even if Yang Chen died here, she would never become Li QingChen’s Dao Companion. With the efforts of so many years going to waste, how could it not make elder Li feel bottomless anger?

Gao Yue was completely stunned and then worry began to rise. She absolutely had not anticipated that Shi ShanShan would surprisingly say such words. If the Green Jade Immortal Island’s Li Yunyu was left out of consideration, then Yang Chen held the upper hand in this challenge and was completely out of danger. But with the sudden appearance of this YuanYing stage expert on the scene, nobody was sure what would happen next.

Under that constant worry, Gao Yue was also greatly proud. Her disciple was really outstanding, even the world famous Fairy Shi had taken the initiative to become his widow. If Yang Chen did not die, then wouldn’t it mean that he had got an exceptionally good Dao Companion?

But after feeling complacent, Gao Yue also felt a little angry, apparently everything she liked was always snatched by other people, this was very uncomfortable.

This sensation had only lasted for a split second, before Li QingChen’s loud voice woke her up. Surprisingly before the appointed time had come, he had already attacked. A sword light like a great general was flying rushed towards Yang Chen.


Gao Yue loudly cursed. Just as she was about to block it, she suddenly felt a wave of killing intent and was forced to put in all her strength to deal with it.

The killing intent had come from Green Jade Immortal Island’s Li Yunyu. After finding that Gao Yue had the intention to block it, Li Yunyu pressed down on Gao Yue by using her spiritual awareness. Since this was a life and death duel between Yang Chen and Li QingChen, others could not casually interfere.

But Yang Chen just calmly raised his head, his hands had already gripped onto the Immortal Beheading blade. Taking a step forward to meet the flying sword, he raised the blade high and slashed towards the sword light.

“Humph, who taught this youngster? He can’t even use a flying sword! What is he doing, using a blade to show his strength?”

Before the outcome of the clash was clear, Li Yunyu ridiculed Yang Chen.

If she had only said this, then it would not be of much concern, but when she said this she used spirit power to carry her voice far. All people in the surroundings clearly heard this, including Yang Chen. This kind of method of disturbing someone’s mental state was definitely considered to be a disgusting trick to interfere from the outside, but she was not concerned in the least about how other people viewed her.

Even if everyone thought it was despicable, Li Yunyu was a YuanYing stage expert and this was the territory of the Green Jade Immortal Islands, so who would dare to say anything against her?

But the most regretful thing was that some matters could not distract a determined person, even such tricks, in front of absolute strength, they were a mere joke.


Accompanying Li Yunyu’s ridiculing words was an extremely melodious sound, as well as a dazzling spark. The blade in Yang Chen’s hand had accurately slashed at the flying sword. The immensely powerful strike had directly thrown the flying sword to the ground.

A flying sword only controlled by spiritual awareness against the blade in Yang Chen’s hand which was controlled both by spiritual awareness and his physical body… The superior one was obvious.

Speaking of spiritual awareness, Yang Chen was already at the peak of the JieDan stage while Li QingChen was only at the peak of the Foundation stage, the difference between them was an entire realm. Speaking of strength, Yang Chen’s body had been nourished by the blood of countless immortals, so his strength had reached outrageous levels. Speaking of the quality of flying swords, the Immortal Beheading Blade was a weapon which had taken a peak JieDan expert several hundred years to refine, so how could Li QingChen’s flying sword, which he had only received a few decades ago from Li Yunyu compare to it?

Sparks flew in all directions and a big nick appeared in Li QingChen’s flying sword. As for Li QingChen, who had an extremely close connection with his destined flying sword, he released a loud shout, as if, when the flying sword was damaged, his spiritual awareness also suffered heavy losses.

But Yang Chen never had the habit of showing mercy to an enemy, after the first slash, he rushed forward, and while his body was in the air, he had raised the Immortal Beheading Sword again.

After his foot reached the ground, Yang Chen was already three feet in front of Li QingChen. His Immortal Beheading blade chopped down fiercely, without showing any mercy.

Li QingChen immediately sensed danger, and resisting the pain from the wounds in his spiritual awareness with great difficulty, he released the defenses on his body. Immediately, a faintly discernable armor appeared on his body and at the same time, many flickering light balls appeared in Li QingChen’s hand. Even an evil grin appeared on his face.

“You can not!”

A loud cry of fear immediately echoed. The owner of the voice was none other than elder Li Yunyu, who had mocked Yang Chen just a few moments ago. But this time, her voice was full of pleading people didn’t know to whom she was saying this.

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