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Chapter 137 - The Challenge Must Be A Life And Death Duel

23 Aug 2016

Obtaining the Eighth Metal True Secrets was like a great burden being removed from Yang Chen’s heart. His entire body was relaxed and happy.

Initially he had thought that he would not be able to obtain the Eighth Metal True Secrets from the Clear Sky Sect the first time. It should be known that the libraries of the Clear Sky Sect contained information accumulated over countless years, something which a small sect absolutely could not compare to. Even the Hidden Pavilion in the Pure Yang Palace had a few million jade slips, then how many would the Clear Sky Sect have?

Who would have thought that, because of Mo Qian’s dirty tricks, he would be able to obtain these most unreasonable kinds of books which would allow him to obtain the Eighth Metal True Secrets the first time. Thinking about this made Yang Chen very happy.

Cultivators attached great importance to karma. Apparently, these Eighth Metal True Secrets were destined for Yang Chen somehow, otherwise he would not have obtained them on the first time.

But Yang Chen did not begin cultivation immediately after obtaining them. Since he didn’t have the origin spirit power, the eighth metal true qi, he would not be able to cultivate it successfully. Not too long ago, Yang Chen had collected fifth earth true qi, but before he could understand it thoroughly, Yang Chen did not intend to go and look for other true qi.

He had already read eighteen thousand jade slips and had still two thousand left. After Yang Chen had finished them at a moderate pace, he tidied up everything and bid farewell to his mother and father.

Despite being greatly unwilling to let him go, they did not say much, other than reminding him repeatedly to come back from time to time. They already understood clearly that Yang Chen was in a different world from them.

While Yang Chen was enjoying his peaceful days with his family, a lot of sensational matters had happened in the cultivation world. Strictly speaking, they all had something to do with Yang Chen.

First was the Pure Yang Palace, which had grandly established its Hall of Eccentrics. Although a second rate sect establishing a hall for their subordinates was not something to make a fuss about, as it happened this Hall of Eccentrics had two YuanYing stage experts.

Actually just two YuanYing stage expert was not something which could astonish people, but these two YuanYing stage experts were demon beasts. This fact was sufficient to gain the attention of other big sects.

Demon beasts entering the sect, how was this possible? People are people, demons are demons. When running into a demon, not killing it was already an immense favour, so how could they tolerate them entering their sect?

But the explanation given by the Pure Yang Palace removed all their problems. They had guarded the sect painstakingly for thousands of years, so what else should they be rewarded with? Thinking that the Pure Yang Palace had already presented the two demon beasts with the fifth earth true qi which elder Wu had given as a present for Yang Chen; had that helped them reach the YuanYing stage?

Even the Five Phases Sect had fifth earth true qi, but it could not compare to the Pure Yang Palace’s style. Everyone knew that the Pure Yang Palace did not have a cultivation method to refine fifth earth true qi, so even if they kept it, it would still be of no use. But they had given them as a present to the two earth attributed demon beasts. Other sects had never used such a method.

Once the Hall of Eccentrics was established, it gave rise to the attention of many sects and at the same time, many guardian spirit beasts which had been subdued by other sects also expressed their expectations for the Hall of Eccentrics. This caught all of the big sects unprepared.

If they did not give them benefits, maybe the guardian spirit beasts would escape, but it would still pain them to give the guardian spirit beasts some rewards. Moreover, those guardian spirit beasts who had restrictions put on them also began to show the will to rebel, which gave headaches to the sect leaders of all big sects. And this matter was supported by Elder Wu, so others could not oppose it.

Regardless of what is said, the Pure Yang Palace had not only left a good mark of their name in the realm of demon beasts, they had also raised two YuanYing stage experts within the sect and this was an undeniable fact.

The Pure Yang Palace’s reputation spread far and wide, some things were good some were bad. Some people who couldn’t accept that demon beasts were shown such consideration felt very repulsed. Many loose cultivators thought that, since they could ensure the safety of demon beasts, surely they would try to defend their disciples to the greatest extent and started coming in large numbers, which made the Foreign Affair Hall’s master, Xu Cheng Xin, quite delighted.

Another sect which was the center of an important event, similar to the Pure Yang Palace, was the Clear Sky Sect. The Clear Sky Sect’s Hua Wanting had finally thrown off the blood phantom vine after a hundred years of struggle and had successfully passed the yin fire tribulation. The Clear Sky Sect publicized this news with great fanfare and every sect sent their representatives to congratulate them.

Yang Chen’s contribution was mostly concealed by the Clear Sky Sect. They had only said that, just after Elder Hua had broken away from the blood phantom vine, she was very weak and Yang Chen had provided her timely support by giving her a thousand year ginseng, so she could pass the tribulation in one stroke. With this relationship, Elder Hua had specially reminded the Clear Sky Sect to maintain a courteous relationship with Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace.

Although elder Hua reaching the Da Cheng stage was a delightful occasion, even more people were envious of Yang Chen’s good fortune. First was elder Wu and now elder Hua. Why was he able to gain favours from all those Da Cheng stage experts? Why couldn’t other people encounter this kind of good fortune?

As for the disappearance of Mo Qian and her few disciples, nobody had raised this topic, as if the Clear Sky Sect itself wasn’t aware of it.

Mo Qian and her six JieDan stage disciples had gone out together to pick some herbs, so other people hadn’t seen their presence. But this kind of matter was very common and Yang Chen himself wouldn’t return to the sect for many months or years, so nobody found it strange and went to look for the whereabouts of Mo Qian and her disciples. Perhaps after a few decades or hundred years someone would look into this matter.

Currently Mo Qian and her five disciples were sitting upright in the domed main hall of the medicine garden within the bottle, motionless and were cultivating aimlessly, relying on instinct. They had already completely lost their minds, even these actions were commanded by Yang Chen using the soul stunning technique.

The latest news however concerned someone from the junior generation, which had a direct relation to Yang Chen. Green Jade Immortal Island’s most talented core disciple, the fairy, in young cultivators eyes, Shi Shanshan, had issued a piece of information, requesting a confrontation between the Greatest Heaven Sect’s Li QingChen and Pure Yang Palace’s Yang Chen in the presence of people to settle a misunderstanding or a conflict.

What astonished people was that Yang Chen, after leaving the Clear Sky Sect, had completely disappeared and hadn’t responded to the news. According to Fairy Shi, Yang Chen had already agreed to the confrontation and she was only waiting for Li QingChen’s response.

The response from the Greatest Heaven Sect actually startled people even more: Li Qingchen had completely disagreed with Shi ShanShan’s request and had even said that Yang Chen had deceived Fairy Shi and directly issued a challenge to Yang Chen saying that, as soon as Yang Chen appeared, he would immediately go and challenge him.

After returning from the Yang family villa to the cultivation world, he had discovered this news. Hearing this, not only was Yang Chen not angry, he was actually filled with joy.

Li QingChen, this person had tried to obstruct Yang Chen in every possible way since he had joined the Pure Yang Palace. He had even used his relationship with Chu Heng to make Chu Heng suppress him. Yang Chen wanted to settle this debt for a long time, but he hadn’t found an opportunity, but now that Li QingChen had taken the initiative to challenge Yang Chen personally, Yang Chen couldn’t help but burst out in happy laughter.

The last time when the palace master of the Pure Yang Palace had asked elder Xu to ask for compensation from the Greatest Heaven Sect, the Greatest Heaven Sect had said that this was a private matter between Yang Chen and Li QingChen, so the sect would not interfere and they should settle it privately.

But Yang Chen knew that, although the Greatest Heaven Sect had said these words, the palace master of the Pure Yang Palace had not desired for Yang Chen to knock on Li QingChen’s door and settle his private grudges. If not for any other reason but because the influence of the Greatest Heaven Sect was too great.

Now however they could not stop Yang Chen, as the perpetrator of this matter was Fairy Shi of the Green Jade Immortal Islands. Although the Greatest Heaven Sect had great power and influence, it could not suppress the Green Jade Immortal Islands.

Since he could not blame Shi ShanShan, he could only blame Yang Chen. The problem was that Li QingChen clearly did not dare to accept the request for the confrontation in presence of people, but had surprisingly used this kind of method to pressure Yang Chen.

After hearing the news from the mouth of other cultivators, Yang Chen understood the general situation and since he couldn’t do anything at that time, he directly returned to the Pure Yang Palace. In any case, he could not miss this opportunity, since Li QingChen himself had knocked on his door, Yang Chen certainly did not mind taking care of him forever.

“How did you buy your way into establishing relations with Hua Wanting?”

After returning to the Second Fierce Yang Hall in Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen first paid a visit to his master. When Gao Yue saw Yang Chen, the first thing she did was ask this question.

Gao Yue could not help becoming concerned: her only disciple, although he was only at the initial Foundation stage, had still given her many things to worry about. Elder Wu still hadn’t ascended and he had already enlisted elder Hua Wanting, truly enviable.

“No, wait for the Palace Master and the Great Master to come over, then we will talk about it!”

Yang Chen knew that, once they heard that he had returned, the Palace Master and the Great Master would certainly come to question him, so he didn’t wanted to say too much.

Gao Yue angrily glanced at Yang Chen once and then commanded her servant to go and inform the Palace Master and Wang Yong. Yang Chen, this disciple of hers, was certainly a troublesome disciple, but at the same time he was also the disciple who didn’t cause her any worries, which really made Gao Yue feel conflicted.

She considered him troublesome because he dared to provoke anyone, first it was elder Wu, then it was elder Hua Wanting. Both were Da Cheng stage experts, but he acted recklessly and was also not afraid of being killed by anyone.

Saying that he did not cause any trouble was because Gao Yue herself did not need to worry about anything: cultivation, refining pills, refining tools, spell formations and so on; she completely did not need to bother with any of these things for Yang Chen, since Elder Wu and elder Hua Wanting had publicly given their support to Yang Chen, so nobody easily dared to create trouble for him.

It was as if his master was completely unnecessary, which was part of the cause for Gao Yue’s gloominess. But even then, she was extremely satisfied with Yang Chen. She could completely sense the concern and care from Yang Chen. Having a disciple like this, what else could she want?

The Palace Master and Wang Yong arrived very quickly. Especially the Palace Master; from the time he had heard the news about elder Hua Wanting, he had been in shock. Yang Chen surprisingly had the good luck of establishing relations with a Da Cheng expert again and the Da Cheng stage expert furthermore even owed Yang Chen a favour. This made the Palace Master exceptionally happy.

This also implied that as long as this relationship was used appropriately, it would also establish a good relation between the Pure Yang Palace and the Clear Sky Sect. From the Pure Yang Palace’s perspective, this only had advantages and no disadvantages.

Yang Chen was simply the lucky star of the Pure Yang Palace. From the time he had joined the Pure Yang Palace, regardless of if it was the xun qi pill or the spirit vein of the Second Fierce Yang Hall, no matter if it was Elder Wu or Elder Hua Wanting, no matter if it was the Hall of Eccentrics or being a third grade pill concocting master, he had brought a lot of pleasant surprises.

Every time, something related to Yang Chen happened, it had apparently become a tradition for the Palace Master and Wang Yong to come to the Second Fierce Yang Hall after Yang Chen returned. The Palace Master knew that, apart from himself and his master, Yang Chen did not trust the other elders too much, therefore there was no need for other people. Just them and Yang Chen’s master, Gao Yue, were present.

After hearing Yang Chen colorfully describe the events with Fairy Shi at the Green Jade Immortal Islands and the matter at the Clear Sky Sect, Gao Yue immediately expressed her dissatisfaction.

“At what time has Yang Chen used fairy Shi’s name to deal with affairs? Why didn’t I know?”

Gao Yue couldn’t bear to see Yang Chen accused wrongly and vented her resentment very strongly.

“Those are all small matters. Doesn’t that youngster of the Greatest Sky Sect already have a guilty conscience?”

Different from Gao Yue extreme hatred, the Palace Master and Wang Yong were more focused on the Da Cheng stage expert, Hua Wanting, and the Clear Sky Sect.

Nobody could believe that Yang Chen could deal with the blood phantom vine with the information from a book containing miscellaneous information, this clearly seemed far fetched. The blood phantom vine was certainly an extremely formidable object, if someone had records, it would only be within the records of extremely high level experts in tool refining and pill refining. It was certainly not possible to have it in the Hidden Pavilion in the Pure Yang Palace.

“How did you know how to deal with blood phantom vine?”

The palace master hadn’t opened his mouth and was thinking about how to ask this, but the Great Master, Wang Yong, on the other side, asked with a meaningful glance. He did not interrogate him however, instead, to make him feel secure, he said:

“You do not need to worry, regardless of whatever method it was, even if you killed someone, your Great Master will safeguard you!”

That last line was said to Yang Chen, but actually it was directed at the Palace Master. In any case, regardless of what Yang Chen had done, no blame could be pushed onto Yang Chen.

“This is not a great secret, Elder Wu has given this information to me last time.”

Yang Chen directly pushed the blame onto Elder Wu. It wasn’t like anybody could verify it in any case and even if someone could, Elder Wu would also confirm it.

The palace master and Wang Yong suddenly understood everything. It seemed like this was another layer of security which Elder Wu had left for Yang Chen before ascending. In any case, his ascension was imminent and he already didn’t need any favours, so he had given Yang Chen this chance, which would also be a sort of protection for Yang Chen. Fortunately, this had happened before Elder Wu’s ascension. This really was a great coincidence.

“What was the matter with Sun QingXue of the Clear Sky Sect? Why did you suddenly remember to look for her?”

The Palace Master asked again.

“Because Elder Wu had warned me of a matter.”

Yang Chen seized this opportunity to talk about the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets. Regardless of the other sects, Pure Yang Palace could not lose many disciples. Not everyone was like Sun QingXue, who could still shake up the whole world, even after she had abolished her cultivation once.

The palace master very seriously listened to Yang Chen, but within his heart, he had already secretly become alert.

“That youngster from the Greatest Heaven Sect challenging Yang Chen, how should we settle that?”

After listening for a long time and seeing that the matter of Yang Chen’s challenge had been raised, Gao Yue suddenly asked.

“Very simple, master!”

Yang Chen answered with a smile:

“Ask Hall Master Xu to release the news. If Li QingChen with a strength of the peak Foundation stage wants to just compare notes, then I admit defeat. If he really wants to challenge me, then it has to be a life and death duel!”

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