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Although the outside was a complete mess, inside, Yang Chen was laughing slyly. The majority of the blood phantom vine had already been collected by him into the Achievement Ring and moreover, when putting them in the ring, he had already placed them into the medicine garden of the medicine bottle.

Although it could not survive in ordinary conditions, the master root was still wrapped within the flesh of elder Hua Wanting’s heart. This was a Da Cheng stage expert’s flesh and blood, which the blood phantom vine couldn’t absorb completely even in a hundred years, this was enough to allow the blood phantom vine to survive for a short duration.

While everyone was believing that the blood phantom vine had been destroyed with that qiankun pouch, in reality, the main portion was still with Yang Chen.

Naturally, Yang Chen would not tell that to anyone, including Sun QingXue. What he had to do at that moment was to establish friendly relations. Since the issue of the blood phantom vine had already been resolved, what was left was just to eliminate the toxicity remaining in the courtyard and give some slight assistance to elder Hua Wanting in recovering. There was no need for Yang Chen to back down from such simple task.

It had to be known that, in his previous life, elder Hua Wanting had killed the blood phantom vine by relying on her formidable cultivation. Soon after that she had slowly refined the blood phantom vine’s toxicity and, in the end, was not only able to restore her cultivation, but had furthermore stepped into the Da Cheng stage.

What Yang Chen actually needed to do was this. Elder Hua Wanting had been able to achieve this in less than one year. This was a favour which would cost him nothing and there were not many opportunities like this, so Yang Chen certainly did not want to miss out on this.

Since this was a favor to a person who was about to become a Da Cheng stage expert and he was moreover wanting Hua Wanting to take Sun QingXue as a disciple, Yang Chen decided to invest sufficient resources to restore elder Hua Wanting’s injury properly this time.

He fished out a thousand year matured ginseng and placed it into the Profound Spirit Furnace standing in front of elder Hua Wanting and rapidly refined the ginseng liquid. Then he directly poured it into Hua Wanting’s mouth without using any other herbs.

For the past hundred years, Hua Wanting had not received any replenishment and had supported herself completely by relying on the spirit power of her spirit vein and her formidable cultivation. Almost all of her vitality had been drained from her body and although the spirit power she had access to was extremely pure, it was also extremely scarce.

Once the ginseng liquid entered her mouth, she immediately recognized what it was. For her, who was extremely weak, it was well timed assistance.

With her cultivation, it was impossible to overwhelm her with a tonic that was too strong. With the remaining small amount of spirit power, she quickly circulated the ginseng liquid to each and every part of her body.

Her flesh, which had almost wilted away after being sucked dry by the blood phantom vine, was as if it had come alive and hungrily absorbed the ginseng liquid. Soon, a tinge of pink appeared on her deathly pale skin, which did not have any color before. Her entire body was exuding an aura of liveliness.

The change of skin in elder Hua Wanting’s body was extremely quick and soon the pink color had transformed into the usual bright red. It seemed as if, within this short instant, elder Hua Wanting’s blood had been reborn.

Following which, the enormous amount of spirit power within the thousand year ginseng started to be refined and absorbed by her body. The impurities in the ginseng liquid had already been eliminated and it could thus be absorbed very easily. Soon, the thousand year ginseng’s spirit power had completely entered Hua Wanting’s body.

While elder Hua Wanting was recovering her spirit power, Yang Chen sprayed a few bottles of medicinal powder around, which made the acute poison of the blood phantom vine which was sealed in the restricted area disappear.

After completing all of this, only then did Yang Chen turn towards the sect master and the elders waiting outside of the restriction and hinted that they could enter now.

The elders waiting outside the courtyard had started to grow anxious for some time, seeing Yang Chen’s gesture, the sect master immediately cut open the restrictions and then the elders almost charged into the courtyard.

“You must not move elder Hua Wanting!”

The sect master saw that all of the elders apparently showed an indication of assisting elder Hua Wanting, so she immediately shouted in a loud voice.

The elders also understood the seriousness of the situation and immediately stopped their hand and surrounded elder Hua Wanting. By this time, they had also stopped paying any attention to Yang Chen and had forced him out of the encirclement.

Yang Chen did not mind it and with a smile called out to Sun QingXue, who was also outside of the encirclement and hinted to her that she was not to obstruct these YuanYing stage elders under any circumstances.

Just when everyone had released their spiritual awareness to probe the current situation of elder Hua Wanting, an extremely pure and enormous spirit power was suddenly released from elder Hua Wanting.


The formidable spirit power blew apart everything in the surroundings.

Nobody among the several elders in the surroundings, including the sect master, was capable of stopping this spirit power and everyone was involuntarily pushed back.

Although Yang Chen and Sun QingXue were standing fairly far away, they were still pushed back by the spirit power. But when Yang Chen was hit by this spirit power, he couldn’t help but cry in fear within his heart:

“This can’t be!”

This kind of situation clearly implied that the time for Hua Wanting’s tribulation had come.

Although he knew that she had stepped into the Da Cheng stage in his previous life, immediately after taking care of the blood phantom vine, he hadn’t anticipated that, just after she had resolved the blood phantom she would also immediately go through her tribulations in this life. It could be assumed that a hundred years of tempering herself had made Hua Wanting have a sufficient foundation and that thousand year ginseng liquid had allowed Hua Wanting to receive well-timed replenishment, so she may want to enter the Da Cheng stage in the spurt of energy.

For Yang Chen, this was an extremely beneficial event. Hua Wanting entering the Da Cheng stage was a definite fact, but currently she had started to undergo her tribulation under his influence. Regardless of whether she admitted it or not, regardless of whether the Clear Sky Sect admitted it or not, in this situation, they were the ones who would owe him.

Under the dumbstruck gaze of the elders and the unbelieving gaze of Sun QingXue and the complacent gaze of Yang Chen for his scheme succeeding, elder Hua Wanting, who had been sitting upright motionlessly for the past hundred years, was wrapped by a dark red light and began to rise into the sky.

At this moment, everyone understood what was happening. Expressions of excitement appeared on everyone’s faces. Most of all, the sect master and elders of the Clear Sky Sect, they were already YuanYing stage experts. To be able to witness a peak YuanYing stage expert undergo the yin fire tribulation at this moment… What could be a better opportunity than this?

The yin fire could not bee seen, so there wasn’t anyone who knew what Hua Wanting had been going through, but one thing they could see clearly and that was that, the longer Hua Wanting’s body was burning under the yin fire, the more smooth her skin appeared, and she did not have the previous withered appearance anymore.

First, second, third,… ninth, when the ninth tribulation of yin fire was over, elder Hua Wanting had already turned into a twenty five year young woman and her body had once again regained that sparkling and translucent appearance.

The only problem was that, under the erosion by the blood phantom vine for a hundred years, elder Hua Wanting’s clothing had already been ruined. The only thing left behind was some tattered cloth, which covered a few important parts. Other than those, her bare skin was completely revealed.


The sect master immediately reacted and threw a piece of clothing towards Hua Wanting, who was still in the sky.

Within the air, the figure of elder Hua Wanting flickered once and in the next moment, she had already put on those clothes, the tattered clothes which she had been wearing turned to dust. Soon afterwards her figure flashed again and she appeared in front of Yang Chen.

“Many thanks, fellow daoist for saving me!”

Elder Hua Wanting, who had entered the Da Cheng stage just a moment ago, bowed towards Yang Chen after passing through the tribulation of yin fire in front of all elders and the sect master.

“Junior doesn’t dare…!”

Yang Chen hastily bowed even deeper than Hua Wanting to return the politeness. What a joke, she was a Da Cheng stage expert, he was only a Foundation stage youngster, how could he accept this gratitude?

Yang Chen was not being unreasonable, if both of them were alone, Yang Chen would not have cared much about the greeting, but he was currently in other people’s territory. The Clear Sky Sect’s sect master and the other elders were also standing on the other side, if he acted too arrogantly, wouldn’t the good opinion and relation he had established with so much difficulty be in vain? Then Yang Chen would lose a lot just for saving a little.

“I am indebted to young friend for saving my life, this Hua Wanting does not know how to repay the favour at this time, so I owe young friend a favour, should you ask.”

Hua Wanting was absolutely straightforward and did not bother getting consent from her sect master about the repayment for Yang Chen:

“Young friend, in the future, if you have any request for this Hua Wanting, this Hua Wanting will go through water and tread on fire to accomplish it!”

When the sect master had heard her first words, she was already dissatisfied, but after hearing those final words of Hua Wanting, she couldn’t help but start complaining endlessly within her heart. The Clear Sky Sect was ecstatic at Hua Wanting reaching the Da Cheng stage, but a great senior of the Da Cheng stage owing a debt to a Foundation stage youngster? Wouldn’t it be a great humiliation?

But Hua Wanting had already said it, so she could not take back her words. Moreover, after thinking carefully, her words were also logical. If it were not for Yang Chen, who would have dealt with the blood phantom vine? Not to mention entering the Da Cheng stage, even surviving was dubious, so owing him a favor was a must. After thinking along these lines, the sect master also didn’t feel so resentful.

“Little girl, your innate talent is not bad!”

Without waiting for the elders to come over and exchange the conventional greetings, Hua Wanting’s gaze fell on Sun QingXue, hiding behind Yang Chen’s body.

When she was tangled within the blood phantom vine, although she couldn’t budge, Yang Chen’s words echoed clearly within her ears. After personally seeing Sun QingXue’s talent, she immediately verified Yang Chen’s words. Slightly moving her spiritual awareness, she clearly realized the situation of mixed spirit power within her body.

“Which mediocre teacher has decided on your cultivation method? How can there be such a disciple within my Clear Sky Sect which hampers their disciple’s progress?”

Hua Wanting was barely able to control her anger. She didn’t want to discuss the shady business of the Clear Sky Sect in front of an outsider like Yang Chen, so she only gave the evaluation of an incompetent teacher.

“This kind of beautiful and talented disciple is instructed by a mediocre teacher, what a waste!”

Hua Wanting, without caring about the opinions of the elders and the sect master, directly asked Sun QingXue:

“What is your name, are you willing to accept me as your master?”

Sun QingXue could not believe what she was hearing, but Hua Wanting was really standing in front of her. This time, Sun QingXue’s first response was surprisingly not immediately replying to Hua Wanting’s question, instead, in her vision, Yang Chen’s face appeared, asking her full of confidence if she was ready to change her master.

“Disciple Sun QingXue pays her respects to master!”

After a moment of surprise, Sun QingXue immediately agreed. Without further objections she directly fell to her knees and kowtowed three times in front of Hua Wanting.

The Clear Sky Sect’s master and the elders all knew the problem regarding Sun QingXue’s cultivation, but giving face to elder Mo Qian, nobody said anything unpleasant. But at this moment, nobody could have anticipated that, as soon as she had survived her tribulation, Hua Wanting would take Sun QingXue as a disciple. Initially all of them were ashamed in their hearts, but Hua Wanting had been straightforward. But without waiting for anyone to say anything, Sun QingXue had already kowtowed, taking her as master.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Hua, this…”

The sect master who was standing on the side had embarrassment across her entire face. In fact Hua Wanting’s words just a moment ago also implied that she hadn’t properly supervised the Clear Sky Sect, but at this moment, Yang Chen was still present on the scene, so she couldn’t say much, except one word.

“What, does sect master think it is not appropriate?”

Hua Wanting replied only after Sun QingXue had kowtowed. After entering the Da Cheng stage, her status had taken a huge leap in the Clear Sky Sect, even her junior apprentice sister, the sect master, had to talk very formally with her.

“It’s not inappropriate.”

Who would dare to become hostile with elder Hua over one disciple? The sect master replied, forcing a smile:

“It’s just that this sudden increase in seniority of Sun QingXue may not be accepted by the other disciples.”

“Who would not accept this? Tell them to come and find me!”

Hua Wanting said with a faint smile:

“I am choosing my disciple, who are they to interfere?”

After she finished saying this in her domineering manner, she turned to the elders and the sect master and said, bowing her head:

“For the past hundred years, thanks for the trouble, junior and senior apprentice sisters!”

“Congratulations senior apprentice sister!”
“Congratulations junior apprentice sister!”

The group of elders all bowed to congratulate her, each and every one smiling from ear to ear. With the increase in the number of Da Cheng stage experts, the strength of the Clear Sky Sect had increased greatly, so how could they not be happy?

After making the salutations, all of the elders began to converse with elder Hua Wanting regarding what she had felt during those years. It was a joyous and harmonious sight.

Yang Chen hinted towards Sun QingXue. These two people obediently retreated to outside of the confinement. They didn’t have the qualifications to speak there, so getting out of their own initiative was best.

“I haven’t lied to you, right?”

Looking at everyone chatting not too far away, Yang Chen softly asked Sun QingXue. These words, Yang Chen had once asked her at the execution ground and this time again.


Until today, Sun QingXue couldn’t believe everything that had happened. If it were not for Yang Chen asking this, maybe Sun QingXue would have first pinched herself, so as to confirm that she wasn’t dreaming.

“Everything can happen, as long as you are willing!”

Yang Chen once again said this to Sun QingXue.

This time, Sun QingXue was no longer skeptical, instead slightly biting her lips, she nodded heavily, revealing a firm look on her face. When she turned to look at Yang Chen, Yang Chen saw a light in her eyes which he had not seen before.

Similar to Sun QingXue, Yang Chen currently also had an unreal sensation. The Snow White Fairy of the future had surprisingly established this kind of relation with him, even if they didn’t have another encounter, just this was sufficient to fill Yang Chen’s bowl.

“Helping others really is a joyous affair!”

Not knowing what to say, Yang Chen suddenly thought of this, which involuntarily came out of his mouth.

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