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Seven by seven forty nine raised flying swords, made people in Yang Chen’s previous life to be terror stricken at the news of seven steps enchanting deadly array. This place was left behind by the mountain god for later generations before ascending to heaven. But due to some unknown reason it couldn’t be passed on. Not to mention Yang Chen at present has cultivated only to first qi layer, even for Yaunying beginning stage experts, one wrong step and they can also be killed by these forty nine flying swords . In his previous life, the sect who discovered and occupied the Yang Mountain medicinal garden, payed the price of several Yuanying experts.

At this moment Yang Chen was confronting such a frightening great enchanting spell.  However Yang Chen had a solution to enter the spell, thus in his opinion it wasn’t a least bit dangerous .

Within the enormous palace hall apart from Yang Chen himself, there was not a single soul or an object present inside. The floor beneath his foot was made up of uniformly patterned square tile, as smooth as mirror. However, it gave off a kind of warm feeling as it was being stepped upon. Here the spirit power was pretty close to ordinary, no longer resembling the thin spirit power outside.

Yang Chen was exactly in the middle of palace hall, passing through it he came across that camouflaged large tree spreading upto here. This piece of slab under his foot, exactly would be the starting point of the seven steps enchanting deadly array.

Forty nine steps, every step having its fixed position. With a single wrong step, life would be lost . Even though Yang Chen had planned in advance and also had cultivation experience, he was still extremely nervous as he stood at the death’s edge.

But after taking a few steps carefully, Yang Chen’s mind finally resumed its calmness. He was taking one step at a time, moving carefully towards the center of the sword spell. Finally when he was at forty ninth step, he stepped upon a white stone, following which his silhouette flashed and disappeared from its original place.

Just a moment ago, Yang Chen’s step landed on the ground with a crash. He still haven’t distinctly seen anything under his foot, apparently he had stepped upon a  lump of something that crashed apart with a thunderous sound. Although he was surprised, his spiritual awareness had already started to sense his surroundings. At once, he found himself in some sort of space.

As well as one very large palace in the center, on top of the palace was the familiar dome. However, interior of the palace wasn’t completely empty, rather was filled with a large pile of skeletons of all kinds of beasts.

Center of the huge palace was densely packed with skeletons. There existed entire  skeletons of various sorts of beasts, some still haven’t decayed and maintained their original appearance, however some had already been turned into a pile of dried up bones. All the beasts shared a common trait. There were sword scars present on skull of all the beasts leading them to their death.

Yang Chen soon realized that a sword was used here, to kill the intruders then throw their corpses. However, no one has came here for a long time, only a pile of skeletons which might be of strong or weak beasts or demons, was possibly discovered after  the bursts of the large camouflaged tree arrived. Unfortunately, even one strike from the sword could kill a Yuanying expert, even though it is a ferocious demon beast it is still impossible for him to escape.

Previously, just by a glance, Yang Chen had already discovered those who had immediately died while their corpses had not rotted, clearly all these demon beasts had surpassed foundation stage.

A serpent who was several tens of feet long and had two raised wind behind his back. One look can confirm that this was precisely a flying dragon serpent. Although the flying serpent snake was already dead, between his eyes was a hole pierced by a sword.The snake skin covering his whole body was completely intact. Both his raised wings were equivalently long and narrow, only his flash had dried up. Inside his snake skin his snake bones were completely intact. Only his inner dan was not found at any place, neither could be seen.

There is a golden peng bird whose wingspan is several tens of foot, on top of his head was a similar scar. His golden body was still erected, preserving his whole life’s appearance, his flesh had also dried up similarly, only skeleton was left over. His internal dan also similarly disappeared.  

A large tiger with his head having a posture as if facing towards heaven. Tiger’s skin was completely intact, similarly his bones were also intact, again his inner dan couldn’t be found. 

Unexpectedly there were several tens of such ranked skeletons. Yang Chen was extremely amazed, originally he was under the impression that this was a simple medicine garden, however he hadn’t anticipated this kind of a pleasant surprise. Among the several skeletons, just be a quick glance Yang Chen determined that several of them even exceeded golden dan phase. All the left over were several foundation stages.

These demon beast skeletons were the best materials for refining, remains of skin, flesh and feathers still maybe or may not be useful. Yang Chen’s only regret was that these ferocious demon beast’s inner dan had already been disappeared. Probably everyone of them has been absorbed by this medicine garden’s spell, transformed into pure effective energy to provide nutrients for these herbs.   

Hurriedly looking on these skeletons, he received them all in his achievements ring, Yang Chen felt quite relieved. Skeletons of ordinary demon beast’s were left over.  Above everything of the beast’s were rotten, totally waste.

These things, Yang Chen naturally disdained them , after sweeping around with his spiritual awareness any stuff worthy to be collected couldn’t be found, Yang Chen started to observe carefully. Since here is a door to enter into medicine garden, so surely there is pathway here.

Very quickly, Yang Chen, discovered  in an underground beneath the main hall, a white stone identical to one on whom he has stepped within the sword spell, after observing his surroundings for some time he did not find anything, so he again stepped on the white flagstone.

Suddenly, the landscape painted in front of him suddenly changed into a small room. Inside the small room, Yang Chen found one transparent clean bottle. It looked very sophisticated on the white stone slab. When looking at the clean bottle’s bottom one could see the traces of light blue coloured liquid, looking almost dried up.

On seeing this Yang Chen became determined to enter into the medicine garden’s center. The bottle present  before his eyes was the backbone of the medicine garden. Similarly, also is the cause which supplied all the drugs in the medicine garden their power.

This clean bottle was that celestial beings refining system, passing through the circumference numerous inside absorbed spirit force, afterwards concentrated in here,  according to well set rules by original master, tending to the requirement of spirit power for the growth of drugs in the medicine garden. the collection of this clean bottle signified that this Yang Mountain now belonged to Yang Chen.

In his previous life, it was said that, that sect used the abilities of four Yuanying experts to successfully collect this bottle, nevertheless Yang Chen did not need so much trouble. Mountain God while facing death’s door had already told all secrets of medicine garden to Yang Chen. Having these secrets Yang Chen collected the medicine garden almost effortlessly.

As it should be, the most crucial point of the medicine garden’s secret method was this effective power of the liquid. Despite this Yang Chen only used it  to cultivate to qi layer, using secret method to collect in clean bottle but he still had ample to spare. When Yang Chen used that secret method on the clean bottle for a period of time, the clean bottle issued a burst of energy then became light and fell down within Yang Chen’s palms.

Feeling the clean bottle in his hands Yang Chen’s heart was stirred. His body showed up in the center of the large medicine garden. After a quick glance he was so stunned that he kept blankly staring around him.


Regardless of anyone when looking for main ingredients for refining foundation pills, even one profound yang fruit would atleast cost several thousands lingshi. But in front of Yang Chen they were planted like cabbages covering his entire field of view. He was looking around blankly, so shocked he can’t even utter a word..

The reason why foundation pills are so precious was because of the low quantity of profound yang fruit, even with large amount of money it is not easy to find it. A superior concocting master only uses one profound yang fruit to manufacture at most  two foundation pills, this also leads to price of foundation pill to remain high.

This many profound yang fruits, perhaps there were several tens of thousands? Yang Chen simply not dared to imagine, this many profound yang fruit can refine how many foundation pills. If so many foundation pills suddenly appeared in the city market it can create how many foundation experts?

These profound yang fruits are definitely thousand years or more matured, thus the medicinal effect would rise more than ten or maybe hundred fold. But is this truly profound yang fruit?? 
Looking at this bright red plump profound yang fruit, Yang Chen’s appetite seemingly increased. Unexpectedly without much thinking, Yang Chen immediately put that fruit into his mouth taking rapid bites.


A familiar sour taste filled his mouth, Yang Chen’s all five senses shrinked into one feeling sour. This was the flavour of profound yang fruit’s outer skin, though not entirely bad. The flavor of the foundation pill was so unpleasant was due to this outer skin. However Yang Chen once again wanted to confirm it, “pah!” after spitting the outer skin he again took a mouthful, penetrating through the entire outer skin, exposing the strawberry sized core of the red fruit.
Yang Chen used his tongue to taste the flavour of that core.Sweet flavour roused his spirit. Surely, after the flavour was determined, Yang Chen immediately took out that core from the fruit and started chewing almost swallowing it to directly into his stomach.

In his previous life how could Yang Chen be willing to spit out that thick peel. Despite its bad taste, that peel was also important ingredient for concocting pills of immortality, although the capability of the core of fruit was  most significant, however, the bitter peel still had one tenth efficiency and three tenth of spirit power of the fruit. Even that one superior master who concocts pill of immortality at the time of refining foundation pills would also be unwilling to peel out the core. Even though it is bitter, he would still demand to use it to the fullest.  

Yet facing the hundred of thousands of profound yang fruit, Yang Chen can eventually experience the taste of an unmixed core of the profound yang fruit, sweet juice as well as smooth taste, really is a rare delicacy ah!. Even after eating one he still wanted more.


Only now, Yang Chen became aware that just to satisfy his appetite for good food using this core was not too pleasing. Afterwards Yang Chen immediately begin to refine that fruit’s core which contains great medicine power in it.


Five yang phases accomplished method begin to circulate at the same time, moving in five different directions, frantically trying to absorb the spirit power within the profound yang fruit. Due to growth of thousands of profound yang fruit the spirit power was abundant in the medicine garden Just as fiery gold pellet a unending stream of herb’s spirit power quickly rushed out.  

Due to five accomplished method, spirit power from five directions forcefully entered Yang Chen’s channels simultaneously, following the way of five accomplished method and begin to circulate incessantly. These five attributes frequently provoked one another. The spirit power slowly begin to strengthen. Yang Chen immediately sensed the feeling of spirit power permeating his channels increase substantially.
Large amount of spirit power began to circulate in Yang Chen’s channels, frantically rushing towards numerous bones in his four limbs. Afterwards, all channels in Yang Chen’s whole body were entirely filled with vigorous spirit power. However that one profound yang fruit’s medicinal ability haven’t completely spread out and was still continuously releasing spirit power . 

Foundation pill is same as great success in refining qi which later can be used to attack foundation stage. It contains sufficient spirit power to support him to reach foundation stage few times successfully. At present Yang Chen had cultivated only till first qi layer. Thus due to the core the spirit power quickly rose up to the limits of first qi layer.


If in his previous life, Yang Chen can use this portion of formidable spirit power to attack second qi layer directly. But at present, Yang Chen was only cultivating five yang phase five types of accomplished method, five yin phases haven’t been cultivated at this time, he unexpectedly allowed his yin and yang to become unbalanced. Impatiently in the room, Yang Chen was beginning become aware of his misfortune about his five attributes. The yang five phases restricting each other, slowly begin to consume more and more spirit power.

Five attributes to overcome each other and divide completely is superficial thinking . Five types different attributes spirit power coming in contact with each other had become his own bane. Spirit power begin to surge up and grind so as to reverse the motion of yang five accomplished method, getting slowly consumed.


In this way, even that one profound yang fruit’s medicine power, still costed Yang Chen half a day of time, slowly being used up so that almost nothing is left. Later Yang Chen unexpectedly reversed five phases accomplished method, consuming his spirit power frantically, however at the last stage, all the five phases possessed their own portion of spirit energy which can’t be removed.

Yang Chen specifically payed attention to this remaining tiny portion of spirit energy and  became pleasantly surprised to discover that this is the pure essence of five portion.  The spirit energy of the five phases when refined into spirit power of five phases which are able to pass each other mutually, became more condensed with pure essence. This spirit power was when compared to past was two three fold high quality.

Great yin and yang five phases, five phases trying to engender each other, raised spirit power, rather than  consuming it. But, no matter of the cultivation all had huge benefits. This Yang Chen recently discovered. Yang Chen also found a reverse cultivation skill that can even hide his cultivation, this was another huge benefit for him.

As a result his plan to join his teacher’s sect again was completely within his grasp.


When one profound yang fruit core’s was exhausted, Yang Chen also stopped his cultivation. Furthermore his body channels were all filled. His whole body had a high temperature but it seemed as if he was taking comfortable bath in a sauna.

 “Seemingly, this fruit after peeling has delicious taste! Ah” Yang Chen gazed towards the profound yang fruit, can’t help but say loudly countless number of times pausing only to sigh .

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