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Chapter 118 - Isn't Instant Cultivation Amazing?

13 Jul 2016

Insight into Elder Wu’s cultivation? This was the entire cultivation experience left behind by a Da Cheng stage expert who was just about to ascend! This would be considered as a treasure among treasures at any sect, even if someone wanted to exchange it for a rare cultivation method, obtaining it was still impossible.

But Elder Wu had set it aside for Yang Chen just before ascending? The three were staring at the jade slips like people who hadn’t eaten and were seeing a meat bun. Being shocked to the extreme, they could not even dare to believe it.

“This, is it really Elder Wu’s?”

Gao Yue was the person with the lowest cultivation among the three and also the most impatient one, naturally she was the first to ask.

“That’s right, master!”

Yang Chen nodded his head with complete confidence and afterwards he did something which surprised everyone.

Yang Chen divided these jade slips in three parts, handing over one to the Palace Master and Wang Yong:

“Palace Master, Great Master, this is the experience of the YuanYing and Da Cheng stage.”

“Master, this is about the cultivation at the JieDan stage!”

Yang Chen also gave an introduction while delivering them to Gao Yue.

Yang Chen placed the remaining one in his qiankun pouch:

“The remaining one contains the experience of the Foundation stage, after this disciple has studied it for a few years, I will hand it over to the sect!”

Even though he said things like this, they were copies which Yang Chen had made in front of Elder Wu. Elder Wu was a metal attributed cultivator and Yang Chen just happened to require knowledge of this field. This kind of knowledge he would absolutely never leak, Yang Chen did not want to obtain these things through the consent of some elder.

The Palace Master and Wang Yong were ecstatic when holding their portion of jade slips. They were YuanYing stage cultivators and although their attribute of the five phases was different from Elder Wu’s, the destination was the same, so with the help of Elder Wu’s cultivation experience, they would also obtain new insights about their cultivation, saving them from taking many detours in their cultivation.


Wang Yong absolutely hadn’t anticipated that Yang Chen would surprisingly be so generous, the things that Elder Wu had privately set aside for him, he was surprisingly contributing it for the benefit of the sect. According to the conclusion of the previous discussion between the elders and the Palace Master, there was absolutely no need to hand over one’s personal possessions.

“Good! Good!”

The Palace Master was so excited that even his hands started trembling. It wasn’t that the Pure Yang Palace didn’t have any senior who had ascended, nor was it that they hadn’t left behind their cultivation experiences previously, but Yang Chen being so considerate of the sect, how could it not excite him?

If he previously purely used to think of Yang Chen’s development potential and the future possibility of him becoming a high level pill concocting master, taking proper care of him for that just reason, then currently it could be said that he was extremely satisfied with Yang Chen and intended on cultivating him from the bottom of his heart. If this kind of disciple was not developed properly, then should an ingrate like Chu Heng be developed instead?

What made the Palace Master was most excited by, was that Elder Wu was a metal attributed cultivator and he himself was also metal attributed. The cultivation experience contained in the jade slip was simply a great assistance for him.

“Yang Chen, this time you have established a great merit again. I don’t know how to reward you.”

The Palace Master’s mood just could not be described with words at that moment. He was also increasingly kind towards Yang Chen:

“Name anything, if you want it, as long as the Pure Yang Palace can obtain it, it’s yours!”

Honestly speaking, Pure Yang Palace’s little legacy was really not much in Yang Chen’s eyes, but since the Palace Master had already said so and moreover had made the promise so happily, Yang Chen definitely didn’t want to go against the Palace Master’s wishes, otherwise wouldn’t he just spoil the fun?

“Disciple once again seeks the opportunity to enter the Secret Pavilion!”

Yang Chen spoke up, the Secret Pavilion of the Pure Yang Palace contained many good items, but one could only enter for a fixed amount of time, Yang Chen had no other option than to fight for a few chances.


The palace master extended two of his fingers in front of Yang Chen without any hesitation:

“Your contribution this time is too big, so you will be allowed two chances, adding onto that the one chance of last time for a total of three times, you can enter the Secret Pavilion!”

“Many thanks, Palace Master!”

Yang Chen hastily expressed his thanks, even Wang Yong couldn’t get this type of opportunity several times, while Yang Chen had already gotten three such chances. Gao Yue standing on the side was also very happy for him.

“Yang Chen, why did Elder Wu give these things to you?”

After receiving the items, the Palace Master made a meaningful signal towards Wang Yong and then asked Yang Chen. First grabbing the benefits, then asking for the problems, the Palace Master was actually quite a pragmatic person.

“I listened through Elder Wu’s ranting: Elder Wu was full of complaints and hatred, it just happened that we were talking to each other and we really hit it off, there he had saved some things as a gift to me!”

Yang Chen casually passed on this lie, without stuttering even a little.

It sounded like a trifling matter, but in the eyes of the Palace Master and his Great Master, Wang Yong, this was something completely different.

“Elder Wu really is generous!”

On the side, Wang Yong deeply sighed:

“Speaking of gifts, he really gave you such a huge gift, he is truly all-knowing, I am vastly inferior! Ah!”

Gao Yue still couldn’t make sense of what she was hearing, but the Palace Master nodded, his heart full of distress. Not sticking with this question, he changed it for another:

“It seems that the Hall of Eccentrics can be established at Pure Yang Palace openly!”

The earlier obstructions to this were no longer obstructions. Having the support of Elder Wu and adding the fifth earth True Qi, even if everyone figured out that She Kui and Xie Sha had fifth earth True Qi, it would still not draw anyone’s suspicions. Since the sect disciples had not researched a method to use this hard earned treasure of Pure Yang Palace, using it for demon beasts was also acceptable. In addition to that, the merit of guarding the Secret Pavilion was quite high, thus if they didn’t do this, then maybe other demon beasts would not receive the news and come?

Elder Wu had come suddenly and also left very quickly, the majestic welcoming ceremony had only ended just a few hours ago, he didn’t even enjoy a decent meal at the Pure Yang Palace and had already departed hurriedly. Apparently the Pure Yang Palace was still lacking in proper manners, but luckily that one sound from Elder Wu before leaving had already informed everyone, so the other elders quickly came to the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard.

These few elders didn’t have any relation with Yang Chen and Gao Yue, so they thoughtfully didn’t go to Gao Yue’s room. These elders then went to the official business hall of the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, where the Palace Master was waiting for them to discuss the earlier incident.

Naturally, the matters of the Desolate Valley were confidential and they could only discuss about the Hall of Eccentrics and the things that Elder Wu had left behind. Once they heard that Elder Wu had left behind a bottle of fifth earth True Qi and his cultivation experiences for Yang Chen, these elders were astonished. Although it was known that Yang Chen had good relations with outsiders, they hadn’t anticipated that his friendship with Elder Wu was so deep.

Regarding the reward, nobody dared to question it. This time, the one questioning it would not only offend the Palace Master, but also offend Yang Chen’s Great Master, Wang Yong. Who would be such a fool?

At Gao Yue’s room on the other hand, another scene was happening.

It was not Yang Chen’s first time here, but Gao Yue had an unprecedented coldness spreading across her entire face. Facing Yang Chen, she started berating him:

“Yang Chen, do you not know that the things you do have a lot of risks?”

Her own disciple had done so many earth shattering things which could not be talked about, so it was not that Gao Yue was not very happy, but once she thought of the risks of these, Gao Yue couldn’t control her anger.

Facing her own disciple, Gao Yue was at a loss for words. From the time she had accepted him as a disciple, Gao Yue had sensed that Yang Chen was certainly unique, but she had never heard of someone who had been so emotionally stirred at the time of accepting a master that he had started crying. With Yang Chen’s constant daring acts, him shedding tears was just an impossible matter, but this had happened before her own eyes.

After Yang Chen such a thing happened, apart from giving her pointers in cultivation, he had apparently always worked incessantly, seeking benefits for Gao Yue. This made Gao Yue very happy but at the same time also very concerned. The things that Yang Chen did were very risky, if he slipped up, he would not be let off.

Even the matters regarding Desolate Valley, if even a little bit of the truth was leaked, then Pure Yang Palace would surely have their sect exterminated by others, and Yang Chen himself, he would be hunted crazily by a few big sects. But Yang Chen actions were completely considering Pure Yang Palace’s benefit, so she also didn’t have any reasons to say anything to him about it and could only berate him using this reason.

“Master, I am very clear about what I am doing!”

Facing Gao Yue’s reprimand, Yang Chen was absolutely calm, he knew that she was doing this for his own good, but for some matters he had no choice but to act:

“But master, Chu Heng dared to insult you, then he must die. Any people who insult you must not be left alive!”


Gao Yue wanted to say something, she couldn’t say anything. The anger of Yang Chen after he had heard Chu Heng’s words was something Gao Yue had seen with her own eyes, she could tell real from fake. Such a protective disciple, Gao Yue couldn’t feel anything but sweetness in her heart. She did indeed not know how to reprimand Yang Chen anymore.

“In the future, I will not allow you to do such things, even if it is for me, you should still not!”

Gao Yue had no choice other than putting on the face of a master and command very seriously:

“A few words, cannot hurt you, so why should you get angry over it? This also affects your cultivation!”

“Yes, master!”

It was Gao Yue’s command, so Yang Chen had to reply positively. Even if he did not accept it as true, in front of her, he would not disobey and immediately promised his master.

“I have already begun to refine your flying sword, but it will still require two years to be completed.”

Gao Yue knew that with her cultivation she could not help Yang Chen much, but what she could do was provide Yang Chen with additional assistance. She still warned him very seriously:

“You have just reached the Foundation stage and still haven’t had much time in consolidating it, you must at least dedicate yourself to it for two years. You cannot be greedy and advance prematurely. The road of cultivation is not a highway, you must not try to rush! Bear this in mind, bear this in mind!”

“Yes, master!”

These words were priceless wisdom, of course Yang Chen would remember them, and at that moment he was also following them. After reaching the Foundation stage in the Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets, he had directly went to cultivating. Even after receiving the fifth earth True Qi he had not tried to rashly increase his cultivation, but rather had remained at the Foundation stage.

But after Gao Yue had spoken about advancing prematurely, Yang Chen suddenly recalled a matter which would happen not too long in the future.

After two years, a type of accelerated cultivation method would spread in the cultivation world: the Long Tai Spirit Supporting secrets. This type of cultivation method would rely on something known as a Heavenly Meteor Heart Crystal and would rapidly increase the realm of cultivators. This kind of a cultivation method would spread very quickly in the cultivation world after someone had started offering Heavenly Meteor Heart Crystals in large numbers.

People would use this Heavenly Meteor Heart Crystal and this cultivation method and quickly increase their cultivation. Moreover, this Long Tai Spirit Supporting cultivation method was not divided into five attributes and simply increased the Spirit Power, which would attract countless people to cultivate it.

But what people didn’t know was that this was huge conspiracy. The originator of this evil practice was a devil cultivator known as Lin Cheng He, and the so called Heavenly Meteor Heart Crystal was a type of spirit object, which was formed from a trace of Lin Cheng He’s soul which is used in his devil cultivation method known as Great Mother Devil Tai cultivation secrets within the Grand Maternal Devil Tai method, the Long Tai Spirit Supporting secrets were actually the Grand Child Devil Tai method’s cultivation secrets.

As the name implied, the Grand Maternal Devil Tai method’s cultivation, precisely used the Grand Child Devil Tai method’s cultivation to produce Spirit Power, but the Spirit Power produced by the Grand Child Devil Tai method’s cultivation had the relationship of a child to his mother, that meant that efforts of those people who painstakingly used the Heavenly Meteorite Heart Crystal and Long Tai Spirit Supporting secrets to increase their cultivation, would instead entirely be shifted to Lin Cheng He.

After the cultivation of this Long Tai Spirit Supporting secrets, because of the use of Heavenly Meteorite Heart Crystal, the cultivator was basically unable to control his own Spirit Power in the end, and after Lin Cheng He thought the time was ripe, that painstakingly cultivated Spirit Power would be turned into Lin Cheng He’s cultivation, while the that person’s cultivation was crippled to the extreme. An extremely evil cultivation method.

This kind of cultivation method, which was used to harm others for one’s personal benefit, naturally could not be tolerated by the cultivators of the righteous path. But by the time everyone discovered this, Lin Cheng He’s situation had already changed and he had already reached the Da Cheng stage. At that time, in order to exterminate him, all of the big sects had to invest their full strength.

Only after paying a price of two Da Cheng, and several YuanYing stage cultivators, was Lin Cheng He devoured by the devil method and died. Luckily he could not refine and purify the heterogenous Spirit Power in time, otherwise the consequences would be too horrible to imagine. Even under this condition, there had been a loss of two Da Cheng and several YuanYing cultivators, which also greatly decreased the strength of sects on the righteous path, which couldn’t be restored even after several hundred years.

At that time, the Pure Yang Palace had lost three Yuanying stage cultivators, so when facing against the Greatest Heaven Sect, they didn’t have the strength to hit back, which was also part of the cause of that tragedy. How could Yang Chen allow this to happen again in this life?

“Master, if really a type of common cultivation method appeared, and even other people also confirmed the cultivation result, would you also cultivate it?”

Yang Chen began to rack his brain, thinking about how to draw the discussion to this topic. This time he also did not want to get the limelight for himself, instead he wanted his master to establish a great merit.

“Where can I find this type of cultivation method? If there really is such a cultivation method, then wouldn’t it fall under the category of the devil path?”

Gao Yue wrinkled her brows, suddenly asking Yang Chen:

“Yang Chen, do you know something? Why did you suddenly bring up this kind of question?”

“It is not me, master, it was Elder Wu who told me!”

Yang Chen suddenly thought of the ultimate excuse, known as Elder Wu, on which any matter could be blamed:

“Elder Wu has found some signs, only he still wasn’t particularly clear about it.”

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