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Chapter 1042- Power of life and death

"Bring it on..."

Lin Qiong raised his sword handle, and streaks of Starlight Power rose around. When I met him in Ba Huang City, he was just a Sword Saint. He had actually reached God Tier. His eyes filled with disdain, he said, "Since you are an adventurer with no cultivation, I won't bully you. If you can force me back by a meter, I will consider myself as having lost to you!"

Lin Qiong shouted as his boots shattered the stone piece in the side hall. He activated his domain power, and a shield converged in front of him. His handsome face was twisted behind the translucent shield. "To become my Marshal, how can you have no skill at all? If that's all you’ve got, I definitely won't listen to any of your orders!"

I pulled out Butterfly. "If I force you back, are you willing to pledge loyalty to Tian Ling City?"

Lin Qiong frowned. "Since I have said so, I definitely will!"


My arm shook and Butterfly was hanging several meters above my head. On it accumulated the Blade Spin power. I thought about it. Although Wind Carrying Slash was strong, it was not enough to force a God Tier Boss back. Frost's Heaven Control was possible. After all, Frost was a god and her comprehension of power was far above mine. Her self-created move would definitely deal more damage to a Boss than mine.

I made my mind up and my body shook slightly. I gathered all my power on Butterfly and activated Heaven Control. My Holy Domain Strength surged into Butterfly, and the image of a God Dragon appeared around the blade. This was a green eastern dragon, and it looked really threatening. The entire sidehall shook and the coordinates on the sandboard fell. It was as if the entire space was being twisted.

I waved my arms and Butterfly shot forth. Blade Spin plus 100% Heaven Control, let's see if this move could force him back!


Butterfly flew up in the air; Lin Qiong, who could tell how strong this move was, frowned. "This—"

Before he could finish speaking, Butterfly, which was wrapped by Heaven Control, surged forth and smashed into his shield. The energy shield collapsed and the momentum continued. It hit his blade. What he did not expect was for both the sword and him to be forced back by at least a dozen meters. He smashed onto a wall of the sidehall!


A lamp on the wall got toppled over and was extinguished. A layer of dust from the wall also fell to the ground. This strike was just too strong.

I stood still and panted. My strength had been sucked dry, and all skills were in cooldown for sixty minutes. To recruit this Lin Qiong, I had gone all out. If Lin Qiong wanted to kill me, I had no chance at all.

  Although Lin Qiong was an enemy before, his character was decent. Shock flashed across his eyes and he said respectfully, "Marshal Li, I am impressed!"

I nodded. "Commander Lin, I am unable to beat you in a fight, I admit that. Emperor was too nice to me and gave me the title of The Executor. I hope that you can forget the past and serve the empire!"

With shock still on his face, he asked, "Master Li, I’d like to ask you a question. Is that okay?"

"Go ahead."

"You are an important Tian Ling City general who has won many wars. Why do you fight?"

"Why do I fight?” I talked about it while looking at him fervently. "It’s to sweep all lands and promote my country! We are all soldiers; this is our duty!"

"Sweep all lands and promote the country..." Lin Qiong raised his head and smiled. "I'm not a small general of Jiu Li City anymore. From here onward, I am one of the empire's commanders. I'll definitely follow Marshal Li all around with no worries and doubts!"


I walked forward and slapped his shoulder. "Men are direct and frank. Let's wash off the past and fight for Tian Ling Empire!"


Once he left, Han Yuan led the Royal Army troops back inside. He asked with some concern, "General, are you okay?"

I shook my head. "I am okay, but this Lin Qiong... He is a great general!"

Han Yuan smiled. "He is strong, but he is arrogant. Luckily, the general is The Executor and he has to follow."


Things were not as what Han Yuan said. Although I was The Executor and had control of all troops, I had to make the generals listen to me. If not, the overall strength of the troops would be reduced. This was also why I used one hour of weakness to show Lin Qiong. Such a prideful young man must be won over. Only then would he be a great general willing to risk his life for me.

I lowered my head and my army system changed. Above Royal Army General was a golden token with the beautiful words: ‘The Executor'. I clicked on this token, and listed below it were the eleven armies of Tian Ling City. Each could be clicked on. I tried on Fire Axe and saw the promote button beside Q-Sword. After clicking it, three choices appeared—

Remove rank  Demote  Reward/Punish

When I selected Demote, a notification appeared to ask me for the reason. D*mn! My heart beat quickly. The Executor really was noble; I could actually control their ranks. This meant that all the NPCs and players’ ranks could be decided by me with a thought!

En, I should remove Wang Zecheng's Major rank right away.

However, after thinking about it, I decided to forget it. I had no reason, after all. At least, for now, Wang Zecheng had not done anything out of hand. I should wait for when he did something before doing so. Since I was at this spot, I would be the target of attention, so I must be careful. Ruling the world was not something done on impulse; if not, Xiang Yu would not have died.

Being careful, finding a chance, and then striking were my ideals.

After resting for an hour in the sidehall, when my weakness state ended, I led Han Yuan and the others out of Tian Ling City. At 2pm, the battle for the imperial city began. Members of the guild shared pictures of the Ba Huang City border. Heaven Planning Hall had launched their attack and was heading out to fight Nine Heavens City's Demon Mountain and 7K. However, I did not have high hopes. Fighting Nine Heavens City was not a really smart and rational move. At least, I would not do that.

In front of the hall, I summoned God Dragon Horse and prepared to head out.

Di di...

The Executor interface, several notifications jumped out―

[System notification: Player Cang Cheng is trying to command ten thousand soldiers from Fire Axe Army Archer Camp. Confirm?]

[System notification: Player Yan Zhao Warrior is trying to command ten thousand Axe Camp soldiers from the army. Confirm?]

The two Majors wanted to use troops; they probably wanted the cannons’ support. I thought about it and denied their request. Now that the NPC armies only listened to me, I temporarily revoked all permissions!

After confirming that, I messaged Yan Zhao Warrior: "Uncle, I won't send troops from Changfeng Army to assist you. Fight well there; I need all the troops to fight a must-win war, so I hope that you can understand."

Yan Zhao Warrior was not a stingy person and replied, "Okay, we will make do with what we have."

"En, good luck! Get more achievement points!"

"Haha! You, too!"

I headed out. In the distance, the Royal Army cavalry was waiting for me. Xiao Lie walked over and cupped his fist. "Marshal Li, should we head out?"

"Let's go to the southern shore of War God River."


The Royal Army had fifty thousand Heavy-armored Cavalry, which galloped as a wave. Many of them possessed Saint Hall Cavalry strength. Their overall strength was definitely at the top in the seven empires. I was also able to become The Executor because of my army. If I were in charge of the Purple Spirit Army or the Earth Ocean Army, who would be willing to listen to me?

War God River's waters were really busy, but Tian Ling City had built two large bridges over. The surface of the bridge was iron and could sustain the weight of cannons. As for the cavalry, this was a problem at all. War God River's southern shore was bustling with activity, many flags fluttering in the wind.

I galloped over. Everyone nodded their heads and respectfully called me Marshal Li or The Executor. Li Mu also sent a message: "Xiao Yao, we are already in the Questioning Heaven Ice Plains; when shall we strike?"

"Wait for me; I will be there soon."


After arranging the NPC army, I used Icy Wings to head over to the Questioning Heaven Ice Plains. From afar, I saw a large group of people. Zhan Long's seventy thosuand were all gathered in this location. The front was a patch of red, which was the color of the Furnace God Cavalry. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Lin Wan Er were there. Lin Wan Er did not summon Little White, probably because she was worried that she would scare others.


I landed at the front and looked into the distance. "How is the war situation?"

"The Indian players from Waterfront City have come out; there are around twenty million of them. Deer Forest is huge, so it will be a bloody battle." Lin Wan Er said.

I said, "Spread out on the maps and level; we shall strike in twelve hours’ time!"

"Ah?" Li Mu was shocked.

I smiled. "What is the rush? There’s forty-eight hours; we have so much time at hand. Just rest up, and twelve hours later, we shall beat them all!"


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