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Chapter 776: Entering the Arena

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Looking at his current performance, everyone present could not help but become excited.

“It’s a success!”

“Hahaha… I told you, right? As long as we detonate the celestial weapons, we will definitely be able to severely injure him.”

The Celestial Sovereigns were extremely excited. Although they would lose their weapons and suffer great losses, compared to the benefits of defeating the Lord of Heaven, they were not worth a single cent.

After defeating the Lord of Heaven, not only would it bring them some cultivation resources, but it would also bring them some of the Lord of Heaven’s energy, allowing them to divide it up.

That would be of great benefit to their cultivation base.

While the celestial weapon was just a weapon after all. It was completely unimportant.

After all, if it became a supreme-grade weapon, the celestial weapon would not even be able to harm it!

He was no different from scrap metal.

The cold wind blew against the broken body of the Lord of Heaven, and his eyes regained some clarity.

He did not know if it was because of the cold wind, or because the huge explosion earlier had calmed him down.

In short, he had already recovered a large portion of his rationality.

Although he still had anger, unwillingness, and resentment in his heart, he knew in his heart that he had already reached the end.

He had no more chance to turn the tables.

Until then, he still did not understand what exactly went wrong.

So much so that those people wanted to besiege him like that, destroying his great plan to advance.

Thinking about it carefully, it seemed to have started from that time.

In the Spirit Nether City, a few of his subordinates had used the auction method to auction off the archaic Dragon Emperor and the others who had escaped into the Spirit Nether City. Then, they were blackmailed by the Spirit Nether City, forcibly seized back, and even killed them. In the end, they completely infuriated him, allowing him to enter the Spirit Nether City and start a massacre.

Later on, those people might have analyzed his goal.

“Archaic Dragon Emperor! Archaic Dragon Emperor! Why would I destroy my final plan for a puny Sacred Sovereign?”

No, at the final moment of his death, he seemed to have suddenly thought of something.

If he did not remember wrongly, that archaic Dragon Emperor should have come from Universe 78!

Universe 78!

That was right, it came from that place.

Before that, he had just suffered a setback in Universe 78.

Ye Xiao!

It was him!

It was him!

He understood, he seemed to have somewhat understood.

He had previously been wondering why the Spirit Nether City would break his rules.

As a trading city, the Spirit Nether City itself was very trustworthy, and there were not any rare treasures inside? Although the City Lord was only trash in his eyes, it was impossible for him to care about the archaic Dragon Emperor and the others.

There was only one explanation.

That was, the one who made a move was not the Spirit Nether City! It was someone else!

That person was very likely to be Ye Xiao who had disappeared from Universe 78!

‘I understand now. Everything was a ploy by him in the dark.

‘It was just that I was too angry at that time and didn’t think clearly for a moment.

‘In addition, at that time, I also wanted to use that battle to raise my fighting comprehension, so that I could successfully advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm!

‘Therefore, he directly went to the Spirit Nether City.

‘Then, other things happened.

‘Hahahaha… I understand! I understand!’

When the others saw him like that, they could not help but be slightly surprised.

Obviously, they did not expect him to show such an expression.

“What’s wrong with this guy? Is he crazy? Why does he suddenly show such a strange expression?”

“I don’t know! Maybe he’s really crazy. After all, he’s already possessed. It’s normal for him to be crazy.”

“Don’t waste your breath on him. Let’s attack together and take his life while he’s sick. Kill him and everything he has will be ours.”

After saying that, everyone attacked at the same time, preparing to send the Lord of Heaven on his way.

The Lord of Heaven, on the other hand, sneered.

“Don’t think that you can defeat me like this! This is a conspiracy. You and I have all been schemed against. All of us will go to Hell. I am just one step ahead of you.

“Hahaha… I will wait for you in front so that everyone can have a companion on their journey to the Netherworld.”

After saying that, the Lord of Heaven detonated his own body.

The other Celestial Sovereign powerhouses who were about to approach could not help but change their expressions when they saw this scene.

“F*ck, retreat quickly! He is preparing to self-destruct!”

“This guy is indeed a madman. He is crazy. He deserves to be killed by us.”

The explosion spread rapidly and quickly engulfed the space where the few people were.

It was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, it had completely enveloped them, making it impossible for them to escape.

A huge explosion shot up into the sky, shaking the entire void.

That was the self-detonation of a dignified Celestial Sovereign. Furthermore, it was not an ordinary Celestial Sovereign. That was an experienced Celestial Sovereign and one who was about to step into the Supreme Sovereign realm!

His self-detonation was several times more powerful than the self-detonation of several ordinary Celestial Sovereigns.

The light devoured everything in the surroundings. The Sacred Sovereigns who had fled far away could not even open their eyes.

In the face of the explosion, they were like tiny ants. There was no way to resist it.

The explosion lasted for a very long time. Since it was too powerful, it even shattered the spatial barrier and created a black hole, which began to devour everything in the surroundings.

The Sacred Sovereigns had no choice but to run further away to avoid being trapped in it.

Even so, some of the Sacred Sovereigns could not escape in time, so they were devoured and turned into powder.

They could not even let out a scream.

After a long time, the light completely disappeared.

A few of the Sacred Sovereigns who were at the center of the explosion were more or less injured at that moment.

However, their injuries were not too severe.

Huff! Huff!

They couldn’t help but gasp for breath, their faces showing the joy of the rest of their lives.

“B*stard, I didn’t expect this guy to self-destruct at the last moment.”

“Fortunately, we listened to Celestial Sovereign Wu and heavily injured him with celestial weapons in advance, so that he couldn’t use his full strength. Otherwise, we would have all died here.”

“Now that he’s dead, we can finally split his resources.”

“Yeah! It was really not easy. However, it was a pity that he self-detonated. If he hadn’t, we could still split his cultivation base. Now that he has self-detonated, we wouldn’t be able to obtain that part of his cultivation base.

“It’s such a pity!”

“Forget it. There will always be something in life, but we can’t force it. Anyway, even if we obtain his resources, we won’t lose out.”

Hearing that, everyone nodded.

The most important reason for them to kill Lord of Heaven Yin Shi was not just that.

The most important reason was that without the Lord of Heaven, the Void Alliance would develop more smoothly in the future. There would not be such a large hostile force.

“Senior Wu, what’s wrong? You don’t seem very happy.”

Wu Shi Shui noticed the other party’s slight expression and could not help but ask.

Wu Shi Shui said,

“I’m thinking, what did the Lord of Heaven mean when he said those words before he self-destructed?”

The others also had puzzled expressions. They could not figure out what those last few words meant.

At that time, a Celestial Sovereign could not help but say,

“Could it be that there’s another high-level cultivator behind him? Is that why he said that we will die too?”

“That’s not right.”

Wu Shi Shui immediately retorted.

“What he said just now wasn’t that we would die as well, but that all of us would die. This includes him as well. This means that he might have thought of something at the last moment that would cause all of us to die. Even if he wasn’t killed by us, he might have been killed by another powerful existence.

“It was precisely because of it that he did not choose to escape with the Explosive Blood technique. Instead, he chose to self-destruct.

“Otherwise, with his situation earlier, as long as he chose to escape with the Explosive Blood, there would still be a trace of hope to escape.

“I don’t believe that he would be willing to self-destruct in front of the few of us and not escape.”

“That’s strange. What does he mean exactly?”

“Forget it. Don’t think too much. Maybe he just said it out loud to confuse us and disturb our minds. In this way, if our martial hearts are messed up, we might go crazy when we advance in the future.

“He knows that he has no chance to kill us, so he used this method to set us up.”

“That’s a possibility. Well, since that’s the case, there’s no need to think about it anymore. Take over the Lord of Heaven’s sacred hall!”

Just as everyone was about to land and take over the Lord of Heaven’s sacred hall, an incident happened.

At that moment, a light suddenly flashed in the distance.

“Not good! There’s an ambush! Retreat quickly!”

Celestial Sovereign Wu was the first to notice the abnormality. He immediately shouted and told everyone to retreat quickly.

However, it was too late!

The speed of the beam of light was so fast that even celestial-level cultivators could not dodge it.

Those who were not in front of the beam of light were lucky enough to escape.

However, the Celestial Sovereign in front of the beam of light was killed on the spot. His body was split in half, and he died.

“D*mn it!”

The other Celestial Sovereigns could not help but break out in cold sweat when they saw that scene.

No one had expected such a situation to happen.

That cultivator who had suddenly appeared seemed to be very powerful. He seemed to be a little more powerful than them.

“Who’s ambushing us?”

As soon as he finished speaking, another beam of light shot over from afar.

“Not good! Quick, defend!”

At that time, everyone was already prepared. When they saw the ray of light approaching, they immediately launched their defenses.


The ray of light ruthlessly bombarded one of them.

In just a split second, it directly shattered his defensive barrier and sent him flying.


He could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood. The bones in his chest were all broken, and a huge pit appeared on his chest.

However, before he could take a breath, a figure that he had never seen before suddenly appeared in front of him.

That figure had just arrived in front of him when he raised his hand and swung his sword.

The sword light flew up, and fresh blood splattered everywhere. His head spun in the air, and his life came to a complete end.

Until the moment of his death, he could not believe that he had been killed by someone even though he had already put all his strength into defense.

Moreover, the other party had only used two moves!

Two moves!

It was simply inconceivable.

At that moment, he even suspected that his Celestial Sovereign-level cultivation base was fake.

Perhaps, the other party’s strength had already reached that legendary Supreme Sovereign realm?

However, he did not have the chance to think about it in detail in the past because his consciousness had already sunk into darkness.

The remaining Celestial Sovereigns looked at that figure with fear and trepidation.

If his first attack was a sneak attack, they had not noticed it, which was why they had lost a companion. It was understandable.

Yet at that time, it was a direct confrontation.

Moreover, even if it was a direct confrontation, he still succeeded. Killing a Celestial Sovereign in two moves, one could imagine how powerful his cultivation base was.

“Who are you? I don’t think our Void Alliance has ever provoked you, right?”

Celestial Sovereign Wu suppressed the fear in his heart and could not help but ask.

The other party slowly turned his head.

“Dead people don’t need to know too much.”

As he spoke, he used the weapon in his hand to draw a sword. A dragon’s roar instantly sounded in the air, reverberating billions of miles away!

That was the dragon’s voice!

So the person who came was none other than Ye Xiao.

“What an arrogant fellow! To actually be even more arrogant than the Lord of Heaven! Although your strength is commendable, we have so many people here. You can’t possibly kill all of us, right?

“One should still keep a low profile.”

Ye Xiao gave a disdainful smile and headed straight for the other party’s door.

“Trash. No matter how many there are, it’s still the same. There’s no meaning to it.”

He stomped his foot and the power on his body burst forth. His aura was unstoppable and intimidated the other party. It was so oppressive that he could not even catch his breath!

However, the other Celestial Sovereigns were not idle either.

The moment Ye Xiao made his move, they also launched an attack at the same time.

The cultivators of the Void Alliance were all together. Their interests were one, so they would help each other. They would not allow others to kill their companions.

Since the other party had several people attacking at the same time, the power was extremely strong. Ye Xiao had no choice but to fight against them first.

That way, the fellow in front of him could be considered lucky to obtain a sliver of breathing space.


Ye Xiao’s and the others’ attacks collided, causing a violent explosion.

The powerful shock wave deterred even a Celestial Sovereign and forced them to retreat.

However, that Celestial Sovereign sneered and said,

“I gave you a chance, but you didn’t cherish it properly. You had to court death! At that time, there were so many of us, yet you still wanted to kill me. You’re simply wishful thinking, you don’t know death!”

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