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Chapter 34 Planning and Clothing Purchase  

At a luxurious dining room that looks like that of a hotel.

I took out a silver flat palm-sized 【Hero Emblem】.

"I'd like to ask something, are you free?"

"I've heard that this town is having troubles with an increase of monsters in the sea, yet it looks prosperous to me. Do you know why is that?"

"Since there's a demon king, I guess that's only natural."

The bartender puts the glass down. A cold sound reverberated.

I clicked my tongue in my mind.

Letting people to choose their colleagues who will be killed, giving them mental fear.

Losing their trust on humans.

I sighed.

"That's right, Hero-sama."

I speak after thinking a bit.

"According the rumors, one of the Four Devas, the gigantic squid--Evil Squid has come here."

I fell silent.

However, up until now it was, "The hero isn't of Light elemental so they can't defeat the demon king."

I'd probably get inside the demon king's [People to Watch Out For] list.

--Maybe I should just go and kill the demon king and become the hero at the right time after the fact.

No, the guy managed to seal a god of this world and turned her into a vengeful spirit.

It'd be safer to fight him after I've learned the 【Demon King Destroying Slash <>】.

--For now I've got no choice but to hide my identity as a god and pretend to be a hero.

"Apparently, Evil Squid cannot be harmed by swords."

"W-what amazing confidence. However, hero-sama. Arrogance will lead to negligence. Please be careful."

"I have no idea of the exact place."

"The Sailor Guild, the mayor, and the consulate should have the correct info regarding that."

I turned around and looked inside the restaurant.

"Is there anyone who belongs to Sailor Guild among the people here?"


I talked to the two main merchants and other merchants, getting to hear various things.

They always got attacked no matter how many times they changed routes.

--Isn't there someone who leaks the info?

That info is leaked.

There is a cooperator in this town. You can gain a huge profit by sinking your rivals' ships.

They let people to choose in order to conceal that fact. They let their ship gets chosen when it's carrying cheap freight.

Looks like they're being kept in the mayor's residence.

The answer is the same as Celica's, no one swims in the sea where monsters loiter around.

Plans to defeat the monsters, save the sinners, and have the name of 『Hero Keika』 take root.

I don't have enough time to prepare at all.

Celica came when I was lost in thought. White shirt, red skirt.

"Morning Keika!"

"Yes. I'm looking forward to it."

My gloomy heart brightened just from that.

I'm thinking about the shopping already while watching Celica eating elegantly.

Bright sunlight in the morning.

We walk on the stone paved main street. People are lively in festive mood.

Since Minya and Lapisia were quick to stop and watch them, we had a hard time arriving at our destination.

We finally arrived at a clothing store in an alley.

Driad the merchant told me about this store. It doesn't seem to be popular.

One woman was sitting inside the dim store.

Her body can be seen under one piece of thin silk she's wearing.

"I heard about this store from Driad the merchant."

"First of all, Celica's underwear. And I'd like to order clothes for this girl. --I heard you're good at sewing."

Minya's thin body was startled. She's hiding while hugging my back.

However, Madam smiled and laughed.

Madam stood up and walked while wriggling her waist.

"Blouse to be worn under the armor and also... panties."

Madam has transparent violet panties on her hands. The flower embroidery gives off a bewitching atmosphere.

"I-I can't possibly wear such shameful panties."

Madam glanced at me for some reason.

Celica groaned like 'Uu'.

"Right now you're his most cherished aren't you. That's why you're so confident. Men are avaricious, once they found a better woman they'd dump you straight, you know?"

Celica looked at me with teary eyes.

"You've got nothing to lose just having them~. It'd be too late when that  time came, you know?"


"You can buy anything you want."

Celica's blue eyes narrowed as she laughed happily.

I talk to Madam.

"My? Not catfolk's clothes?"

Minya's sharp ears plopped down even further in fear. However, she speaks out clearly.

"You heard her. This is probably the first time you see clothes like mine, I'd like it to be an order-made one."

"Alright. Should I took them off?"

I took off my kimono, and changed into a white shirt and brown pants. The 【Hero Emblem】 is hung on my neck. I immediately turned gaudy.

Celica is grinning.

"Why are you half laughing."

She put her hand on her lips as she gracefully laughed.

Madam asked.

I picked up the wafuku on top of the cloth heap and explained to her about it.

Actually I also wanted katana and wakizashi too, but those ones are impossible to get after all.

Since I couldn't get the point across by talking, I touch Madam's head and deliver images directly with magic. 

"I can't make an exact same one, but a similar one is possible."

"It's a request from Hero-sama. I'll make it my top priority."

"What would it be?"

As samples, this woman's breast underwear--in short, brassiere and panties. 

"What do you want to use them for?"

I replied while breathing roughly.

Celica's blue eyes open wide.

"Of course. Usual clothes will absorb water and hinder your limbs. Have the joints as freely movable as possible--this is the swimsuit of my hometown!"

"I cannot do something so embarrassing!"

I touch Madam's head and send images directly. Bikini, school swimsuit, pareo.

"I've grasped the general image. They look like underwear, but they need sewing and fabric that won't lose to swimming power. It seems quite interesting."

"I-I won't wear such embarrassing things."

"Would you two wear the swimsuits? Or rather, Lapisia has to."

"Lapisia's fine with anything!"

I patted the two's heads. Minya partly closed her eyes while looking comfortable, Lapisia's smile bloomed.

Celica bites her lips in vexation.

"You're just gonna wear them when you swim anyway. They will be hidden once you enter the sea, and you can wear something on top of them on land."

I remember one other girl and talks to Madam.

I show the size by hands while recalling Ieturia's body.

However, Celica frowned her thin eyebrows.

"Don't say that. This is for her sake."

"Well, just leave it to me. And your address is?"

I told her our inn's name.

"Swimsuit trial product will take one day, cat girl's clothes will take two, could you wait three days."

"Of course, I will be taking the fee for them."

I thanked her.

Hot sunlight pours down as it's almost noon.


Minya stopped Lapisia who was going to run off and looked after her. They look like sisters. She's a great help.

On the other hand, Celica who's walking next to me seems to be still angry. Her cheeks are slightly puffed up.

"That's not exactly true."

Celica looked up with her blue eyes shining in doubt. 

"Swimsuits are necessary in order to have hero Keika name take root in this town. If I take back the northwest small country from demon king's hand while I'm still unpopular, this kingdom will probably fall under his control next.... Since I'm the hero of this Daphnes Kingdom."

Celica stares at me with her lovely mouth opens. She's at a loss for words.

"Keika-sama thinks that far ahead.... Yet I only thought about things before my eyes. You intend to spread your name by creating customs to wear swimsuits, gain the support of people, and raise your right to speak don't you."

"You're amazing Keika-sama. I'm sorry for my objection earlier. --I will wear the swimsuits proudly."

"Having a beauty like Celica helps me really puts me at ease."

Celica snuggled her head on my shoulder with a reddened face.

We enjoyed the festival on this day. It was already nightfall when we got back at the inn.

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