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Chapter 30

The truth is, I want to return home more often . ”

“I understand that we’re currently in a crucial time, therefore, please don’t worry about me . ”


Tistye intended to give a resolute answer, but for some reason, Gaizel’s expression became blank . She tilted her head . Then, the voice of his heart echoed, at a quieter volume than usual .

[“I’m glad that you understand my job… I see, am I the only one who’s feeling lonely? I really want her to say, ‘I miss you . ’ . or ‘Please return home . ’ Well, the current Tistye is already kind enough, therefore I’m just being greedy, to be honest…”]

Upon hearing that, Tistye’s breath halted .

That’s, I want to say those words, too, but I’m not allowed to be selfish…

She knew Gaizel was busy, he barely had any time to return home or even sleep . That was why Tistye put up with the loneliness . It was part of her duty to ensure he had a good night’s rest .

However, it turned out Gaizel was lonely as well . The voice of the heart was the feelings that he had been repressing .

…But it wasn’t like she could take back what she had just said .

Eventually, Gaizel’s hand dropped from Tistye’s chin . Tistye reflexively held his hand . Suddenly, before Gaizel, whose eyes went wide, Tistye opened her mouth . Her face turned beet red .

“L, Lord Gaizel!”

“W, what?”

“P, please close your eyes!”

“A, alright…”

After blinking a few times, Gaizel quietly followed Tistye’s instructions .

His long eyelashes fluttered down and his freezing blue eyes were hidden .

T, this time for sure!

She slowly leaned forward .

By doing that, Gaizel’s well-organized appearance came closer and closer—Tistye had an urge to escape right there and then .

However, that was the only way she could convey her feelings to Gaizel .

Thus, she endured the embarrassment and pushed her head forward .

She eventually aimed for Gaizel’s thin lips .

Careful not to put force behind it, she extended her hand to Gaizel’s chin . Gaizel’s eyelashes quivered slightly, but there was no sign of him opening his eyes .

I, I have to tilt my face, then…

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The sound of her heartbeat grew louder .

She was also surprised by the smoothness of his skin which was unlike a man’s .

As if determined, Tistye drew her face closer .

…Perhaps, before completing the action, she shouldn’t have closed her eyes .

Tistye ended up kissing Gaizel’s cheek—under his eye, and not on his lips .

As expected, she didn’t have the necessary courage for second try, and at the same time, Gaizel firmly opened his eyes as Tistye pulled away .

“…Tistye? Just now, what…”

Argh! I failed again!? Ugh, what do I say…

Whilst desperately wracking her brain, which seemed to be running wild from the heat, Tistye blurted the words she had in mind .

“T, this way, I will forgive you!”

After speaking, Tistye rushed to shut her mouth .

What do I do now?!

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He was her husband, sure, but he was also the Emperor, and just now, she had spoken as if he was merely a close friend . After seeing Tistye, whom had shrunk like a small animal, Gaizel eventually said a word .

“…I’ve decided . ”


“Today, I’ll certainly return . ”

“Lord Gaizel?”

“No matter what they say, I’m coming home . That’s why, wait for me, and don’t fall asleep . ”

Gaizel hugged Tistye whom was still trembling . She put her arms behind his neck . In the blink of an eye, their positions were reversed . As the back of her head was pressed, he kissed her deeply, not caring about her embarrassment in the slightest .

[“I wonder how much this person will tease me before she’s satisfied… or is she perhaps unaware of her actions? It’s plain amazing how no man has ever fallen for her . I don’t particularly like the royal family of Lacie, but I guess I have to thank them for that . ”]

L-Lord Gaizel…

Before she noticed it, her body was already leaning backward, it seemed that she’d likely be laid down . She desperately pushed his abdominal muscles, but she couldn’t overpower Gaizel . Eventually, he won, and Tistye’s face flushed red .

Then, the sound of knocking echoed on the door .

“—Lord Gaizel, there’s urgent business from Lord Randi . He wants you to return to the royal palace immediately . ”

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 In front of Tistye was a stiff-faced Gaizel . Even if she couldn’t hear the voice of his heart, it was apparent he was experiencing intense conflict and agony .

“…Y, Your Majesty . ”

“…I understand . ”

Gaizel answered with a voice as if he was forced to swallow hot iron before then raising his body and slowly standing up . Tistye immediately readjusted her position and stood from the sofa . Then, Gaizel’s wide palm descended on Tistye’s head .

“Do you remember the promise?”

“Y, yes . ”

“Have a dinner first, afterwards, come to the master bedroom at night . ”

Gaizel patted her head . After disturbing Tistye’s bangs, he immediately reverted to his usual expression and left the drawing room . Tistye, whom was left alone in that room, tidied her messy hair before gradually blushing from her neck to her forehead .

M, master bedroom, does that mean…?

Although she’d already been satisfied with meeting Gaizel after a long time, to think it’d lead to such a rapid development…!

Tistye was so embarrassed, she crouched down on spot .

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