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621 Jiang Xun Saw A Person Standing Under The Streetlight

“Of course, admitting it will also be embarrassing, but at least it will be less embarrassing then getting discovered. If you admit to doing it, the embarrassment will be lessened, and it will more or less let you take some initiative,” Kailai said.

“Take the initiative?” Guixin asked doubtfully.

Kailai nodded. “That’s right. After your production team takes the initiative to admit it, immediately push out a person in charge to resolve this matter quickly. It’s still the same. It doesn’t matter if the netizens believe it or not, and it doesn’t matter if Jiang Xun believes it or not. But this time, you have to at least show an attitude. We’ve found the person who slandered you. It has nothing to do with our production team. It’s purely the person’s personal grudge.”

“Therefore, the previous announcement by the production team and Xingke Station indicated that it wasn’t Xingke Station or the production team who found someone to slander Jiang Xun. The production team didn’t lie about this matter. It was just an employee’s private behavior and had nothing to do with the production team and Xingke Station. As for whether the netizens and Jiang Xun believe it or not, it will not matter anymore. The person responsible for this matter had already been found, so what else could Jiang Xun want? It was useless to continue. After all, the production team has already pushed the matter aside, right?”

“If Jiang Xun still comes looking for the production team, the production team can push the blame to Jiang Xun instead. After all, the production team had already conceded repeatedly and had found the mastermind behind Jiang Xun. If Jiang Xun continues to look for trouble with the production team, the production team will not be able to give Jiang Xun an explanation, because it wasn’t done by the production team. The production team can become the victim, and Jiang Xun will become the unreasonable party that forces the production team.”

“Manager Zhao.” Xiangtao saw that Mingyang’s face had turned pale, so he could only bite the bullet and say, “When the time comes, with our station’s current reputation, will the netizens really believe it? Even if the production team puts on the appearance of a victim, the netizens won’t believe it, right?”

“Who said that? The internet has memories, but it also doesn’t. It all depends on how the wind blows. It all depends on how you lead the netizens.” Kailai smiled and said, “You’ve brought it up well. The dirt in the past can completely be turned into someone deliberately slandering Xingke Station and the production team. The production team has the image of a complete victim. Now, the truth is out. Xingke Station and the production team have been vindicated.”

“Director!” Mingyang couldn’t sit still for a long time. Seeing that he was about to be pushed to take the blame, how could he remain silent?

“You can’t use me as a scapegoat!” Mingyang said, “Although I’m the one in charge of this matter, I’m just doing my job! Don’t… don’t push me out.”

Mingyang was a little ruthless. He thought to himself, “If Guixin really wants to push him out, then he will expose everything about the production team!”

It was Guixin who asked him to do it, but Guixin threw him under the bus at the critical moment.

If Guixin didn’t protect him, then don’t blame him for betraying the production team and Guixin!

“Hey!” Guixin waved at Mingyang. “Don’t worry, Xiao Hu. I definitely won’t push you out! I was the one who asked you to do it. If I push you out when something happens, what kind of person would I be? Who would dare to follow me in the future?”

Mingyang’s mouth moved. “Then, Director, you want to…”

“Besides,” Guixin continued. “You don’t have any direct conflict with Jiang Xun. You’ve never met her. Even if I push you out, the netizens won’t believe me! Even if the netizens know that we’re just looking for someone to take responsibility, we have to at least find someone with a motive. We can’t just randomly find someone to take responsibility. Otherwise, we’ll be like the press release released during the day and give the netizens a handle to ridicule us.”

Xiangtao’s gaze shifted and he had a guess in his heart. “Director, who are you looking for?”

Guixin glanced at him and smiled. He knew that Xiangtao was cautious. Even if he guessed it, he wouldn’t say it. He had to make him say it.

Guixin didn’t argue with Xiangtao and said directly, “Liang Weiwei.”

Mingyang’s expression changed. As long as it wasn’t him, he didn’t care who it was.

Without Xiangtao and Mingyang asking, Guixin said, “Liang Weiwei deliberately spoke ill of Jiang Xun in front of me today. She wanted to use me to deal with Jiang Xun. This is a big taboo for me.”

Guixin looked at Xiangtao and Mingyang’s reactions.

Seeing their bodies tense up, Guixin was probably wondering if they had done something similar to offend him.

The two of them thought about it and felt that there should not be any such case, but they were still so nervous that they did not dare to relax.

Guixin smiled and didn’t tell them if they had done it before.

Anyway, it was good to make them nervous so that they wouldn’t make him angry in the future.

“This is one of the reasons,” Guixin said. “Secondly, when Liang Weiwei interviewed Jiang Xun in the car this morning, she really hated Jiang Xun for not cooperating. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have thought she was smart enough to come to me and offend me. Therefore, she had sufficient reason to slander Jiang Xun. If we don’t push her out now, who would we push? Are we really going to push Xiao Hu out?”

Guixin smiled faintly and said somewhat mockingly, “If we really push Xiao Hu out, I’m afraid that Xiao Hu will spill everything about the production team and me. At that time, no one will be able to get away with it.”

Mingyang didn’t dare to say anything.

He was afraid that Guixin would push him out if he said that he would not do that.

Seeing that Mingyang didn’t dare to say anything, Guixin smiled again.

“Then will Liang Weiwei spill the beans about the production team in a fit of anger?” Xiangtao asked.

“Since she’s going out to take responsibility, we have to give her some compensation!” Guixin said, “I’m not a stingy person. Can I really ruin her career just because she used me a little? I’ll contact other television stations or related platforms for her to work there. Anyway, I won’t let her lose her career.”

Xiangtao and Mingyang heaved a sigh of relief.

Although it had nothing to do with him, they still felt a little sad.

After confirming that Weiwei could still find another job, they felt much better.

Boliang drove Jiang Xun to her house.

Yicheng and Xin’an were also in the car. They sent Jiang Xun home first before they went back.

The car slowly approached Jiang Xun’s house.

From afar, Jiang Xun saw a person standing under the streetlight.

The warm yellow light enveloped him, drawing a long shadow on the ground.

The summer night breeze was accompanied by the chirping of insects. There was an indescribable tranquility.

The car stopped in front of Mufeng and the door opened automatically. Jiang Xun said goodbye to Yicheng and the rest before jumping out of the car.

Seeing that Mufeng was also there, Yicheng and the other two greeted him.

There was a hint of nervousness in their greeting.


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