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525 It’s Because I Miss You

Mufeng was speechless.

The little girl’s intuition was quite accurate.

He had been holding it in for five days, how could he not be greedy?

He just wanted to feed Jiang Xun until she was full and wait for her to feed him too.

Mufeng was now very clear about Jiang Xun’s physical strength.

After all, she was someone who could crush a large boulder with her chest.

Usually, she still had to run to and from school. As long as she could run, she would not take a car.

Moreover, after the experience of the two of them working together, Mufeng knew Jiang Xun’s physical strength very well.

The little girl didn’t feel tired after fighting until dawn. At most, her back and legs would ache, but she would definitely be able to maintain sufficient energy.

Hence, Mufeng was not worried anymore. Of course, he could not really drag her along until dawn.

He still couldn’t let the little girl go to film tomorrow in pain.

At this moment, Jiang Xun did not know why Mufeng was smiling like a wolf grandmother.

However, after she had eaten her fill and went to take a shower, Mufeng pulled her onto the bed. She finally knew what Mufeng was thinking when he looked at her just now.

This bastard!

Jiang Xun grabbed his shoulder in a bad mood. Since she couldn’t push him away, she could only mumble, “You came here a day earlier just for this, right?”

The variety show was going to be filmed tomorrow, and there were cameras around. He could only behave himself, and it would be difficult for him to even kiss her.

“It’s because I miss you.” Mufeng’s voice was surprisingly hoarse. His dark eyes became deep and there was a flame burning in the depths of his eyes. The more it burned, the more dangerous it seemed.

Jiang Xun looked at the man’s face, which was originally composed during the day, but now it was filled with desire. She blushed uncontrollably and turned her head away, too embarrassed to look.

However, he was so good-looking. After she turned her head away, she felt that it would be a pity not to see such a good-looking face. She would panic if she didn’t see it.

Hence, Jiang Xun turned back to look at Mufeng.

Why did this man’s face look so good that it could bring disaster to a country and its people?

Mufeng’s lips curled up into a smile when he saw that Jiang Xun’s eyes were already a little dazed as she looked at him.

Fortunately, his face was still able to attract the little girl’s attention.

He lowered his head and pressed his frighteningly hot lips against her red cheeks.

When his lips gradually moved away, Jiang Xun hurriedly reminded him, “I have to shoot the big scene at the execution ground tomorrow. My torn clothes will reveal my shoulders, waist, and other parts. Don’t leave any marks.”

Mufeng was speechless.

Alright, he would take note.

Mufeng was careful not to leave any marks.

As a result, he had to maintain a bit of clarity even when he was in deep love, and he had to use a little more force with great difficulty.

This was torture.

This was the result of five days’ worth of salary.

Jiang Xun’s skin was fair and flawless.

Every time he looked at her, he wanted to leave his mark on her flawless skin.

He wanted her fair skin to be stained with the red he left behind, making her looked very lustful but possessive.

However, he did not dare to leave his marks at all today.

Her skin was as white as the translucent skin of a snowy maiden with white peach Oolong cream filling.

There was a transparent, clean, and soft texture to her fair skin.

Now that it was summer, and because of the geographical location of Fengnan City, the ultraviolet rays were particularly strong.

However, Jiang Xun’s skin didn’t look dark at all despite filming outside every day.

In fact, it seemed to be getting more and more tender by the day.

Of course, Mufeng did not have the time to think about it. However, during the day, Mufeng could not help but think that it was a waste for skincare brands not to find Jiang Xun to be their spokesperson.

The next morning at 7 am, Jiang Xun surprisingly didn’t feel too tired.

The main reason was that Mufeng was afraid of leaving a mark on her skin and had been holding back.

In this way, Jiang Xun did not feel too tired and was in high spirits.

The production team was going to start filming after they woke up.

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Although the cameras that had been set up earlier were still there, they were all turned off.

Jiang Xun getting up made Mufeng wake up naturally as well.

The adulterous man looked even more energetic than Jiang Xun.

It was like collecting Yin to supplement Yang.

The two of them washed up and left the hotel. The production team was already waiting in the hotel lobby.

When Shuli saw the two of them, he quickly arranged for the team that had been following Jiang Xun to go over.

“Director Shi.” Jiang Xun came over to greet Shuli. “The others haven’t come down yet?”

“You’re the first pair to come down.” Shuli saw that Jiang Xun was wearing a running suit. “Are you going for a run?”

“Yeah, unless we start filming at three or four o’clock, I always run a few laps in the morning,” Jiang Xun explained. “Do you want to film me while I’m running? Or do we start filming after I finish running?”

It was mainly because she saw the cameraman’s face turn green when he heard that she was going to run.

“We’ll start the livestream at 8 o’clock. It’s not time yet, but we can film you running and put it in the main broadcast,” Shuli said.

Hearing Shuli’s words, the cameraman’s face turned green.

Was he going to carry the camera and run with Jiang Xun?

Jiang Xun was so good at running. How long would he have to follow her?

The point was, was Jiang Xun jogging or running?

He definitely wouldn’t be able to keep up if she ran quickly.

“There aren’t many cars in Fengnan City, and it’s early now. Let the cameraman take the car and shoot,” Shuli said.

The cameraman heaved a sigh of relief. Shuli still had some conscience!

The cameraman, who had gotten into the car, followed and filmed Jiang Xun as she ran. He then realized that it was fortunate that he was filming from the car!

Jiang Xun ran too fast!

Her morning run was obviously different from other people’s!

Other people jogged in the morning, but Jiang Xun ran very fast!

To be honest, it was a pity that she didn’t participate in the Olympics.

Jiang Xun ran for an hour and returned to her room to take a shower at eight o’clock. She went downstairs with Mufeng to the dining room for breakfast.

The breakfast hall was just across the lobby.

As soon as she arrived at the lobby, she saw Shuixin and Xuyi there. They seemed to have just come to prepare for the shoot.

“Teacher Jiang, CEO Qin.” Seeing them, Shuixin called out to them.

“Teacher Jian, Teacher Zheng, why are you here?” Jiang Xun asked indifferently.

“I’m here to visit you.” Shuixin said, “You, Teacher Zhang, and Sister Yao are all here, so we decided to come and see you.”

Shuixin’s intention was obvious.

The three pairs of guests here were more popular during the livestream of the production crew, and they could also all gather together.

It was unlike her and Xuyi, who were all alone in the capital, and the content of the shoot was not interesting.

It was clear that their popularity had fallen behind the other three.

Originally, she and Xuyi were the most popular couple in the production team.

Shuidong and Mingxia did not do marketing and they were an old couple. In terms of popularity, he could not be compared to her and Xuyi.

Originally, she and Xuyi were just not as popular as the Fengjiang couple.

However, with the broadcast of the show, her and Xuyi’s popularity fell to the last.

How could Shuixin accept this?

Moreover, the three pairs of guests were together with the crew, making her and Xuyi’s livestream in the capital much more ininteresting.


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