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425 What Did He Want To Do On The Balcony?

Jiang Xun quit after two episodes of “Unfulfilled Lovers,” which could be ignored.

In “Rural Distant,” Jiang Xun was young and strong. She didn’t think about how to grab screen time and only silently took on the heavy work.

She was so capable, so the cameras would naturally be focused on her. Jiang Xun didn’t have to fight for it herself.

This way of doing things quietly without asking for credit and not saying much had not only won her the favor of many viewers in “Rural Distant,” but she had also gained the friendship of the three uncle Zhang’s and Zhang Jian.

As for “Our Day,” it was originally a record of an artist’s daily life, and everyone’s shots were about the same length.

There was no need to steal the spotlight.

On the other hand, variety shows like “My Other Half,” where daily life was accompanied by mini-games with missions, had guests gathered together, and the total length of an episode was fixed, so with many guests, some of them naturally had more scenes while others had less.

If one wanted to get more screen time, they had to rely on their own performance to get it.

Naturally, whoever had the most effect on the program would get more shots.

Jiang Xun’s previous variety shows had given her limited experience in getting shots.

She did not have much more variety show experience than Mufeng.

On the contrary, Shuixin and Xuyi knew how to create an effect for themselves.

In the small attic, the two of them “accidentally” bumped into each other from time to time, and after that, they hugged each other and laughed, contributing a lot of candy to the audience.


[@Shi Shuli, what’s the matter with you? What happened after Jiang Xun and Qin Mufeng went to the balcony? What about them? Why don’t you continue to show us!]

[@Shi Shuli, don’t tell me you didn’t install a camera on the balcony?]

[There’s no doubt that he didn’t. Otherwise, Qin Mufeng wouldn’t have pulled Jiang Xun to the balcony. Just now, Qin Mufeng entered the room and walked around. He should have been checking the locations of the cameras.]

[He avoided the cameras and went to the balcony. What did he want to do?]

[He wanted to do it, right?]

[You guys are saying dirty things again!]

[@Shi Shuli, quickly turn the screen back to the Fengjiang!]

Shuixin was still smiling in Xuyi’s arms. Xuyi kissed her on the lips.

Shuixin blushed and wriggled in Xuyi’s arms.

As they twisted and turned, the two of them fell onto the bed.

[Alright, Fengjiang, although we won’t be able to see their bed scene, love at first sight is available. Let’s watch it.]

[I don’t want to eat artificial sugar! Love at first sight, can you be any more deliberate with the sugar?]

[I just like to see Fengjiang’s boring way of releasing sugar.]

[Fengjiang has never deliberately sprinkled sugar, but I just feel it’s sweet.]

[That kind of hidden sweetness, it’s simply taking my old life.]

[It can’t be considered as a secret affair, it’s just an accidental sweetness. The two’s eyes and actions were intimate. It’s different from the sweetness that we get to see.]

On Shuli’s side, when he saw Jiang Xun and Mufeng enter from the balcony, he asked the director to switch the livestream back to Mufeng and Jiang Xun’s side.

[Shi Shuli really needs to be scolded for him to be useful!!! The livestream is finally back!]

[But why is there no sound?]

[Did Great CEO Qin and Jiang Xun turn off their microphones?]

[Why did they turn off the microphones? Could it be that they had done something shameful? (Yellow)]

At this time, Zhisheng had also jogged all the way to Shuli.

“Can’t you just send me a WeChat message? Why must you make noise and shout!” Shuli said angrily.

“Are we disturbing the guests’ filming?” Zhisheng asked, confused.

“Yes!” Shuli was heartbroken. He looked up at the second floor and lowered his voice to say to Zhisheng, “Qin Mufeng and Jiang Xun were kissing on the balcony just now. I guess they thought there were no cameras on the balcony and we happened to see them, so we quickly wanted to shoot. In the end, when you came-”

Speaking of this, Shuli stomped his feet in heartache. “You suddenly shouted and let them see us. We can’t film them anymore!”

Zhisheng was speechless.

Even without Shuli’s reminder, he knew that he had messed up.

“I’ll definitely only use WeChat to contact you in the future!” Zhisheng quickly apologized.

Shuli was indignant. He glared at him and walked forward.

As for deducting his bonus…

Forget it, Zhisheng had been with him for so long.

Moreover, the kissing scene was already captured. Even if they continued to film it, it wouldn’t be able to be broadcast.

In fact, it was not a loss.

Shuli comforted himself in this way, and also forgave Zhisheng.

Jiang Xun and Mufeng returned to the room. Jiang Xun blushed and could not speak for a while.

Mufeng awkwardly and habitually raised his hand to make a gesture of pulling his tie. Who knew that his fingers would pull on nothing.

Only then did he remember that he wasn’t wearing a formal suit today.

So he pulled his collar back and forth, Fanning the slightly cool air into his collar to cool himself down.

[Ah, ah, ah, I’m gone!]

[Great CEO Qin is so lustful!]

[How did Jiang Xun stand aside so firmly in the face of Great CEO Qin? She was so composed and didn’t pounce on him directly?]

[Is it possible that she’s already pounced on him many times in private?]

[Is it possible that Jiang Xun is already used to it?]

[She’s already used to seeing Great CEO Qin like this. What kind of super Versailles is this?]

[I think Jiang Xun is also holding back. She hasn’t looked at CEO Qin, probably because she’s afraid that she won’t be able to hold back.]

[Why did the bullet comments all turn dirty?]

[Wait, why is there still no sound? Great CEO Qin and Jiang Xun haven’t turned on their mics yet?]

When Shuli saw this, he hurriedly went to Jiang Xun and Mufeng’s room and knocked on the door.

Jiang Xun glanced at Mufeng and said, “You open the door, I’m not going.”

She still hadn’t adjusted her mentality to face the people from the production team.

It was too awkward!

Mufeng went to the door calmly and steadily. If it were not for the fact that the redness on the tip of his ears had not subsided, Jiang Xun would have believed that Mufeng was not affected.

The corners of Jiang Xun’s lips curled up. She could not help but laugh secretly. It seemed that Mufeng was not as calm as he appeared to be!

[Jiang Xun snickered again. She’s laughing at Great CEO Qin again!]

[The way they get along is so funny!]

Mufeng opened the door and saw Shuli standing outside.

Shuli was afraid that the camera would capture him, so he hid behind the wall and only revealed half of his face. He reminded Mufeng in a low voice, “CEO Qin, you and Jiang Xun didn’t turn on your microphones. The audience can’t hear you.”

Mufeng: “…”

“Ahem!” Mufeng clenched his fist and covered his mouth. “Alright.”

He had been caught red-handed kissing Jiang Xun just now. Mufeng was still a little embarrassed and had forgotten about the microphones.

Mufeng turned on the mic in front of Shuli. Only then did Shuli leave with peace of mind.

After Mufeng came back, he said to Jiang Xun, “You forgot to turn on the mic.”

Jiang Xun: “…”

Could it be any more embarrassing today?


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