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Chapter 815 Getting Caught by Mu Sijue Again

Xu Youning was so familiar with everything in the house.

As she went through the door, she even had an impulse to put on some slippers.

However, this place could not be her home after all.

In a daze, she was overwhelmed as a familiar aura came over her. Xu Youning looked over and saw Mu Sijue coming down from upstairs.

He was not solemn as he usually was. His hands were in the pockets of his slacks and he was looking at her without surprise, as if he had been waiting for her for a long time.

“Mu Sijue.” Xu Youning stared at him and asked, “What on earth do you intend to do?”

Mu Sijue walked up to Xu Youning and said, “A week ago, if you’d been willing to come home with me, I wouldn’t have bothered to bring you.”


Xu Youning drew together a series of facts in her mind and suddenly realized something. Her eyes were full of disbelief. “You deliberately revealed the information about the memory card for…”

Because she was shocked, Xu Youning’s voice stopped abruptly mid-sentence.

She knew better than anyone else that no matter what Mu Sijue did, Mu Sijue only cared about his interests.

However, he had spent so much effort to reveal the information of his memory card but he tightly kept its subsequent information a secret. Was it for her?

“Mu Sijue… really likes me?”

Mu Sijue stared at Xu Youning and then added, “I spent a lot of effort last time to send you back to Kang Ruicheng. This time, I did so just to let Kang Ruicheng send you back to me. Xu Youning, you can’t run away anymore.”

His gaze was like the night outside the window, cold, dark, and deep.

It was so complicated, but he still could not hide how determined he felt.

In a trance, Xu Youning finally understood that she had walked step by step into the trap that Mu Sijue had set especially for her. The worst thing was that this time, it seemed that Mu Sijue really did not intend to let her go.

She looked at Mu Sijue in disbelief. “How were you sure that Kang Ruicheng would definitely send me to get the memory card? If he sent someone else here, your plan would have become a joke, wouldn’t it?”

Mu Sijue sneered. “This memory card is extremely vital to the Kang family’s base. Kang Ruicheng is very nervous these days, right?”

Xu Youning did not say anything. Mu Sijue took it as a silent affirmation and continued to say, “Xu Youning, you know me well enough and you are smart enough. The first person Kang Ruicheng thought of must have been you. Even if Kang Ruicheng hesitates, he is naturally selfish, plus he has doubts about you, so I was sure that Kang Ruicheng would send you here.”

Xu Youning quietly clenched her fists. “So, when you went to the hospital that day, you deliberately revealed the information about the memory card to make Kang Ruicheng feel nervous and send me out of there as soon as possible. Since I came back, have you been waiting for me?”

“That’s right, I have.” Mu Sijue smiled with satisfaction. “Sure enough, in the end you did not let me down.”

Mu Sijue’s praise made Xu Youning angry, but she could not do anything about it.

She did not really come here to get the memory card, nor did she have a specific plan.

She had planned to try her best to put on a show and then leave.

But when the show had started, she’d found that the director was Mu Sijue.

If Mu Sijue did not end it, she would never be able to finish her part of the show.

“Mu Sijue, why did you spend so much effort arranging all this?” Xu Youning’s eyes were full of confusion. “Why did you deliberately ask me to come back?”

Mu Sijue said, “To figure out something.”

“Why did you have to let me back before figuring it out?” Xu Youning suddenly thought of something. “Do you want to know more information about Kang Ruicheng?”

Mu Sijue was speechless.

Xu Youning thought that she was right, so she was happy. “Let’s make a deal.”

Mu Sijue’s face quietly darkened, and he gritted his teeth as he said, “Go ahead.”

Xu Youning replied, “I can tell you everything I know about Kang Ruicheng. You let me go after getting the answers, okay?”

“I told you, you can’t escape this time.” Mu Sijue smiled, crushing Xu Youning’s wish. “Xu Youning, no way.”

Xu Youning wasn’t expecting Mu Sijue to refuse her. She rushed over to him and asked, “What do you want from me? Is it useful to keep me here? How useful is it?”

Mu Sijue glanced at a certain part of Xu Youning’s body and replied, “They are not big but still useful.”

Xu Youning looked down at herself and through gritted teeth said. “Mu Sijue!”

Mu Sijue checked the time and grasped hold of Xu Youning’s hand. “Let’s go.”

Xu Youning grabbed the armrest of the sofa and resisted Mu Sijue. “Where are you taking me?”

“To a place that Kang Ruicheng can’t find you.” Mu Sijue wrapped his arms around Xu Youning’s waist and said, “Do you think I’d stay here and wait for Kang Ruicheng to send people to save you?”

If Mu Sijue said that Kang Ruicheng wouldn’t find the place, Kang Ruicheng definitely wouldn’t find it.

That was to say, once Mu Sijue took her away, Xu Youning would have a difficult time waiting to be rescued.

Xu Youning reacted quickly and struggled to break free from Mu Sijue’s grip, trying to see if she could escape.

However, Mu Sijue reacted even faster.

Mu Sijue suddenly tightened his grip, trying to hold Xu Youning and so she would give up. However, Xu Youning still struggled. He frowned and directly carried her on his shoulder.

“Mu Sijue! Let me go!”

Xu Youning did not expect that Mu Sijue would do this again. She bit Mu Sijue’s shoulder, but Mu Sijue seemed to be used to it and indifferently walked out with her on his shoulder.

Xu Youning was defiant now, instead of being afraid, so she struggled even more.

Mu Sijue frowned and then gave a sly look. “Xu Youning, have you ever heard of a sentence?”

Xu Youning snorted and said, “I won’t listen to you!”

Mu Sijue did not care and went on to say, “Shen Yuechuan said that a girl likes to bite a man because she likes him.”

“… Shen Yuechuan lied to you!” Xu Youning sneered. “Besides you, I also bit someone else!”

Actually, she was lying to Mu Sijue.

Mu Sijue’s voice suddenly went cold. “Who?”

Xu Youning did not expect that Mu Sijue would not only be tricked but also be really angry. She was a little scared and asked cautiously, “What are you going to do?”

Mu Sijue put Xu Youning on the passenger’s seat and fastened the seat belt for her. He said with a solemn face, “Where did you bite him? I’ll ask someone to remove the body part!”

“… A violent maniac!”

Even though she thought he was a maniac, Xu Youning did not have the courage to blurt it out. She sat down obediently.

However, she was not really being obedient. She was just waiting for an opportunity.

When Mu Sijue closed the door beside the passenger’s seat, it was just the opportunity that Xu Youning had been waiting for. She pulled the seat belt hard, intending to play the same trick again and to jump out of the car.

This might be her last chance to escape!

However, the seat belt could not be undone!

Xu Youning did not give up. She tried again and finally gave up. She really could not undo the seat belt.

She’d thought that Mu Sijue had left a loophole for her, but he was thoroughly well-prepared!

“How treacherous!”

Mu Sijue sat in the driver’s seat and faintly reminded Xu Youning, “This seat belt is specially tailored for you. Do you like it?”

“…” Xu Youning was so angry that she did not want to say anything. Anyway, she would only curse even if she did speak.

Mu Sijue started the car and glanced at Xu Youning. “Or, do you prefer handcuffs?”


The thing that had happened after Mu Sijue had taken her back to the villa suddenly came back to Xu Youning’s mind.

To think about it, she must found herself pregnant after that, right?

Xu Youning’s face suddenly darkened. She looked out of the window, no longer struggling or speaking.

Mu Sijue had thought that she would make a fuss for a while, but she’d just quieted down quite quickly… Maybe she knew that she had no way out and also that she couldn’t do anything about it.

In fact, this was the second time that he had caught Xu Youning. It would be strange if she was not angry.

However, even if she was angry, he did not intend to let her go.

Someone who was even angrier was Kang Ruicheng.

Xu Youning always made her own plans of action, but she did not like him asking about them.

This time, Kang Ruicheng had not asked as usual.

He’d thought that even if Xu Youning did not succeed, she could at least escape unscathed.

However, Ah Jin told him on the phone that Mu Sijue seemed to have planned it a long time ago. He was obviously waiting for Xu Youning to fall into his trap. They could not break in, let alone save Xu Youning.

“A bunch of useless idiots!”

After venting his anger for a while, Kang Ruicheng hurriedly gathered enough men together and rushed to Mu Sijue’s villa with them.

Even if he had to have a head-on conflict with Mu Sijue, even if he had to pay the price, he had to take Xu Youning back.

All of this was a trap set by Mu Sijue.

Mu Sijue had used the clues to the base as bait, step by step, releasing information and luring him to send Xu Youning out. At the same time, he had set a trap in the villa, waiting for Xu Youning to fall into it.

Kang Ruicheng was wrong. Mu Sijue’s target was Xu Youning, and he had personally sent her there.

He’d given Mu Sijue a second chance.

When they arrived at Mu Sijue’s villa, Kang Ruicheng broke in regardless of the alarm. After entering, he found that the whole villa was empty.

They searched the whole villa but did not find anyone or any clues.

“Go and find her!” Kang Ruicheng shouted at Ah Jin, “Even if you turn over the whole of City A, you have to find out where Mu Sijue took Youning!”

Last time, he had made a wrong decision and had given Xu Youning away to Mu Sijue.

This time, he would not let Xu Youning stay with Mu Sijue, not for one minute!

“Yes!” Ah Jin said, “I’ll go and find them right away.”

Kang Ruicheng was unwilling to give up. He personally searched the study and the main bedroom, only to find some of Xu Youning’s clothes and daily necessities there.

Xu Youning and Mu Sijue used to live here.

These things were all evidence of Mu Sijue and Xu Youning’s intimacy.

In a rage, Kang Ruicheng destroyed all her things and then left with his men.

Back at the Kang family’s residence, Ah Jin bowed his head as he approached Kang Ruicheng, saying, “Brother Cheng, I can’t find out where Mu Sijue took Miss Xu.”

Kang Ruicheng wasn’t surprised by this answer.

Since Mu Sijue had lured him into sending out Xu Youning, he definitely expected that he would need to go to find them himself.

According to Mu Sijue’s cautious style, he would have planned the next step carefully, long since, and taken Xu Youning somewhere he couldn’t find.

It didn’t matter. As long as Mu Sijue and Xu Youning were still in City A, he would find Xu Youning sooner or later!

“Pay attention to Mu Sijue’s private flight schedule. Don’t let him take Youning back to City G!” Kang Ruicheng ordered Ah Jin. “Also, continue to search for them. You must find Xu Youning!”

City G was Mu Sijue’s home city. Once Mu Sijue took Xu Youning back there, she would be truly helpless.

Right now, however, Xu Youning was still in City A; this was her last chance.

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