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Chapter 1004: Watch Over Whoever You Want

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“Do you have to force me to make it so obvious? I’m just … remembering what we said when we were young. You said you’d watch over me even when I was old.”

“Who wants to watch over you? Whoever wants to watch over you can go ahead.” Old Madam Fu’s face darkened as she turned around and went upstairs.

Old Master Fu laughed and arranged for the people beside him. “Bring my luggage upstairs to the Old Madam’s room.”

On the eve of Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin’s wedding, Yue Lanchen brought many friends over to celebrate first.


Almost all the friends he knew had come over. This could be considered a bachelorette party.

After Shi Jin came over, she was surrounded by her friends.

Especially Liang Xinran, who was very interested in the process of her marriage. The moment she arrived, she asked her where the wedding dress was booked and which hotel it was.

Shi Jin smiled at her and said, “Xiuyuan has already prepared a list. We’ll send it to Big Brother directly when the time comes.”

“I was just asking.”

“And I was just saying.” Shi Jin smiled.

As she was talking to Liang Xinran, she saw Qiao Lian standing not far away, biting her finger foolishly.

“Isn’t that Qiao Lian? Why is she here?” said Lan Tian. “I wonder if she’ll just throw a tantrum. If she makes a fuss, it’ll be terrible.”

“It’s okay.” Shi Jin brought over a small cake. “Little Lian, do you want one?”

Qiao Lian’s eyes lit up and she reached for it.

“Go wash your hands. You can’t eat until they’re clean,” Shi Jin said, making a washing motion.

“Okay, okay.” She obediently ran to wash her hands.

Lan Tian was surprised. “She actually listens to you.”

“Her brain is indeed severely damaged. It was brought about in her mother’s womb, so it’s already very difficult for her to develop again. However, I’ve been giving her medicine recently. How should I put it? It can at least restore her EQ and IQ to that of a seven or eight-year-old child. In the future, she will be able to take care of herself and not be too gullible. She will also be able to control her emotions and communicate with others without any obstacles. This way, it’s not impossible for her to live her life smoothly in the future,” Shi Jin said softly.

Qiao Lian had finished washing her hands. She ran over and held out her hand for the cake.

“What should you say if you want to eat it?” Shi Jin asked her, looking at her patiently.

“P-please,” Qiao Lian said timidly.

“Good, very good. This little cake will be your reward.”

Qiao Lian reached out and moved to take a bite immediately.

Shi Jin stopped her and said softly, “You still have something to say to me.”

“I, I want to eat, eat c-cake.”

“Nope, I gave you the cake. What should you say to me?”

Qiao Lian hesitated, then handed it to her. “We, eat together?”

“I’m fine, thanks,” said Shi Jin.

Understanding dawned on Qiao Lian. “Oh, I should say thank you.”

“That’s right. You have to say thank you when you take something from someone,” Shi Jin said with a smile. “You’ve learned well. I’ll reward you with a few more cookies.”

“Thank you!” Qiao Lian immediately understood and thanked her loudly.

Lan Tian gave her a thumbs-up. “Shi Jin, you’re amazing! I’ve known Qiao Lian for so long. I’ve either seen her lose her temper or see her on the road to losing her temper. I’ve never dared to approach her. You’re really the first person who can make her so obedient.”

“What else can I do? I have to see that she can take care of herself a little. Otherwise, if even the servants bully her, what will happen in the future? It’s slightly better if it’s a boy, but she’s a girl. It’ll be even worse if she’s bullied.”

Lan Tian took her arm. “Well, Qiao Lian is really lucky to know you. I’m sure she’ll get better and better.”

“I’m sure she will.” Shi Jin took another fruit for Qiao Lian. “Go out and play. Don’t go too far. Do you see the two-handled door outside? Once you reach that door, you can’t go out again.”

“Yes, yes.” Qiao Lian ran out happily with the fruit.

Qiao Zhuoli watched the situation from afar. His usually gloomy expression softened. He turned and walked in the other direction.

On this side, everyone was talking around Fu Xiuyuan.

Yue Lanchen was the most excited. He brought a lot of good wine and had it carried in.

“Open this entire box.”

“Open this box as well.”

Yue Lanchen told the waiter. He pointed to the boxes of wine and had them all opened.

“Yo, Young Master Yue, what are you planning to do today?” He Ziheng ran over and smelled good wine. His cravings were aroused. He patted this bottle and then the other. “You’re treating me to this!”

“How much can you drink? I’m happy today. I’ll treat everyone to a drink!” Yue Lanchen said. “My sister’s wedding is in two days. I’ll definitely be too busy to drink with everyone then. I’ll join everyone today. We won’t leave until we’re drunk.”

“Alright! Then I definitely have to accompany you to your heart’s content!” He Ziheng immediately said.

Yue Lanchen said loudly, “I’ll say this today. Whoever doesn’t drink can leave first!”

“Do you dare to force your brother-in-law to drink?” He Ziheng hooked his neck.

Yue Lanchen was a little scared and quickly waved his hand.

“Sigh, Shi Jin is such a perfect woman. I really didn’t expect her to be… taken away so early.” Halfway through his sentence, Xia Peifeng glanced at Fu Xiuyuan and decided not to provoke this great Buddha.

“Indeed, this is something I didn’t expect.” Sheng Shuangnan took a sip of wine and said slowly.

“Since my Sis is so amazing, there are naturally many people queuing up.” Shen Xinghe shrugged.

Yue Lanchen hit him. “That’s my sister!”

“Sorry, I called her Sister first.” Shen Xinghe was smug.

“Then I’m sorry. She’s my sister by blood.” Yue Lanchen threw up his hands.

Shen Xinghe said, “Your sister, your sister. Are you just going to watch your sister be married off?”

Speaking of which, at least a third of the people here felt indescribably indignant that Shi Jin had chosen Fu Xiuyuan.

It was not that they felt that Fu Xiuyuan was not worthy. Other than Fu Xiuyuan, no one else seemed to be worthy of Shi Jin. He was indeed the best choice.

Instead, it was because everyone felt that Shi Jin was still young and had a good future. It was difficult for many people to rest easily if she handed herself over so early.

It was inevitable that they disliked Fu Xiuyuan.

On the other hand, Yue Lanchen, who came later, was not so conflicted.

Those who had known Shi Jin for a few years could not help feeling like a perfect girl had been snatched up.

“If I don’t accept my brother-in-law marrying her, who else can I accept?” Yue Lanchen was puzzled.

“Then at least set up some obstacles for your brother-in-law! How can he marry your sister for nothing?” Shen Xinghe said.

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