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It used to talk to Lakis in this way in the past, and after losing conversation for almost a year, it had lots of time to figure out a topic of conversation before coming back. Lakis was dead silent and tired again.

'I have to leave this place before she gets back…'

Lakis tried not to fall asleep, but ended up doing it anyway. He was immediately put into a deep sleep.

Time passed quickly.

After work, Yuri went back to the place where she stopped by in the morning.

By the way…

The man was already dead.

Yuri's brow creased.

It was an unexpected situation, but she went close to the body without hesitation. The man was dead because a certain organ of his was ripped off. Her red eyes, which were darker in the evening, scanned the dead body.

Somehow the scars on his body were familiar to her. So they sent this man to her, and killed him after so she wouldn't have any leads. There was only one person she knew in the first place who would come into this pitiful alley and do this.

"I’m gonna have to scold you later…"

Yuri took a small thread and wrapped it around the dead body. She was going to ask the man who sent him, but now she'll have to change her methods. Yuri tore a black feather from the bracelet that was on the man's left wrist. And as she grasped it tightly, black smoke arose from it. The feathers disappeared without a trace. It would have sent a signal to the person Yuri suspected by now. She thought she'd have to cut back on her time using Arachne's powers for a while.


When Yuri got home, Lakis Avalon remained where she saw him in the morning. She thought he might have left, but he was still there. Yuri was a little disappointed because it wasn’t the outcome she expected. She took off her shoes in front of the door, changed into slippers, and stepped inside. Lakis was asleep with his arms stretched out on the sofa. He was unguarded. He couldn't hear the sound of the door opening, and couldn't sense her presence. She couldn't believe someone made him like this.

Aren't you sleeping too peacefully in a random person’s house? She thought so for a moment, but when she saw Lakis close up, Yuri changed her mind. She put her hand that on Lakis' forehead. It was hard to tell whether she touched a human or a fireball. Yuri paused when she was trying to call Lakis' name. Because it was normal for her not to know who he was.

“Hey, wake up.”

She tried waking him up by shaking his shoulders, but Lakis didn’t wake up. He looked like he was dead. It was a miracle that he opened his eyes after one day. But when she saw him in the morning, he looked fine, so this wasn't usual for the king of the dark world…

She thought of him like a superhuman. In case the wound was about to get infected, Yuri checked the affected part of Lakis. Then she was surprised to see that the wound was healing faster than she thought. It was weird. In two days, nobody could be in this good of a condition. For Yuri, no matter where she was hurt, it would almost be healed in half a day, but it wasn't normal.

But in a way, Lakis Avalon was the main villain in the novel, so he shouldn't be put in the category of an average person in the first place.

Or maybe…

Like her, Lakis absorbed the power of the fragmented ruins. She didn’t remember seeing such a thing in the novel, but maybe she missed it.

There was no guarantee that the entire situation here would flow just like in the novel. Recalling Lakis, who came to destroy the institute himself a few years ago, it seemed that this side was not entirely discredited. Yuri briefly looked down at the man lying on the sofa and brought a tub of ice and a towel. Maybe she was being too mean, but she thought she’d be lucky to have the man die like this.

Maybe it was because she had always lived this way since she reincarnated into the world. The back alleys in her childhood, the lab where she spent her adolescence, and the rest of the generation who did everything only for themselves, and the village that was so stark that it was impossible to tell when someone would be stabbed to death.

Lakis Avalon would have also grown up in such an environment, so he must have the same mindset as her. So it was all up to luck if he were to die at her house.

Yeah, well, who told you to come to the wrong house anyways…

In addition, he told me not to call a doctor with his own mouth. But she didn’t give him anything, and she didn’t treat him as good as she could have. Even now, he’s having a fever.

It was a secret, but Yuri had already figured out where to dispose of the body if Lakis dies. Of course, I couldn’t do anything like “I’ve seen your future place” in front of the King of the Dark World. And it’s already become the place of the man you saw earlier. But just in case…

“If you want to live, try harder, Mr. Villain.”

She thought Lakis Avalon had a kind of weed-like life force. Then, she thought it would be a good idea to rip off a bounty or a share of it next time. Of course, if that’s possible. She thought it would be faster for her that way, than to extort money from the king of the dark world. Suddenly, Yuri caught a glimpse of Lakis' clothes.

The whole outfit was covered in blood and torn apart in places, so she thought she would have to change them for hygiene. There was a garment she put on the dolls when she manipulated them and when she was working her side jobs, which seemed to be the size of Lakis. It was not easy, of course, to dress someone who was stretched out unconscious, but it was simple using her powers.

She took off Lakis' gloves. She didn’t know because the gloves were black, but there was dry blood on them. She wiped the blood from his body with a wet towel and put on his new clothes, which made him look somewhat clean. But now she has to lay with someone who’s barely neat on a bloody couch… So I changed the cover that I put on the sofa.

There was a lot of laundry, but it was okay because she was off the coffee house tomorrow. She brushed his hair up and put a water towel on his forehead. Her soulless red eyes looked at Lakis' golden hair. Originally, that was also her hair color. It was her hair color before she went into the lab and got experimented with. Hers was a little drier than Lakis' hair, but it reminded her of her childhood when she saw Lakis, because she didn't have blonde hair around her now.

Yuri wasn't crying with nostalgia, she just fell into unnecessary sentiment. She hadn't felt this feeling for so long. But when you suddenly see something that you haven't seen in a long time, it's strange. After having treated Lakis for so long, Yuri fell asleep.

Seureuk (sfx)

When I suddenly woke up from my sleep, someone was touching my head. It was a weak force, which would vaguely be described as 'touch', and it didn't seem real. Yuri's eyelashes, which were lying down, lifted up slightly.

She put her eyelids up. She saw he put his arm around the new cloth she put on the sofa, yesterday evening. He must have been sleeping on his stomach. Yuri glanced up and unfurled his arm leaning under it.

Tuk. (sfx)

Then the tip of my finger touched something warm nearby. It was in that very moment that something happened.


Something began to flow into Yuri's body. In an instant something unknown penetrated deep into Yuri's heart. Yuri didn't know what it was. But soon an instinctive realization hit her on the head. What was now flooding into Yuri were feelings that she had lost. It was something that had been taken away from her when she went to the lab. Among them, the warmest, and most happiest of them were chapped from the tip of her neck, as if they would burst uncontrollably, flooding immediately. Her heart was so full that she didn’t know what to do.

this chapter was vrryyy lazily translated… im sorry, i didn’t really feel like it today but i didn’t want to disappoint you guys.

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