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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 8 Part 2

“Hello? Tong Yao? I saw the ZGDX official announcement on Weibo. Why are you coming here to play professionally? Even join ZGDX? Weren’t you against playing professionally and now you end up coming here……”

Jian Yang waited till the noise on the phone quieted down. Tong Yao probably had come out of the arena to talk…...when she seemed to have found a good place, she spoke. Jian Yang paused a little and irritatedly circled around the inside of the restroom-- --

“I’m not interfering with your business. How dare I? I’m just wondering why you didn’t tell me that you wanted to play professionally-- --What for? Wouldn’t it be better if you had come to my team rather than ZGDX? Yeah, yeah, yeah, we do have a good mid now and you don’t want to be here just staring at the drinking fountain or sitting on the cold bench. But, I’m here-- --What! Tong Yao, you say that again! What do you mean, who am I? !”

Jian Yang raised his voice, he was so irritated that he wanted to spit blood-- --

“I taught you all your game knowledge! The game in your computer was downloaded by me! I had to learn about you turning pro through Weibo, dammit!.................You better talk nicely. What do you mean you told me before you posted on Weibo, that was only a difference of a few damn seconds? ! Damn, Tong Yao, aren’t you afraid that I could die from anger? !”

After Jian Yang finished shouting, the other side remained silent. Then he could clearly hear Tong Yao speak calmly, “Is this why you were giving away kills throughout the whole game?”

“Wasn’t that a good thing?”

To refrain his urge of throwing away the phone, he turned on speaker on the phone and set it down on the counter. His supported himself with both hands on the counter and looked at himself in the mirror, curling his lips up cynically-- --

“To give your future team a Spring championship.”

The other end was silent again.

“This is Ming god’s retirement game. Don’t you play with your lousy maneuvering to drag the game down. He’s your xianbei after all, be more respectful.”

A cold female voice could be heard in the quiet restroom-- --

“What championship, who wants it from you. We’re capable of getting it ourselves.”

JianYang, “......”


We? !

He gazed at the phone on the counter, his eyeballs almost popping out. He kept hearing the word, “we” “we” “we”-- --

To the hell with we! ! ! ! !

Do you even know any of them? ! ! ! !

Do you know them that well??????!

He opened his mouth but no sound came out. He was afraid that he would speak his own thoughts and the string of curses in his mind. He heard the other side speak without much emotion, “I’m hanging up now if there’s nothing else. It doesn’t concern you that I’m playing pro now. Isn’t it baffling that the news would make you this excited? Just focus on your game.”

Jian Yang didn’t reply.

Then the other side hung up without hesitation.

Aside from the beeping sound from the phone, Jian Yang seethed silently, wanting to roll around on the floor. He started kicking the wall in the restroom to let out some steam-- --

“Damn, damn, damn!”

At this moment, he heard the door to the last stall unlock!

Jian Yang freezed. He stiffly turned to look and was considering whether it would be better to murder the person whoever came out of that stall. Soon, he saw a tall figure coming out of the stall at a leisurely pace-- --

The young man lowered his eyes with a laid-back attitude. He wore uniform with a red and black “ZGDX” logo on it…...There was a burnt up cigarette in between his fingers as he walked out. He threw the butt into the toilet of another stall on his way out. He came to the sink to wash his hands.

A faint tobacco smell lingered on.

Jian Yang, “......”

The man pumped out some liquid soap and carefully lathered it over his long and slender figures. Then he put his hands under the faucet……

Amid the sound of running water, Jian Yang, “........................Cheng Ge?”

Lu Sicheng raised his eyelids a bit as if he just noticed that there was someone else in the restroom. He turned sideway a little bit, “En?”

Jian Yang, “ were here all this time.”

“En.” Lu Sicheng responded. “I snuck out to smoke. Otherwise, Xiaorui will nag me again.”

ZGDX forbad its player to smoke. Each violation would cost a thousand RMB. A habitual violator such as Lu Sicheng received special treatment, each time costed him three thousand.

Jian Yang, “...........................................oh.”

Now it was no longer a question whether he should kill this person, rather he felt it would be easier if he just drowned himself in the toilet.  

Lu Sicheng wiped his hands dry, then, amid Jian Yang’s gaze, raised his hands to smell them. He put them down only after he was satisfied that the smell of cigarettes was gone …...Only then, as if he just remembered something, casually asked, “You and our new mid know each other?”


Here it goes.

Jian Yang stiffened up, looking at the man in the mirror, and slowly nodded, “You heard it all?”

“The speaker was so loud. I couldn’t avoid hearing it.” Lu Sicheng curled up his lips.

“......” Jian Yang twitched his mouth with difficulty. “So embarrassing. What did you hear?”

Lu Sicheng was silent as if he was seriously trying to recall. Then he slowly said, “Something like your lousy maneuvering made Ming god looked bad.”


“Quite interesting.”




He turned to leave right after he finished saying that.

Jian Yang was left standing there dumbfounded-- --

Looking at the back of the tall Lu Sicheng, he suddenly had, out of nowhere, a never before sense of foreboding.

Translated by Team DHH at

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