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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 8 Part 1

Smiles appeared on the CK players after they evened the scores with ZGDX. They had all heard before the match that there was more big news. After the match, they swarmed into the rest area to check on their cell phones-- --

When Jian Yang stepped into the rest area, he heard the team’s top, Come Good Luck, stare at his own phone shouting, “Damn you! ! ! ! ! What’s this ZGDX Smiling mean! Damn you! ! ! ! They really found a girl to play professionally? ! ! !”

Jian Yang came to a halt before quickly walking over to take a look. He grabbed the phone from Come Good Luck and saw the Weibo page. His face suddenly turned pale-- --

Come Good Luck, “What?”

Jian Yang, “It’s her.”

Come Good Luck, “?”

Jian Yang, “The one who came to collect a debt.”

Come Good Luck, “Damn it!”

Come Good Luck, “Your ex-girlfriend? ! Smiling? ! That number one Leblanc on the Chinese server? ! I’m warning you! I’ll give you one more chance to explain? !”

All the players and staff in the rest area turned to look at Jian Yang. Jian Yang threw the phone back to Come Good Luck and spoke in a deep voice, “I’m the one who taught her how to play League of Legends, during the summer before I started playing professionally. She started out by playing mid……”

Come Good Luck, “You taught her?”

Jian Yang, “Yeah, she plays mi, it was easier for me as a jungler to help her.”

Come Good Luck, “A mid and jungler alliance?”

Jiang Yang, “En…...When I started playing professionally, she was a highschool senior. We had a fight over some trivial stuff and broke up. She had gone abroad after the college entrance exams.”

Everyone on the CK team remained silent.

The manager of the team spoke up, “ optimistic.”

Jiang Yang, “......”

“......really.” CK’s ADC, Butterfly, stuck out his thumb at Jian Yang, “You trained a spy since she was young and broke up with her after she turned into the number one Leblanc to raise her hatred towards you. And then have her join our arch enemy.”

The support, Old Wang, crossed his legs and gleefully followed Butterfly, “Ah, Yang god, tsk tsk, you’re really something.”

Come Good Luck patted his lap, “What did we do to you, ah, Yang god……”

“With this kind of official announcement, she must have already signed the contract with them. I figure there’s no way to turn it around.” The manager came over to pat Jian Yang’s shoulder. “Don’t mull over it now. Play good for the rest of the matches…...Really, be optimistic.”

Jian Yang, “......”

Jian Yang simply couldn’t be optimistic.

Tong Yao signing on with ZGDX had great significance to him-- --The ominous feeling that he had helped create a formidable opponent for his team lingered on…...As a result, in the third rounds, fans of CK found their great Yang God had gone back to the same lousy performance from the first round-- --

It was like he was ‘either dead or on the way to being dead.’

The third round ended up like a fixed game with CK brutally defeated by ZGDX-- --

After the round finished, no one dared to ask Jian Yang what was going on with him. The first words that came out his mouth after the game were a string of apologies to his teammates. Then he asked to borrow Come Good Luck’s cell phone.

Come Good Luck, “What for?”

Jian Yang, “I’m calling her.”

Come Good Luck asked as he passed the phone, “Where’s your cell phone? Out of battery?”

Jian Yang tightened his lips. “She blocked me.”

He could feel sympathetic looks from all around. Come Good Luck handed over his phone and cautioned, “Settle the matter nicely. Be calm-- --If we lose the next round, we’ll be heading home. This year’s MSI (*The Mid-Season Invitational competition. An important international competition where all the Spring champions from various regions participate in.) is in Shanghai, I don’t want to miss it.”

Jian Yang took the phone and started to walk out while mumbling, “I know.”......

He didn’t want to talk in the rest area in front of everyone. He went into the restroom specifically reserved for the players. The restroom was empty except for the last stall, which had its door closed. Jian Yang thought the stall must be out of order and didn’t pay much attention to it. He closed the restroom door and dialed the number he had memorized so well-- --

The phone picked up after two rings.

Jian Yang said hello twice, the other side didn’t hang up after hearing his voice but she didn’t speak either. Jian Yang could hear from the phone the noise surrounding her. The two commentators were apparently still talking about the last match……

Jian Yang felt even more terrible all of a sudden.

Translated by Team DHH at

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