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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 7 Part 2

The audience was working into a frenzy-- --dragon is a little boss at the early stage of the game. There are five different kinds, ocean, infernal, cloud, mountain, and elder dragons. The first four will appear randomly and by killing them, it will bring permanent buffs to the team…...An ocean dragon would increase the health regeneration of a team’s champions. If ZGDX could take down this ocean dragon, it was tremendously important to ZGDX to get every possible advantage in the early game to offset their lineup!

If they could take down this ocean dragon without the other team finding out, then it would be an easy boost for them!

All the ZGDX fans around Tong Yao cheered wildly!

The CK fans all watched nervously-- --

However, the support of CK seemed to sense something was amiss and left the ADC to move towards the dragon. When the little dragon was at half health, the CK support placed a ward at the other side, seeing everything inside the dragon’s arena-- --

CK had seen ZGDX’s attempt to steal dragon!

“He’s been discovered, ahhhh!”

“What to do, what to do. CK’s top still has Teleport, but ours had just used it. They have more people, will they start a team fight?”

“But their jungler isn’t there!”

The two men behind began discussing-- --

Tong Yao slightly frowned and spoke again, “This ocean dragon doesn’t have much use for CK’s line-up later. The benefit from this dragon isn’t that good either. They won’t necessary start a team fight.”

“What? How can that be possible? It’s in CK’s advantage to start a team fight now!”

The man yelled, but the scene on the big screen proved him wrong! The CK support just took a look and walked away. He didn’t even bother harassing the enemy.  CK’s top continued farming minions without missing a beat……

They had no intention to teleport to bot.

Did they make the wrong decision?

Did they miscommunicate?

The audience all had question marks written on their faces. The commentators were also shouting in a frenzy, “It doesn’t make sense not to initiate a team fight,” while all the ZGDX fans breathed a collective sigh of relieve……

“Great.” The man behind sighed, “No matter what, no team fight means we earn a dragon without losing anything.”

“No, they discovered that Old K was stealing dragon. ZGDX will lose their top turret, Rift Herald, and its buff.” Tong Yao frowned. “Look, now CK’s jungler is moving to their upper jungle since CK knows where the other jungler is……”

“Hey, which side are you on anyway? You’ve been cursing them since the beginning-- --”

“It will be alright if Old K can realize it in time and go back up to the upper jungle after finishing dragon. If not, then-- --”

Before Tong Yao could finish her sentence, ZGDX’s jungler continued to hide in the bushes in bot after he finished with dragon-- --He probably thought since he had been discovered, the enemy would expect him to go back to re-equip and wouldn’t stay there to catch anyone, so he wanted to trick them by doing just the opposite……

The game was into its seventeenth minute, CK jungler, Jian Yang, moved top and worked with their own top to kill ZGDX’s top. They got first blood!

The meager economic advantage from Lu Sicheng’s performance at bot instantly disappeared!

The two from CK then proceeded to push down ZGDX’s outer turret at top!

CK fans began jumping up and down in excitement-- --

Tong Yao sighed, “This round is finished.”

The two men behind remained silent, but looked like they wanted to pounce on her and beat her to a pulp.

However, they didn’t get a chance to do anything as the game went down exactly like what Tong Yao had predicted-- --Any movement from ZGDX’s jungler was figured out by the enemy. Though he got the first ocean dragon, he couldn’t catch anyone afterwards. The enemy even destroyed the outer turret in mid and bot!

With the collapse of mid’s outer turret, CK’s support began to ward ZGDX’s lower jungle, all the monsters inside were now in the enemy’s pocket!

-- --ZGDX couldn’t get anything and played depressedly. They couldn’t develop their economy, their players pitifully poor.

At the twenty-fifth minute, ZGDX had lost four turrets. Only the inner turrets on both top and bot remained. They had to fall back!

At the twenty-seventh minute, near the inner turret at bot, the recovered Jian Yang forcefully initiated a team fight. ZGDX didn’t have any buffs and their equipment was inferior to the enemy. Though Lu Sicheng, by sharp maneuvering, was able to kill two of the enemy, ZGDX couldn’t avoid being wiped out.

At the thirty-second minute, the same tragedy happened again at the inhibitor turret. This time, CK didn’t give ZGDX any time to recoup and pushed down ZGDX’s nexus turret with their nexus all in one go. Now the two teams were 1 : 1 even!

When the ending music began to play, the audience roared as CK fans jumped up from their seats. The CK players all smiled and walked over to pat Jian Yang’s shoulder for a job well done-- --

Over at the ZGDX side, Old K, with a gloomy face, seemed to realize that the team lost because of his wrong decision. Ming god patted his shoulder and said something to comfort him…...All the players put down their earphones to go back to the rest area. This time, Lu Sicheng didn’t bother to check the statistics-- --

There was no need to.

As the players left the stage, the audience began their discussion of the game. Most people didn’t quite understand how ZGDX lost without engaging in many team fights with the other side-- --

Tong Yao listened to them for a while and checked Weibo on her phone. She found the post about her joining ZGDX had been shared 20,000 times, with 10,000 comments. There were all sorts of opinions. Even her Weibo fans number increased 30,000 or 40,000 all of a sudden……

It was really scary.

Tong Yao was ready to put her phone away when someone patted her shoulder from behind…...She turned around and saw the two men who had been silent throughout the last half of the game-- --

She raised her eyebrows, “What?”

The man who had sneered at her before were now smiling and said apologetically, “Xiao jiejie, you’re awesome, predicting everything correctly. You’re even more professional than those two commentators. What level are you at anyway?”


“Ah? Tell us! We’ll kowtow to you, how about that!”

“......I already told you.” Tong Yao said, “Challenger on the Korean servers.”


“Don’t feel superior just because you have a penis. It doesn’t make you better at hitting the keyboard or clicking the mouse.”

“.............................yes, yes.”


Tong Yao clenched one fist in the other and shook her hands at the two men, with a satisfying smile.

Translated by Team DHH at

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