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A Miao was shocked. She did not expect Zhou Xiao to say such a thing.

"I know you rich people too well!" However, Zhou Xiao did not see A Miao's face and continued, "If you have a mistress outside someday, just give us compensation, right, A Miao?"

Shen Xinglan's cold eyes flashed across Zhou Xiao's body, and then he became tender when looking at A Miao's complicated eyes. "Let's go eat!"

A Miao nodded and got in the car, only to find Zhou Xiao had pushed her aside and was leaning on the car door. "I said, Mr. Shen is too stingy! I'm A Miao's friend. You haven't invited me to dinner until now. It's against the rules!"

"Zhou Xiao, stop it."

Zhou Xiao turned around and glared at A Miao. "Please, you're on the man's side before you get married? Am I wrong? Am I not your only friend?"

"Are you sure... that you are my friend?" A Miao looked at her with a veiled look.

"What do you mean?" Zhou Xiao stared downward and then screamed, "Do you despise me? Now you have a rich boyfriend, and you no longer consider me your friend?"

After that, she deliberately turned to look at Shen Xinglan, only to find that the man did not look at her at all.

"When you went to the bathroom, your cell phone received a text message." The words from A Miao calmed Zhou Xiao down.

"Rest assured, I don't have the habit of peeking into other people's privacy. However, your mobile phone was placed in front of me, and I saw what it said."

Zhou Xiao was a little flustered. "Wh... what?"

"You already know." A Miao pushed her aside and got into the car.

After reacting, Zhou Xiao wanted to pull the car door open. But in the end, the car searched and drove past her feet, scaring her back two steps, and her expression became gloomy.

"Did she bully you?" Shen Xinglan took A Miao's hand and found her fingers cold. "Shen I, turn up the heat."

A Miao leaned into his arms and said, "I only saw half a sentence, which said 'Tried to hook up with your homegirl's man'..."

"Courting death." Shen Xinglan had a face of disgust. Thinking of such a woman, he felt very sick.

"My homegirl who I grew up together with, is also my only good friend. But since my life changed, I don't know her anymore." A Miao was depressed and did not know whether to cry or blame herself.

"A long time may not necessarily give birth to feelings, but one must see through the hearts of the people." Shen Xinglan gave her a hug to comfort her. "She was true to you before because she thought you were inferior to her. But now..."

"Now that I have found a rich boyfriend, she is out of balance." A Miao shook her head feebly. She understood the reason. Zhou Xiao was originally a very vain person, but understanding and accepting were two different things.

Shen Xinglan gave her a light look. "So from now on, you can't treat her as a friend. I don't want to save you someday when she is behind the scenes."

"No... it's not as bad as that, is it?" A Miao murmured, her voice not confident.

"Envy makes people crazy. Greedy desire will always dominate people's will." Shen Xinglan smiled sarcastically. "Such as the two Ji family members."

A Miao sighed deeply. "Forget it, I will not associate with her in the future!"

After Song Baohua had her surgery after the Spring Festival, she would go to see her while Zhou Xiao was away.

"You should be glad that she is not smart enough; otherwise, she would have been hiding away and would suddenly trouble you with a knife." Shen Xinglan scoffed at this friendship and wished that A Miao had no friends, so she only had himself...

A Miao did not know his insidious thoughts. She looked out of the car window and found that it was not the street that she was familiar with.

"Where are we going?"

Shen Xinglan lifted the corners of his mouth. "Going to see my mother-in-law."

"Huh?" A Miao did not react. "Mother... mother-in-law?"

He glanced at her and she blushed and said, "Going to the cemetery!"

There was a Sky-dragon Mountain more than 100 kilometers away from City S, where A Miao's mother, Xia He, was buried. Of course, she was not buried in a mountain with good feng shui, but in a cemetery under the mountain.

"In fact, it is no different from the one above, the only bad thing is that nobody takes care of it." A Miao carefully cleaned up the soil on the tombstone, and Shen Xinglan placed the prepared flowers and tribute on it.

"Later on, we'll try and find a day to move the grave."

A Miao knew what he meant. Since she had made extra money from the appraisal, she also thought of buying a piece of land for her mother in the mountain cemetery.

"I asked before. The price is more expensive than the house and we have to wait for two years."

The people from the cemetery said that their business was good and that they were developing the hill next to it, but there was not any place there now.

"Don't worry. Leave it to me." Shen Xinglan patted her hand. "Push me closer."

A Miao pushed Shen Xinglan over to the tombstone, and he looked intently in front of him.

"Mother-in-law, I am Shen Xinglan, A Miao's husband." His voice resounded through the mountains, making A Miao, who wanted to say that they were not married, bow her head silently.

Shen Xinglan took her hand and continued, "Although we are not married yet, I have already decided that she is indispensable in my life."

"Don't worry, I'll take care of her in the future and won't let anyone bully here, not even me."

Somehow overbearing promises made A Miao very moved. She sniffed. "Mom, I will listen to you and live happily. Now there is a man to protect me. Don't worry about it. Also, I will find dad and bring him to see you then!"

"Your father..." Shen Xinglan twisted his head to look at her.

A Miao quickly rubbed her eyes. "The wind is too strong, I have to squint my eyes."

"You fool!" Shen Xinglan pinched her face. "Is there a picture of him?"

"No." Seeing that the time was almost up, A Miao pushed him away from the mountain. "I have never seen him before, and my mother never mentioned him. She didn't tell me anything before she died."

At the side of the car, Shen I and Shen II, who had been waiting there for a long time, quickly lifted Shen Xinglan, who took out some juice from the refrigerator and handed it to A Miao.

"Your father should not be an ordinary person because he was able to leave you so many makeup tools and techniques."

Leaning back in her chair, A Miao said, "I also know that I used to fantasize that he was a killer, an agent, haha. All kinds of imagination."

"Oh dear!" She suddenly sat up and said, "20 years have passed, another 20 years is no different. Let's go along with it!"

Shen Xinglan held out his hand. "Come here."

"What are you doing?" A Miao blushed.

"You tell me." Shen Xinglan looked at her with deep eyes. "Come here."

A Miao dallied and then sat down beside him, but before she could sit still, she was thrust into Shen Xinglan's arms.

"Don't move." Shen Xinglan saw that she wanted to escape, then he covered up his chest.

"Did I touch your wound?" A Miao asked nervously.

Shen Xinglan's gasp sprayed on her neck. "As long as you don't move, you won't touch it."

"We are in the car..." A Miao stiffened and ignored the ticklish feeling in her heart as much as possible.

"There is no one else here." When Shen Xinglan boldly finished saying that, he took A Miao's lips into his mouth.

Shen I and Shen II, who were driving ahead, looked at each other and silently pretended to be dead.

They found a quiet restaurant for lunch, and when they got home, the stylists were all ready, and A Miao was taken to the room to dress. As it was getting dark, Shen Xinglan changed his clothes and sat downstairs waiting for her to come out.

"Boss, the young lady is here." Shen I called Shen Xinglan as he looked at his computer.

Shen Xinglan raised his head. A Miao was wearing a long, wavy purple dress with her shoulder-length hair done into small curls. The design of the large round collar revealed her smooth shoulders and beautiful collarbone.

"How... how is it?" A Miao stammered as she approached him.

Because the man sitting in the wheelchair looking at her was so handsome, he wore a dark purple suit to match her, with diamond buttons on the cuffs and neckline.

No matter how many times you saw him, his air of the king who was high above was daunting. If he hadn't looked at her tenderly, A Miao would have had liver tremors by now.

"Beautiful!" Shen Xinglan gave her a light kiss on the back of her hand.

Looking at A Miao's charming eyes, Shen Xinglan suddenly regretted that he wanted to lock her up for himself.

"Let's go?" A Miao saw him rubbing and staring at her secretly, and hurriedly pushed him out of the door.

"I always feel that if I don't leave again, something bad will happen..."

The New Year's Business Reception, as its name implies, was a big gathering of business celebrities in the city. They took advantage of this opportunity to show off this year's results, or ridicule their opponent's incompetence and who was robbed of a project. In short, it was the city's business celebrities gathering together.

"That bastard is here," Yao Lili whispered. She and Xia Wan had been keeping an eye on the door, so as soon as A Miao and Shen Xinglan came in, they found out.

Soon afterward, not only them, but many people looked at those two.

"Don't be nervous," Shen Xinglan said, patting A Miao's arm, "I'll always be there for you."

A Miao bowed her head and smiled, pushing him slowly into the banquet hall.

"A Miao, Xinglan!" Xia Wan came over. "Here you come, grandpa is over there!"

Shen Xinglan took a glance at her, A Miao smiled, and they walked in the opposite direction. Xia Wan frowned and stopped them. "A Miao, what are you doing?"

"I'm going inside!" A Miao said innocently, "I can't just stand at the door."

Xia Wan looked around and said in a low voice, "Do you want others to laugh at us on this occasion today?" After that, she deliberately said, "Don't embarrass Xinglan because you are not reasonable."

"Get out of the way." Shen Xinglan looked up slightly. "You're in the way."

Xia Wan looked at him strangely and was about to speak when she heard him say, "Besides, I don't know you well."

"You?" Xia Wan bit her teeth. "Mr. Shen, do you also disregard your face?"

Shen Xinglan smiled scornfully. "That's none of your business. A Miao, let's go."

"Please move." A Miao smilingly pushed Shen Xinglan past Xia Wan. Her smile hurt Xia Wan's heart and made her almost unable to keep a taut face.

Yao Lili, who had been watching nearby, came up and said, "I don't believe those words in the newspaper. She must have altered her face!"

"Even if she is ugly, now Shen Xinglan loves her, so we can't touch her." Xia Wan almost gritted her teeth and said, "Let's go and tell grandpa that his granddaughter's husband... doesn't want to see him at all!"

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