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Chapter 2225 - Twists and Turns

Space locked up and slowly came drawing in. World strength surged outwards, completely covering Sheng Mei. Facing the Soul Emperor's strength, Sheng Mei didn't even know how to begin resisting him. She closed her eyes in pain. The sounds of bones cracking from beneath the Soul Emperor's feet echoed in her ears like the pained howls of lost souls.

The Soul Emperor's hand drew close. His deathly pale palm was withered and dry, a horrible sight to behold. Yet, those ten nails were sharp and cruel, shining with a cold luminescence.

Sheng Mei couldn't even revolve her true essence right now. From half a foot away, just the cold wind coming from the Soul Emperor's nails were enough to cut Sheng Mei's skin.

Blood flowed out. On top of Sheng Mei's snow white neck, it was like a red plum had fallen into the snow.

"What a beautiful color."

The Soul Emperor's eyes lit up with a feverishly frantic light.

As long as the Eternal Wall was opened then he could gather together his three bodies, and his strength would rise even further.

At that time the Soul Emperor could fully control the Emperor Bone Sea and complete his incomplete seclusion. Then, he would thoroughly fuse together with the world of the Demon God's Tomb!

This was the final goal that he had plotted for 100 billion years - now, it would finally be realized!

Pata! Pata!

Sheng Mei's blood dripped onto the black earth and was slowly absorbed. Meanwhile, the Soul Emperor reached out his other hand towards his own decrepit, firewood-like chest.


He forcefully dug his claw into the pit of his chest. Pitch black blood, thick and viscous, slowly flowed out.

Even though his mortal body felt pain, the Soul Emperor didn't seem to sense this at all. He continued to diabolically grin as he reached in to break off a rib and then pull it out!

Blood flowed out from the corners of the Soul Emperor's lips and his eyes glowed with an increasingly strong death aura. If he wished to open the Eternal Wall and unravel the great array formation within, not only did he need Sheng Mei's blood sacrifice but he also needed to pay a certain price.

The Soul Emperor crumbled his own rib. The half-foot long rib turned into shards of inch-long bone that resembled broken glass. The shards flew into the skies, forming a great array formation in the world.

World strength gathered, the flow becoming ever stronger.

"The grand feast has been prepared. Now, give me your life!"

The Soul Emperor reached out to grasp Sheng Mei. But at this time, from behind the Soul Emperor, light ripples appeared in the space behind him.

Although this was the most important ritual that the Soul Emperor had carried out in his life, his senses remained incredibly sharp. He immediately sensed these strange spatial fluctuations.

"Who is it?"

The Soul Emperor's first thought was that someone wanted to sneak attack him and ruin his ritual.

In this critical point, if someone were to sneak attack him then although the Soul Emperor could deal with it, the event would still bring about many troubles and unknown variables. The Soul Emperor did not like unknown variables, particularly after his failed attempt to kill Lin Ming.

With spatial fluctuations, the greatest possibility was that someone would appear from a spatial channel and launch attacks against him.

The space on the surface of the Eternal Wall was inferior to the stability of the Demon God's Tomb. But, because of the energy storm here, wanting to find accurate spatial coordinates and appear behind him wasn't easy at all. This was proof that this new opponent was incredibly strong!

"No matter who you are, since you have appeared here, then die!"

The Soul Emperor stepped forwards, slamming his palm at that blurry space channel!


The space channel exploded. Beneath the Soul Emperor's attack, no one would have escaped unscathed. Even an outstanding True Divinity like Lin Ming would have been wounded!

However, as this palm struck out, the Soul Emperor was left startled. The space channel was only a space channel; there was no one inside.

But if no one was inside, why would a space channel suddenly appear?

As these doubts flashed through the Soul Emperor's mind, the power of turbulent space began to stir behind him once more. Another space channel had appeared!

The Soul Emperor turned and saw that the powerless Sheng Mei was being sucked towards that suddenly-produced space channel vortex!


The Soul Emperor was sent into a furious rage!

What angered him was that whether it was in training Sheng Mei or seizing her from the 33 Heavens, he had paid a great price in order to do this. Now, just as he was about to offer Sheng Mei in a blood sacrifice and complete the final necessary step, someone decided to use this key moment to save her.

And what was shocking was that he had locked his sense onto his surroundings all this time and had sensed no one. Just who had such great abilities that they could locate him and then open two space channels without him knowing, using one to divert his attention and then opening another beneath Sheng Mei's feet to take her away!

"You are seeking death!"

The space channel was drawing in Sheng Mei at an incredible speed. However, the Soul Emperor's reaction was even faster. He thrust out his palm, world strength surging around him!

In this moment the Soul Emperor could have killed Sheng Mei ten times over already. However, there were too many complex steps required in the blood sacrifice ritual, and if he didn't complete then before killing Sheng Mei then that would cause all his plans to fail.

Thus, the Soul Emperor didn't aim at Sheng Mei - his goal was the space channel.


Sheng Mei was drawn into the space channel. But, as the space channel was attempting to close, the boundless world strength of the Soul Emperor blocked it from doing so, keeping it from closing!

"I want to take a good look at who has such great abilities!"

The Soul Emperor wanted to pursue Sheng Mei. He had branded her with his True Divinity mark and he could near-instantly reach her side.

However, just as he was about to enter the space channel, he felt a massive amount of pressure emerge from it!

This pressure squeezed out his world strength, wanting to crush it and forcibly close the space channel!


The Soul Emperor was bewildered. Someone existed who could resist his world strength!?

"No, this is wrong! This strength… comes from the Eternal Wall's great array formation itself! Could the Eternal Wall be coming to save Sheng Mei? How is this possible?"

The Soul Emperor was left shocked. In this world, there was no one who possessed the ability to contend with him directly. However, the Eternal Wall was different. This was something which possessed an array formation that the Asura Road Master had poured his source energy into. In addition, Sheng Mei's previous life had offered herself in a blood sacrifice, fusing all of her life essence and even pouring in the inherited strength that Immortal Sovereign had passed down to her. Moreover, the main body of the Eternal Wall was also one of the three divine tools - the Amethyst Origin Crystal.

With these three factors combined together, the Eternal Wall had a strength that even the Soul Emperor feared.

As he felt his own world strength being squeezed out, the Soul Emperor was enraged. He used his hands and forcefully grabbed at the edges of the space channel, wanting to tear it apart!

In his heart he knew that no matter what, he couldn't allow this space channel to close.

He had already confirmed that this space channel originated from the inner space of the Eternal Wall. The Eternal Wall was a wholly complete self, and the Soul Emperor wasn't sure why it would open a channel to suddenly rescue Sheng Mei.

However, he knew that once the channel opened, it was equal to tearing an opening within an originally complete wall.

With this opening, the Eternal Wall was no longer perfect.

As long as he could continue to rip open this tear then he could surely completely open it!

With this in mind, the Soul Emperor poured more and more strength into the space channel to resist the Eternal Wall's pressure!

And at this time, within the space channel, Sheng Mei had arrived in a purple space.

"This place is…"

Sheng Mei was shocked. She thought her death was assured but the moment she was about to be turned into a blood sacrifice by the Soul Emperor she had been sucked into this space. And what stood in front of her was a little girl that seemed to be 13-14 years of age.

"You… saved me?"

Sheng Mei felt this all inconceivable. A little girl like this had the ability to save her?

She could not see through the little girl's cultivation at all. This was strange, because she was sure that this little girl wasn't too strong herself, so how could she possibly save her from the Soul Emperor?

"Who are you?"

Sheng Mei asked, puzzled. At the moment before her death, a little girl she had never seen before with such a low level of strength had managed to transmit her into this space; it was no different from a dream.

"I… my name is Yan Littlefish, you can call me Fishy. Do… do you know Big Brother Lin Ming?" Fishy timidly asked. When she listened in on the conversation between the Soul Emperor and Sheng Mei, she had heard the Soul Emperor mention Lin Ming's name. It seemed as if this mysterious big sister had some sort of relationship with her big brother Lin Ming.

"Lin Ming… you called him your big brother?"

Sheng Mei was lost. A strange little girl had used completely inconceivable methods to rescue her and also knew of Lin Ming? Just who was this little girl and what was her background?

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