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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 52 Part 3

Tong Yao and Ming god were in a heated discussion.

On the other side of the base, Little Fatty stretched out his neck: “Tsk, tsk, our team
suddenly has one more data analyst.”

Xiang Rui smiled quite happily: “It’s good, especially since we don’t need to pay her-----
If everyone of you were as diligent as Tong Yao, I’d be so grateful.”

Little Fatty: “It takes time to develop laziness, you can’t rush it.”

Xiao Rui rolled his eyes at Little Fatty, who responded with, “Look at Lu Yue, he was
very diligent in the beginning, now he’s just one of those losers who use other people’s
account to drop their rank.”

Lu Yue: “Damn Fatty, shut up.”

Lu Yue at the moment was using Tong Yao’s computer, playing on her account. The
champion he was using was his girlfriend, Diana, Scorn of the Moon. But he wasn’t
doing too well. Xiao Rui walked over to check his stats, then slapped the back of
Lu Yue’s head: “You dare say that Diana is your girlfriend with such lousy play. If I
were her, I would have dump you eight hundreds times.”

“Ouch, be quiet.” Lu Yue frowned. “Shorty, how do you do Diana’s R Q combo?
Come show me again……”

Tong Yao put down her notebook and jumped off the sofa, rushing to Lu Yue’s side.
She pushed him over: “How can you be this stupid?”

Lu Yue leaned to the side, as the two began to discuss techniques and item builds
for Diana.  It was then that Lu Sicheng exitted his room and walked down the stairs.
He walked in front of his computer and started to flip through the stuff on his desk,
looking for something. Finally, he pulled out his car key from behind the piggy bank.

“You going out?” Tong Yao didn’t even lift her head.

Lu Sicheng: “En. My mom has arranged a date with that girl. Mom just informed me
that she’s already on her way there.”

“R Q, see it, you have to pretend a little. Don’t let them know that you’re going to
release the combo. You know, bluff?” Tong Yao put down the mouse and keyboard,
raised her eyes to see her captain who had changed into a somewhat decent outfit.
“Which girl? Blind date?”

“What blind date…...You’re running around without shoes again. Next time when you
have your monthly cramp, no one will sympathize at you.”

Lu Sicheng frowned: “I’m going.” Then he patted Tong Yao’s head before walking
out the door.

Tong Yao watched him put on his shoes, open the door, and walk to the garage.

Dabing came over to rub against her ankle, Tong Yao bent down to pick up the cat-----

“Tong Yao, come see whether this is where Kun usually places his ward?”

“......Oh, coming.”

Tong Yao held tight the cat in her arms and quickly jumped back on the sofa.

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