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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 50 Part 3

As Tong Yao and Xaio Rui crowded over her cell phone, a long arm reached out
from behind and took Tong Yao’s cell phone away. Tong Yao gave a shout and
turned her head in annoyance, where she met a pair of expressionless, dark brown
eyes…...Lu Sicheng looked down to check the screen on the phone, then sneered:
“The interview I just did? What’s there to watch?”

Tong Yao stood on her tiptoes trying to retrieve her own phone-----

Lu Sicheng raised his arm higher.

Tong Yao angrily hit his elbow: “Aren’t you taking a nap? !”

Lu Sicheng: “I woke up.”

Tong Yao: “Give me back my phone!”

Lu Sicheng: “Why?”

Tong Yao: “You just praised me in the interview! ! ! I want to show it to Rui Ge! ! !”

Lu Sicheng: “......So what if I praised you, that was a prepared statement by the
staff. I just read it out-----Didn’t you notice that they passed a slip of paper to me
before the interview?”

Stunned, Tong Yao lowered her arm. She turned to ask Xiao Rui: “Is that true? !”

Xiao Rui: “It’s not true. There were only interview questions on that slip of paper.”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Tong Yao’s eyes began to glisten again. She took off her shoes and jumped onto
the seat, attempting to recover her phone: “Give me back my phone! I want to
share the video with my friends-----”

Just then, the van made a sharp turn.

Tong Yao staggered on her seat, then tilted sideways, falling into the body right
next to her. She held onto his wide shoulder out of reflex and in the same moment
could feel his hand on her waist, trying to steady her: “What are you doing jumping
around in the car? Why don’t you just stay on top of the roof of the van?”

The man’s voice was right next to her ear.

They were so close to each other that Tong Yao could almost feel the vibration
inside his chest as he spoke.

When the drive became smooth again, she hurriedly pulled herself away from
Lu Sicheng’s shoulder: “Why didn’t you let me see the interview?”

“I’m right here, why do you need to see the interview.”

“You won’t praise me to my face.” Tong Yao stared at that pair of dark brown eyes:
“Then praise me right now.”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Tong Yao: “......”

As Lu Sicheng kept his silence, Tong Yao felt something had fell into her pocket.
Her cell phone had been stuffed back into her pocket. The man flatly said: “It’s
better if you just watch the interview.”

Tong Yao: “......”

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