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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 50 Part 2

“He has some guts looking at Tieba after losing the match?” Xiao Rui was
surprised: “When we lost the finals at the spring competition, I personally
uninstalled Tieba on everyone’s cell phone before I gave them back to your

“He’s new to all this. I heard that King was doing very well in the minor league,
probably never heard anything ill.” Tong Yao sat back down on her own seat.

“But what the hell were you comforting him for, he’s the enemy.”


“What if his skills get a boost because you reassured him------”

“He still won’t be able to beat us.” Tong Yao laughed: “We’re getting better as

Xiao Rui didn’t respond right away, but fixed his eyes on Tong Yao for a while
then said: “Your head’s also quite swollen.” He then turned to sit back in his
seat. The van drove out of the parking lot with most of the team dozing off…...
Tong Yao was looking at Weibo on her phone. She happened to see a video
clip, posted by a fan, of the interview with Lu Sicheng just now--------

Though she had already heard it in the arena, she mindlessly clicked on it and
listen to it again. She rolled her eyes again as she listened and made a face at
the poker faced captain on the screen. When she was ready to close the video,
she found that she’d only listened to half the video--------

Tong Yao: “Hmm.”

So there was something after that?

Tong Yao hovered over the pause button and saw the man in the video pause
for a while as if he had thought of something. The aloofness in his eyes faded
a little and he looked somewhat more gentle. He looked down and continued
to say something.

Tong Yao: “......................................”

Tong Yao bit her own middle finger.

The knuckle in her mouth hurt ever so slightly-------

So she wasn’t dreaming.

She went blank for a moment. Amid the shouting and cheering of fans in the
video, she blinked in confusion and raised her head to look towards the back.
Lu Sicheng was leaning against the window, eyes closed…...After a few seconds,
she quickly turned her head back. She didn’t catch whatever the host was saying

She turned to look at the comments under the video and saw a particular one
that had the most likes------

Tong Yao mumbled something then couldn’t stop her fingers to retract the video
to------to where Lu Sicheng had said that they didn’t know each other that well
and paused the video right there. She bit her lower lip and fixed her eyes on the
corner of his lips……

At 3’11” of the video, when Lu Sicheng said: “As a captain, I’m glad we can have
a teammate like that,” his head moved a bit and then the corner of his lips……
almost undetectably curved up a little, then quickly flattened again.

………………..So he did smile.

Tong Yao put down her cell phone and could feel her cheeks heating up. She
stood up from her seat, cell phone in hand, twirled around and grabbed the team
manager who was happily watching a Korean drama: “Rui Ge! Rui Ge!”

“What, what’s happening?” Xiao Rui was startled to find a blushing Tong Yao
with glistening eyes. “Do you need to go to the bathroom?”

“Bathroom? No, look at this.” Tong Yao held the cell phone to show Xiao Rui.

“What the hell?” Xiao Rui gave up his Korean drama and stretched his neck to
look over------

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