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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 5 Part 1

“That’s nice, Yang god, someone came to cheer you on.”

“She’s here to collect a debt.”


“It’s quite possible that before she came here, she prayed that someone would break my hands.”

“Tsk, your ex-girlfriend?”


On stage, Jian Yang ignored the teasing from his fellow teammates and adjusted his keyboard with a gloomy face. After he was sure it was fully functional, he signaled the staff behind him-- --

The first round started right afterwards.

First came the champion select stage. Each side had three chances to ban a certain champion. The champion being banned couldn’t be selected for that round-- --Usually, a team would ban the favorite champions of the opposing side. Other times a team might ban a champion they don’t think they’ll be able to pick in time or ban a champion they find particularly weak in their match up.

Since each side had studied the other team, this segment went by quickly. In no time, the six banned champions were chosen. Then it moved to the next segment, choosing champions-- --

The first player on the blue team would pick his champion first, then the second and third players on the red team, then back to the fourth and fifth players of the blue side, and so on until each side had five, a total of ten champions…...During this stage, each player might not choose the champion that he would actually play, usually they would choose the champions they needed for the strategy they had devised beforehand. They could switch who would actually play the champion later.

Commentator A: “ZGDX has gone ahead and selected Viktor, the strongest in the current meta. They have chosen a mid champion as their first pick, somewhat early don’t you think?”

Commentator B: "How is it early? If they don’t take Viktor, then CK will definitely take him away. Now, I think CK will choose a counter champion against Viktor…...What do you think?”

Commentator A: "Well Viktor isn’t particularly mobile, so in this case I would probably choose Leblanc. She has a strong attack and can easily gank with her mobility."

Commentator B: "Leblanc? Hahahahaha, she’d work well. I remember that CK’s mid plays Leblanc well-- --"



Tong Yao sat under the stage, cupping her face, and thought randomly: I’m good at playing Leblanc too. It could count as her trademark champion. When she reached the top on the Chinese server, someone even called her the number one Leblanc on the Chinese server!

She raised her eyelids slightly to glance at the large screen-- --since the jungler was in the second position of the red team, Jian Yang would be the first one to pick for his team. As expected, Jian Yang had clicked on the picture of Leblanc, but he hadn’t locked in his selection.


Tong Yao straighten up slightly and crossed her legs. Her lips curved up with great interest.

The commentators began speaking again.

Commentator A: "Speaking of Leblanc, I just thought of someone."

Commentator B: "Who?"

Commentator A: "We were just talking about the issue of girls playing games. Do you remember the number one Leblanc, Smiling, on the Chinese server? I heard that Smiling is a girl."

Commentator B: "Hahahahahahahahahaha, I have heard about her. I’ve actually watched her play Leblanc. Truly an impressive sight. If her opponent didn’t watch out for her in the early game, she would develop into a nightmare in the later game……"

Tong Yao: “......”

Without doing anything, Tong Yao, who was simply sitting under the stage, validated her existence.

In the meantime, Jian Yang, as if he could hear the commentators on the stage, was suddenly reminded of something and with a jerk of his hand, clicked another champion, Kassadin, instead and quickly locked in without any hesitation-- --

An uproar burst out of the audience!

“Shit! Yang god, ahhhhh, what have you picked!” The CK mid, Xiaohua, roared, “Why didn’t you take Leblanc!”

“Ridiculous!” The CK coach standing behind the players hit Jian Yang over the head with a notebook!

“We’re screwed, we’re screwed. She’s cursed him.” The top who just spoke with Jian Yang earlier, Come Good Luck, muttered.

At the time, not only were the CK players turning their heads to check on Jian Yang, even the players from ZGDX were staring at their neighbors with surprise. Question marks were written over their faces, what was going on dude?

Commentator A: "Yang god has locked in as Kassadin! Well, now, this doesn’t make sense!"

Commentator B: "What just happened, where are we-- --Why did Yang god suddenly choose Kassadin! He could’ve taken Leblanc just now!"

Commentator A: "Could it be that his hand jerked and missed the click?"

Commentator B: "I don’t know."

Tong Yao shook her leg while crossed and raised her eyebrows-- --

After champion select was over, the game officially began.

Soon people found out that “Leblanc suddenly turning into Kassadin” was only the prelude.

Everyone was stunned to find the CK jungler was not himself today-- --

In the first five minutes of the game, the jungler hid in the jungle killing monsters.  At the sixth minute mark, he ran to mid, preparing to help their mid overpower the enemy mid, Ming. Yet, he helped Ming get first blood with his death.

And that was just the beginning of the nightmare!

Translated by Team DHH at

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