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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 48 Part 5

Tong Yao had finished shaking hands with everybody. She turned around and
looked at Lu Sicheng right in his eyes.

Then she went with all her teammates to the front of the stage to bow to the
audience. Afterwards, everyone started packing their gear. Tong Yao constantly
asked Lu Sicheng: “Were you saying something bad about me a while ago?”

Lu Sicheng: “Do you suffer from bouts of persecutory delusions?”

Tong Yao twitched her lips and was about to rebuff him when a staff member
came for Lu Sicheng. He asked Lu Sicheng to do an interview as the MVP of
the match. Lu Sicheng directed Little Fatty to pack his things for him, then
walked over to the media are----

When he approached the area, he saw many fans already waiting for him there.
The fans lifted their cameras, focusing on Lu Sicheng as he walked closer…...
Tong Yao started packing slower as she took a curious look at the are----

Host: “Congratulations to ZGDX. Congratulations to Chessman for winning the
first match of the summer season! Do you have anything you want to say to your fans?”

Lu Sicheng: “Thanks everyone for your continuous support. We will do our best
for the summer season.”

Cheers and shouts came right after he finished speaking.

Tong Yao stretched half of her head out from behind her computer to check as
she was unplugging her mouse.

Host: “Cheng Ge really knows what his fans like to hear. May I ask you a question?
ZGDX as a traditionally strong team obviously studied King, one of the rising teams
which has just moved up to the major league. It’s quite a surprise to most people
that ZGDX did so. What was the motive for ZGDX to study such a team? Is this the
secret to your team’s success?”

Lu Sicheng: “Not exactly.”

The host: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “It’s our Mid. She’s afraid of every team. If we don’t take any team
seriously, she would say we’re over confident---------This morning, before we left our
base, she even stood on the sofa and announced that we might have a surprise
defeat at today’s match.”

The fans burst into laughter…...Tong Yao forcefully pulled out her keyboard behind
her computer and rolled her eyes towards the media area.

Host: “It looks like our Cheng Ge is getting along quite well with ZGDX’s new Mid.”

“En.” Lu Sicheng answered: “Well, it’s just like that. We aren’t that close.”

As he was talking, he noticed through the corner of his eyes that a short person stood
up from behind the row of computers. She bluntly flung the backpack onto her back and
as if she was angry at something, stamped her foot several times on the floor before
she turned to leave the stage.

When that short silhouette disappeared in the passageway for competing players,
Lu Sicheng cast his eyes down to hide the smile in his eyes and continued: “However
she’s very strong and very diligent. As the captain of the team, I’m very pleased to have
a teammate like her. With the addition of her, ZGDX will be even stronger this summer.”

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