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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 48 Part 4

The match between ZGDX and King went very smoothly for ZGDX.

Most people thought that King, which as a team was good at dragging the
match till the late game and making a come back, might very well give a
surprise to ZGDX.  But ZGDX had a very easy time winning the match-----
The entire time, ZGDX seemed to know exactly what King’s Jungler’s next
move was. Everytime he moved to a certain location, ZGDX’s Old K would
mysteriously appear right behind him……

ZGDX also played a few tricks as they farmed their jungle.

At the beginning of the first round of the match, Old K chose to start getting
the red buff on his own side, afterwards he moved on to the monster camp
with 4 little birds known as F4. At this time, there was only the golem camp
left in ZGDX’s upper half of the jungle.

Old K then went down to farm the blue buff and 3 wolves at the lower half of
the jungle. Afterwards, he gave up the other resources in the lower half and
turned around to go back up again-----

King’s Jungler had reached 4th level at this point.

Old K was still at level 3.

The commentator A: “Why didn’t he continue? Is he saving those for
Cheng Ge?”

The commentator B: “But he’s behind in level! It doesn’t make much sense
since Cheng Ge’s fighting with King’s bot.”

When everyone thought Old K had made a mistake, Old K caught King’s
Jungler near the golem camp in the upper half of his jungle who was trying
to steal from ZGDX!

The enemy’s Jungler was stunned to see Old K appear unexpectedly. He
hesitantly auto-attacked a few times then decided to retreat------

But behind him, Tong Yao had arrived and cut off his path of retreat. Old K
worked with Tong Yao and killed the enemy jungler!

The first blood of the match!

Cheers broke out from the audience. King’s Jungler angrily slammed his
mouse: “Why didn’t you say anything when their Mid disappeared? !”

“How would I know? I saw her go away after she finished farming the wave.
I thought she had gone back to the base.” King’s Mid sounded like he was
in shock too. “How could I know she was going after you. How did she know
that after getting the crab, you would invade their jungle? Normally, wouldn’t
Old K finish all the camps in their lower jungle then come back for the golem
camp? Are they cheating?”

The unexpected change in ZGDX’s strategy had disrupted King’s tempo.

ZGDX was in control of the round from beginning to end.

Since King’s Jungler’s route was known entirely by ZGDX, their Jungler was
useless in the next two rounds. He could only watch helplessly ZGDX take the
advantage in all three lanes and easily won each round before the mid game------

ZGDX didn’t even give King any chance to drag the game into the late game.

Certainly, there was no chance for King to come back from behind.

After the match, players on both sides shook hands with each other. King’s
captain, who was also their Jungler, bitterly said: “I didn’t expect your team
would even study about a team like us. You’re really tough, a good game.”

Lu Sicheng smiled and raised his chin to point to the short person who was
right in front of him.

She was earnestly bowing and shaking hands with every player of the other
team. Lu Sicheng flatly said: “It’s our Mid, she thinks every team is a strong team.”

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