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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 48 Part 3

Tong Yao looked down at her bare feet, then turned to look for her slippers
which were left right next to the sofa. She didn’t bother to get the slippers,
but jumped onto her own seat and started to take the mouse and keyboard
to stuff into her backpack------

Ming god kicked her slippers over as he was bringing breakfast to Lu Yue.

Tong Yao took her backpack and put on her slippers to go to the front door.
She looked out and saw the van waiting outside to take them to the arena.
This time Tong Yao was much calmer than the opening match. She changed
from her slippers into flip-flops and jogged to get on the van.

She picked a random seat to sit down. After a while, all the other teammates
also got on the van. Lu Sicheng was the last one. When he passed by Tong
Yao, he stopped and slightly bent forward: “Shorty.”

“En?” Tong Yao was concentrating on her cell phone and didn’t even look up.

“Let me take a look at your teenage girl’s diary.”

“......” Tong Yao looked up in a panic: “Why do you want to see my diary?”

“......Your notes about King.” Lu Sicheng looked a little frustrated.

“Oh, oh. Oh, oh.”  Tong Yao took out the little notebook from her pocket and
handed it over to Lu Sicheng: “Didn’t they say that it’s not a strong team so
we don’t need to study them?”

“Since you already took the notes, it won’t hurt to take a look.”

Lu Sicheng took the little pink notebook and waved it at Tong Yao. Then he
went to the last row of seats and started to flip through her notebook…...
Tong Yao put her chin on the back of the her seat and watched him. When
he turned the first page, he spoke without even lifting his head: “Get off the
van if you’re going to keep looking at me.” Tong Yao’s head instantly disappeared.

The van left the base around 10 am.

Most of the passengers in the van seemed to be rather sleepy……

Old Cat was in sound sleep with a jacket covering his face. Little Fatty’s head
drooped as he slowly doze off. Tong Yao was curled up in her seat chatting
with someone on WeChat. Old K sat next to Old Cat, playing games on his
cell phone-----

Lu Sicheng called Old K over to sit in the last row and both of them read
Tong Yao’s notes. In low voices, and an occasional cough, Lu Sicheng and
Old K discussed the content of the notebook in the back row. Tong Yao
pricked up her ears, trying to listen to what they were saying……

But she soon started feeling drowsy herself.

Then she fell asleep while still holding her cell phone.

Old K read everything word for word: “ ‘After farming the first set of monster
camps, there’s a very high probability he will appear at mid to farm. If he
can’t farm, he will harass the enemy mid then go back’ ------- ‘there should
be a counter gank here’......What the hell is this?”

Lu Sicheng, supporting his head with one arm, unusually lightly chuckled:
“It’s telling you to counter gank, can’t you get it?”

Old K blinked: “I don’t get it. This data analyst…...why is he adding an extra
scene while analyzing their game.”

Lu Sicheng lazily answered: “En.” He took a glance at Tong Yao, slowly
dozing not far away. When the van jolted, she suddenly opened her eyes
and spun her heard as if she had no idea where she was……

Lu Sicheng lowered his eyes, his long eyelashes hid the smile in his eyes:
“Because she was a born drama queen.”

Old K: “......”

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