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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 47 Part 2



“Why did you come out?”

“To buy cigarettes, didn’t I tell you?” Lu Sicheng took out the cigarettes he just
bought out of his pocket, together with his wallet.

Tong Yao raised her eyebrows: “Didn’t you say you didn’t have money with you?”

“......Just because I have my wallet with me doesn’t mean I have money in it.”
Lu Sicheng very naturally put his wallet back into his pocket.

Tong Yao thought that could be true. Many times she had only a couple dollars
left in her wallet------She rarely went out and even if she did, there wasn’t much
use for cash nowadays since everything could be paid online…...She watched
Lu Sicheng stuff the cigarettes back into the pocket: “You haven’t smoked in the
past couple of days because of your cough, I thought you’re going to quit it.”

“I’m fine now.” After saying that, Lu Sicheng stopped and coughed again.

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng pretended nothing had happened and continued to walk forward.
Tong Yao hopped to get in the front of him and stared at his expressionless face
for a while: “Why do I feel that you came out deliberately to mess things up? Did
Jinyang say anything to you?”

“No. Mess things up? Mess what up? Why do you say that?”

“Based on my teenage girl’s sixth sense.”

“A person like you who’s as slow as an elephant doesn’t have that.”

“Then let me see your cell phone.”

“You want to see my cell phone?”


“Don’t push your luck.” Lu Sicheng sneered.

Well, he was still the captain. Tong Yao had expended all the courage she had
to challenge him. She touched her nose, afraid to go further…...The two of them
returned to the base. When they appeared at the doorway one after another,
Lu Yue, who was on Tong Yao’s seat, looked up at them while in the middle of
a game: “Why are you two coming back together? Shorty, where’s your Yang God?
You two back together? Or did you refuse him and get together with my brother?”

“We happened to arrive at the same time. Yang God went back. To hell with
getting back with him and to hell with getting together with your brother.” Tong Yao
lazily replied and put on her slippers after removing her shoes. “I want to live a
few years longer and definitely won’t fall in love with a professional player.”

“Can’t you talk more civilly?”

“No, I can’t.”

As she spoke, Tong Yao walked over to her computer. She watched Lu Yue play
a ranked game behind him. Lu Yue was playing Leblanc, with 1 kill, 12 deaths,
and 7 assists. She tittered and was ready to move on, but noticed something
that didn’t seem right. She backtracked, bent down, and squinted carefully at
the computer screen. With a shriek, Tong Yao pinched Lu Yue’s ear------

“Lu Yue, damn you! You’re messing up my account! ! ! ! !”

“Let go of me. I’m about to get the upper hand. I can win this round!”

“To hell with winning! I don’t see any sign that you can win!”

As they were bickering, the enemy’s mid typed in the public chat:

It was in Korean and roughly translated to: You said you’re Smiling?

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