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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 47 Part 1

With Lu Sicheng’s interruption, Jian Yang couldn’t possibly continue with his
confession. Tong Yao dragged him to the gate but Jian Yang wouldn’t leave
unless Tong Yao unblocked him from every social network.

Tong Yao looked down on her cell phone and unblocked Jian Yang from QQ,
WeChat, Weibo, and his cell phone number…...The light from the cell phone
shone on her face. Jian Yang leaned against the fence and watched her as
she was working through each app------

“That should be all of them?” Tong Yao finally removed his name from her cell
phone’s blocked contact list and waved the phone: “Don’t say such nonsense
or I’ll put you back on the list.”

“What nonsense?”

“Asking to get back together or asking me watch you excel in the field; those

“Oh.” Jian Yang briefly acknowledged it. Then he stretched his arm over her
shoulder and pointed at her cell phone: “Have you unblocked me from our
school’s directory?”

Tong Yao laughed and raised her head: “Are you for real? Who’s still using
the school directory-----”

Before she could finish, the arm above her shoulder suddenly latched onto her
shoulder and pulled her backwards. As Tong Yao leaned back, the man behind
her lowered his head and his soft, cold lips landed on her cheek.

Tong Yao stood frozen for a couple of seconds.

Jian Yang had released her and pretended like nothing had happened. He
straightened up and flagged down a passing taxi. He paused when he opened
the taxi door and couldn’t help but turning to glance at Tong Yao who was still
standing there, dumbfounded. Jian Yang lightly said: “I’m going now.”

“En?” Tong Yao nodded: “Oh.”

The car door closed and Jian Yang was gone.

Tong Yao watched the taxi grew smaller and smaller, then lowered her head
to check her cell phone, and finally raised her hand to wipe her cheek with the
back of her hand. She blinked and couldn’t really figure out what she was feeling------
But she had a hunch that she wouldn’t need to block Jian Yang anymore. Jian Yang
wouldn’t be talking about that nonsense anymore……

It was all in the past.

It was the best result if the two of them, who didn’t interact much before, could
talk peacefully face to face once again.

Tong Yao put the cell phone back into her pocket and turned around to go back
to the base. She was shocked to find Lu Sicheng standing behind her-----He
was in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops, with a black windbreaker on top. The odd
combination somehow looked quite nice on him.

Tong Yao was so startled that she backed away a few steps. Lu Sicheng had to
grab her so she wouldn’t fall off the sidewalk and get crushed by a car…...
Lu Sicheng released his grip after she steadied herself. Tong Yao shuddered:
“When did you get here?”

“Just now.” Lu Sicheng said: “You two back together?”

“No, we aren’t.”

“Then why did he kiss you?”

Tong Yao blushed a bit: “It’s just a friendly kiss.”

“......” Lu Sicheng fixed his eyes on Tong Yao for a while and flatly said: “Do
you think I’m a three year old?”

After saying that, he slightly raised his chin and turned to go back to the
residential area. Tong Yao stood there for a few seconds, then quickly
followed after him-----Lu Sicheng walked very fast; on of his steps was one
and half steps for Tong Yao. In the end, Tong Yao almost had to hop like a
rabbit to stay behind him.

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