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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 46 Part 2

Outside of ZGDX’s base, Tong Yao was standing on her tiptoes, tightly held
against Jian Yang’s chest. She didn’t have any romantic feelings, only the
feeling that her feet were going to break at any moment. She patted Jian
Yang’s shoulder: “What’s wrong with you? Put me down first-----”

Before she could finish her sentence, the hands around her waist tightened.

“Are you really dating Lu Sicheng?” Jian Yang sounded quite gloomy.

“.................Is that the reason you come all the way across half of Shanghai
to get here? Do you know how big Shanghai is? What, dating him? Didn’t he
explain it later on his stream?”

“Then why did he have to say such suggestive things?” Jian Yang now
sounded quite frustrated: “Now everyone on Tieba is talking about you two,
they say you’re dating each other.”

“Those were just jokes from my teammates…...Wait, nevermind.” Tong Yao
squeezed herself out of Jian Yang’s embrace like a pond loach. “Why should
I explain all of this to you? Why are you here? Jian Yang, I thought I made it
very clear before.”

Jian Yang sniffled, backed away a bit, and said with a frown: “What did you
make clear?”

“It’s finished between us. That’s it.” Tong Yao carefully gave Jian Yang a
glance. Jian Yang’s eyes were slightly reddish. She stood up on her tiptoes
to pat Jian Yang’s head, as if she was comforting an upsetting kid. “Actually,
you don’t really like me that much, really. It’s just we haven’t seen each other
for so long------See, last year, you played your games and I was studying abroad.
We never missed each other. Why are you getting new ideas now that I’m back?”

“You can’t just give me the death sentence just like that. It was my fault that
I lied to you that time. But it was because I was afraid that you would think too
much into it…...Nothing had happened between me and those ladies in the
nightclub. I went straight back to the base after I got drunk. You can ask Come
Good Luck and the others to see that I’m telling the truth.”

“Isn’t it only a normal assumption that after you got drunk, you would fool around?”

“That’s only in TV dramas, they’re fooling you.” Jian Yang frustratedly smiled:
“Who would have the energy to fool around after getting drunk.”


Tong Yao didn’t know what to say at the moment, or what she could say. Though
there was some sort of misunderstanding between them, it was still true that she
didn’t like him anymore. How could she get back with him just out of sympathy or
try to make up for a misunderstanding?

“Yaoyao, give me another chance, alright? You weren’t playing professionally
before and hated the profession-----Now you’re in this yourself, you should know
how difficult it is to protect the one you love while you’re under the eyes of the
media and fans……”

The fearless young jungler of the top team was now standing under the streetlamp,
partially hidden in the shadow and looking downwards. He gently picked up
Tong Yao’s hand……

“I miss you, I miss you a lot. I even dreamed that one day we can go to the world
finals together. You would sit under the stage and watch me play and when we
lifted the championship cup-----”

Tong Yao moved her lips, about to call him a drunk. Suddenly, she felt as if there
was a beam shining on her back… a panic, she turned to take a look and
saw a tall man standing in the shadow behind her.  Their eyes met. He calmly
walked up closer: “Going to buy cigarettes.”

Tong Yao: “......Aren’t you still coughing? You’re still smoking?”

Lu Sicheng: “None of your business.”

He stopped in front of Tong Yao and looked down: “I don’t have money with me.
You have any? I’ll pay you back after I get back.”

Tong Yao’s hand was still being held by Jian Yang.

Tong Yao: “Oh, ok.”

She hurriedly retracted her hand, then pulled out a hand full of coins to stuff
into the big hand in front of her. Lu Sicheng looked at all the coins and the
corners of his eyes twitched, but he quietly took them over.

He pocketed the coins and said with a stone face: “You two, continue.”

He then started to walk away.

However, he came back after a couple of steps as if he had just remembered

“I don’t have anything against you two dating, but I have to remind you some
facts------First, this shorty is going to the world finals for sure, but she’s going
there to play the competition and probably doesn’t have time to sit under the
stage to watch you play. Second, this year’s championship cup probably already
has ZGDX’s name inscribed on it. I’ll choose Kalista as my champion skin.”

Jian Yang: “......”

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “I’ve finished. Now you two can really continue.”

Afterwards, he patted Jian Yang’s shoulder and left without looking at them again.

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