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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 44 Part 1

Tong Yao’s face was the color of persimmons dangling in the autumn
wind, turning white, then blue, then red. She was silent for a while, then
ask in horrific confusion: “What do you mean? Are you proposing to me?”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “Is there something wrong with your head? I’m asking whether
you’re trying to swindle…...Nevermind, I’m mocking you.”

“......” Tong Yao slowing widened her eyes: “What’s that about swindling
betrothal gifts? You better talk nicely. I’m a person with an 800,000 annual
salary! Who cares about the meager betrothal gifts!”

Lu Sicheng sneered and lifted the blanket to check the bed without paying
any more attention to her.

Tong Yao stopped talking and asked: “What are you looking at?”

“I’m checking to see if you dirtied my-- --”

Before Lu Sicheng finished his sentence, Tong Yao suddenly jumped up
and spread her body over his bed. The man was caught off guard and fell
onto his back. He raised his head in irritation to see Tong Yao nervously
staring at him with her body on top of the blanket: “Don’t look! If it’s dirty,
I’ll wash it for you! Don’t look!”

Lu Sicheng wasn’t originally serious about checking the bed. But seeing
her so nervous about it amused him.  He curled the edges of his lips: “Then,
where do I sleep tonight?”

“......” Tong Yao pointed to Little Fatty’s bed.

Lu Sicheng took a glance: “His bed is too soft, it’ll hurt my back.”

Tong Yao’s lips twitched and she almost jumped up to strangle this difficult
person. She slowly got up from the bed and went under the blanket to feel
around to see if there were any signs of a wet spot. As she was busy, she
heard Lu Sicheng lazily speak over the blanket: “Why can’t you be more
prudent when you do things? Tell me, how many times have I taken the
blame for you……”

“Yes, yes, yes, long live Captain the great. I’ll be working my tail off for you
in the next life…...move your leg, let me see that side.”

As she was talking, she lifted one of Lu Sicheng’s leg from under the blanket.

Right at this moment, the door was pushed open from the outside. Little Fatty’s
voice came into the room-- --

“Cheng Ge, Xiao Rui asked me to come up and ask you two whether you want
to eat some of the har how[1] that we brought back……”

Little Fatty’s voice vanished when he saw Lu Sicheng with one leg raised high
up and someone was under the blanket, seemingly knelt between his two legs.
He was silent for a moment-- --

Then the door slammed shut.

Inside the room, Lu Sicheng calmingly raised his eyebrows.

Under the blanket, Tong Yao dropped Lu Sicheng’s leg and lifted the blanket
off of her head: “The bed isn’t dirty…...Who was that? Little Fatty? Why did he
go back out? har gow? I want to eat har gow!”

Lu Sicheng bent his legs and smiled while taking his time to say: “Let’s go.”

Tong Yao jumped down from the bed and used her hand to tidy up her hair.
She turned to see Lu Sicheng slowly getting up and asked him hesitantly: “Do
you want to change? You were probably sweating a lot earlier? Be careful not
to catch a cold.”

Lu Sicheng glanced at her but didn’t say anything.

[1]: 虾饺, shrimp dumpling, a dim sum dish

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