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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 43 Part 2

Xiao Rui stood at the door, with disbelief written all over his face: “You do
know there are many empty beds in addition to yours and her own bed in
the base?”

Lu Sicheng: “She’s afraid she’ll soil other people’s beds.”

By this time, no one could conceal their curiosity anymore and they all swarmed
around the door. Lu Yue stretched his head inside the room: “Haven’t you heard
of the saying that a man and a woman shouldn’t have improper physical contact?[1]  
Ge, it’s really hard to believe that you’re so quiet all the time but, without anyone
noticing, you got an underaged girl onto your bed……”

Lu Sicheng: “She’s 19.”

Little Fatty: “Is that the issue?”

Ming god: “It’s not the issue.”

Lu Yue: “Oh, so it’s not against the law if she’s an adult?”

Xiao Rui: “Ahhhhhhhh, damn, Cheng Ge, you’re an animal. How am I going to
explain to her family-- --It’s not ok, not. Wake her up first!”

Lu Sicheng lightly snickered and asked a question in reply: “How?”

His frivolous snicker was not only provocative but also quite wicked.

Under the blanket, Tong Yao released her shaky hands from Lu Sicheng’s collar-- --
Lu Sicheng still had a fever and it seemed that he had developed another personality
under the influence of said fever. Tong Yao’s face turned red when her heard the question……

If she could see all the others at the doorway, she would’ve seen that no one fared
better than her-- --Even Xiao Rui, the team manager, was so stunned by his question
that he stepped back a step……

Little Fatty held his cell phone in his trembling hands, punched in 110, and put his
finger on the dial key: “......Talk nicely. Or I’ll call the police.”

“You all get out first.” Lu Sicheng flatly said: “I’ll wake her up in awhile.”

The ones standing around the door looked at each other. Though they all agreed that
“Yeah, let’s go.” “Otherwise it would be so embarrassing,” “Let’s go, let’s go,” none of
them moved an inch as if they had taken root……

Lu Sicheng called out again: “Little Fatty.” Little Fatty quivered, pathetically glanced
the inside of the room and muttered: “Like this isn’t my room too.” Then he reluctantly
closed the door-- --

The door closed, Lu Sicheng lifted the blanket and briefly said to the one inside:
“Get up.” Tong Yao immediately jumped up like a grasshopper and climbed down
from Lu Sicheng’s bed with both hands and feet. Before she could steady herself:
“I, I, I, I’m so sorry, ahhhh, Cheng Ge. Damn, I fell asleep and felt cold and started
to climb up in the confusion……”

Lu Sicheng yawned, also got out of the blanket, coughed a couple times, then slowly
said: “In ancient times, wouldn’t your actions warrant being drowned in a pig cage?”[2]

Tong Yao’s voice abruptly stopped.

The reddened face suddenly turned pale. Her lips quivered and said in a low voice:
“Very likely.” Then she bit her lips and dejectedly lowered her head, ready to apologize

Lu Sicheng glanced at her.

“Or should I get ready to marry you the 801st time.”


“You can really stir up some trouble. You aren’t here to swindle betrothal gifts, are you?”


[1]: A line attributed to Mengzi (孟子), also known as Mencius, - 男女授受不亲
(nan nu shou shou bu qin).

[2]: 浸猪笼,an illegal punishment popular in Ming and Qing times for adultery.

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