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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 43 Part 1

Tong Yao wasn’t really sound asleep.

-- --To be exact, she didn’t even know when and how she had fallen asleep. In the
beginning, she was just simply watching Lu Sicheng from the bedside until he had
fallen asleep. Seeing him sound in sleep, she started to feel sleepy herself. Finally,
she started to doze off. She thought she would just rest her head on the bed for a
little while since she still needed to get up later to change Lu Sicheng’s wet towel……

Who knew that her improvised actions would create such a troublesome result.

Just as the plants would grow towards the light, Tong Yao, after she had fallen asleep,
automatically looked for a warmer place-- --and at the time, the heat source coming
from the person who had a fever under a warm blanket.

Well, all of this…...was just her educated guess.

Soon after Lu Yue closed the door, Tong Yao woke up to the voices outside the door.
She yawned and opened her eyes in confusion. She was startled to see she was
surrounded by darkness.  Thinking she had gone blind, she subconsciously stretched
out her hands to feel around in a panic. Then she touched a mass of warm and firm muscles.

Tong Yao: “?”

Tong Yao: “..........................................”

Tong Yao became even more panicked: What the hell is going on?

She was surrounded by an unfamiliar, masculine smell. She remained in the same
position as she had woken up, stunned and dazed-- --The man whose chest she had
just groped also woke up once again from the disturbance. Lu Sicheng opened his
eyes in frustration, then he felt something curled up between his arms.

It was a mass of something soft and fuzzy.

And his hand was right on her waistline at the moment.

Lu Sicheng paused for a moment, took his hand away, then calmly lifted the blanket.
He looked down and met another pair of black pupils which were raised up to look at
him-- --The pupils were as innocent as those of a deer that had ran right in front of the
headlights of a car on a highway at night, sparkling yet helpless. Though everyone
would agree that the deer couldn’t blame anyone since it ran onto the highway in the
middle of the night in the first place.

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Tong Yao: “......”

If Tong Yao ever wanted to give herself an award for the most embarrassing moment
of her life, this would be that moment without a doubt.

Tong Yao: “I……”

Before she could say anything, Lu Sicheng put his index finger on his lips to hush her.
She stopped herself and felt his big hand patting her head for a few times. The blanket
was covering both of them again, her surrounding was in darkness again. She heard a
light noise on the doorknob and the door was carefully pushed open from outside.
Tong Yao’s back stiffened.


She heard Lu Sicheng ask in a low voice. His chest vibrated and the sound was right
next to her ear.

The man at the door kept quiet, not quite sure how to respond to Lu Sicheng’s
straightforwardness. After a short pause, the man asked: “Cheng Ge, you’re awake.
I thought you would still be asleep, haha.”

It was Xiao Rui.  

From the tone of his voice, it was obvious that he was asking another question: You
better get up and explain that mass on your bed! ! ! ! ! !

Faced with Xiao Rui, Lu Sicheng only answered with an “oh,” then he lifted the blanket
again. He looked down to the pair of nervous eyes staring back at him, then quietly
pulled the blanket back over.

He reported to the man at the door: “Be quiet. She’s still sleeping.”

Tong Yao used both of her hands to grab his collar, but Lu Sicheng didn’t waver: “Her
bed got dirty and she came over to hunker down at my place. What’s all the fuss about?”

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