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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 42 Part 4

Lu Shicheng finished eating soon afterwards. When he passed by the sofa,
Tong Yao suddenly called him: “Cheng Ge.” He stopped and turned to look
at her from high above. His handsome and aloof face had a look that said:
What’s wrong now?

Tong Yao put down her cell phone, tugged the hem of his top to let him bend
down, then she knelt on the sofa reaching for his forehead: “Do you still have

“You think the medicine you gave me is some sort of miracle drug.”

Tong Yao stood up and pushed him towards the stairs: “Go up, go up. Now it’s
my turn to take care of you.”

“You tummy isn’t hurting anymore?”

“It still hurts.”

“Then stay away from me. I don’t want to see someone rolling on the carpet in
my room with a ghastly pale face.”


The two of them argued about whether the captain needed anyone to take care
of him as they walked upstairs until their voices disappeared inside Lu Sicheng’s
room and the door closed-- --

The base returned to its early quiet.

Tong Yao had left her cell phone behind on the sofa, still broadcasting the stream……

She didn’t forget to bring the hot water bottle though.


That night, when it was close to 12:30 after midnight, the ZGDX base was finally
alive again. The teammates who had been in the event for the whole night were
jumping off the van and rushing back into the base. Little Fatty was at the very
front and shouted: “We’re back with food for you two.” But there was no one at
the first floor of the base when the door opened, it was complete quiet.

Little Fatty hesitated but then thought those two sick people might be sleeping
after they had taken their medicine. He gestured to the others who were following
him-- --

Everyone quieted down considerably.

Little Fatty muttered: “Let me go check on Cheng Ge to see whether he’s feeling
better now.” Then he climbed up the stairs on his tiptoes.

Five seconds later, he dashed out the room as if he was frightened out of his wits.
But he didn’t forget to shut the door.

“......What’s wrong with you?” Lu Yue raised his eyebrows. “Did you see a ghost?”

Little Fatty waved his hands, looking at all the others downstair at a loss…...Under
everyone’s baffled gaze, Lu Yue indifferently said: “It can’t be that my brother is
dead from a cold,” and walked upstairs. He went straight past Little Fatty, opened
the door, and stuck his head into the room. The expression on his face froze the
next second-- --

The black blanket hunched up high on the bed next to the window inside the room.
The man on the bed was soundly asleep facing the door…...The captain of ZGDX
was obviously still alive. What had horrified his teammates was that there was
another person under the blanket nestled against him. That person had her face
buried deep inside the man’s chest with her feet curled up. Her slippers exposed
outside the blanket.

Lu Yue backed away, much calmer than Little Fatty. Without much expression on
his face, he closed the door.

“......What’s wrong?” Xiao Rui raised his eyebrows and asked the same question
as Lu Yue did 30 seconds ago: “Did you see a ghost?”

Lu Yue was quiet for 30 seconds.

Then he spoke: “It’s more horrible than a ghost.”

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