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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 42 Part 2

Still in shock, Tong Yao pulled out her cell phone-- --

[ZGDX/Smiling: …………………..Oh, no. Cheng Ge is actually gay!]

[ZGDX/Smiling: Or he really dislikes people!]

After a few seconds, Jinyang sent her reply, a very calm reply-- --

[Ah Mao’s mom: How so?]

[ZGDX/Smiling: He said he’ll find a person who plays games better than
him to fall in love!]

[Ah Mao’s mom: ……]

[Ah Mao’s mom: Does Miracle Nikki count?]

[ZGDX/Smiling: ……]

[Ah Mao’s mom: He didn’t say better in which game.]

Speechless, Tong Yao put away her phone and sat down on the sofa waiting
for the porridge to cook. Once she was idle, her tummy started to hurt again-- --
She changed positions at least ten times within ten minutes on the sofa, sitting,
lying, on top of her stomach and couldn’t get into a comfortable position no matter
what she did. In the end, she gave up trying and collapsed on the sofa and started
to watch streams on her phone……

As a faithful fan, Tong Yao was watching the retired ADC Smiling’s stream.
Though he had retired for 3 years, he still played like a professional, rarely
missed any minion…...Oh, right, she had heard that this Smiling was an esports
pager before; he would constantly page his support during competition-- --

It was a totally different style from Lu Sicheng.

After playing a competition match with Lu Sicheng, Tong Yao discovered that
he really didn’t talk much during the game. Aside from giving out some commands,
he usually just quietly conducted his own business and listened to the constant
chatter among other teammates……

Or he might have blocked the chat channel and wasn’t listening at all.

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao’s mind drifted away as she watched the stream.

It wasn’t until the Smiling in the phone cried out because he had missed a siege
minion that Tong Yao was startled out of her daydreaming. Her hand jerked and
the cell phone fell from her hand on top of her nose. Tong Yao screeched with
pain and covered her face. At the same time, a door upstairs opened-- --

Lu Sicheng walked out of his room frowning, with a sleepy face and messed
up hair…...He stood on the second floor looking down and asked in a cold
voice: “What’s wrong?”

Tong Yao wiped away the tears of pain and raised her head: “What? What’s
going on? Why are you up? You’re not sleeping anymore? The porridge isn’t
ready yet……”

“What was that screaming about?”

“......I was watching a stream.”

Lu Sicheng’s expression became icier. Tong Yao bent down to pick up her
phone: “Am I bothering you? I’m sorry, I’ll turn down the volume even lower.
You go back sleep.” In reality, the volume was very low to begin with, she
couldn’t understand how Lu Sicheng could have such sharp ears……

“Never mind.”

With Lu Sicheng’s cold voice, Tong Yao muted her phone after a bit of
hesitation. Lu Sicheng walked down from the second floor and passed by
Tong Yao. He noticed her messed up hair and pale, bluish face.

He paused and suddenly said: “I thought you had burned yourself from
the porridge.”

“What?” Tong Yao was stunned and raised her head with a smile: “How can
it be possible? I’m not that-- --”

When Lu Sicheng turned to look at her with his expressionless dark brown
pupils, Tong Yao swallowed what she was about to say: I’m not that clumsy.
She fell silent and embarrassingly rubbed her nose tip……

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