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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 4 Part 2

Half an hour later, Tong Yao shifted her attention back to the stage when the members of both teams entered the arena.

The lights died except for the spotlights that were focused on the center of the stage. The finals opened with the host introducing the records of the current season of both teams. Then the players of both teams walked up from either side of the stage-- --In the middle of the stage was the trophy for the spring season finals. The ten players from both CK and ZGDX teams stood in front of the trophy, bowing and waving to the fans in the audience……

A great roar instantly arose from the audience!

“Ahhhhh, Cheng Ge, Cheng Ge!”

“Marry me, Cheng Ge!”

“Ming god, get another championship!”

“Yang god’s invincible! Both jungles are Yang’s jungle”

The fans, both male and female, next to Tong Yao screamed at the top of their lungs, yelling the names of their favorite players. Everyone jumped up and down excitedly, their faces turning red from screaming-- --

Tong Yao squinted to glance at Jian Yang who was standing further away from her. He had a perm, got taller and skinnier. The red and black uniform fitted him well. He was looking quite handsome and smiled brightly with confidence……

Tong Yao felt blinded by his bright smile and turned to look at her future teammates-- --

The top, Cat, had red hair and looked very young. He had a silly smile and continuously blew kisses to the fans in the audience.

The jungler, Old K, wasn’t old at all. He was tall, pale skinned, and of average weight. He was so beautiful someone could mistaken him for a girl and looked as young as a highschooler. He was talking to the person next to him in high spirits.

The one who was talking with Old K was the current mid, Ming. He was the oldest member of ZGDX. At the moment, his eyebrows were slightly knitted and looked absent-minded.

Next to Ming god was the ADC, Lu Sicheng, Chessman, the captain of ZGDX, and the “Cheng Ge” whom a lot of people wanted to marry.  When the light shone on him, it showed an expressionless face-- --even with a face like that, the audience still went wild for him-- --even the fans sitting at the CK area all shouted his name.

Next to Cheng Ge was the support, Little Fatty. A chubby guy with a happy face-- --He had said in an interview that when playing game, bot became his very own talk show and sometimes he didn’t know whether Cheng Ge had blocked his voice or not……

Right at that moment,

The music became heated. Tong Yao also grew excited as the players started to walk over to the ten computers at the back of the stage……

The background board behind the computers lit up.

To the left was the red and black logo of “CK”. The audience on the left side began to stomp, scream, and cheer.

To the right was the blue and white logo of the “ZGDX” which looked a little comical…...But the people surrounding Tong Yao didn’t mind it as they started shouting and yelling in an attempt to drown out the other side-- --

After the players sat down in front of their respective computers, the two commentators, at the back of the audience, began to talk. The players hadn’t put on their soundproof earphones yet. They looked much more comfortable than when they were standing in front of everyone and began to drink water and chat……

Then, the camera moved towards the audience. The big screen in the middle of the arena, which would be broadcasted live, first showed the people at the back rows who were jumping like monkeys, then the camera slowly moved forward-- --

[Our LoL League Competition has attracted more and more attentions in the past two years. Let me give you an example, I have been commentating for the LPL finals for three years now. The audience has grown from only a few people to the full house that you see today. I’m especially happy about that.]

[That’s right. Especially since we can see so many female players joining us. A few years ago, only boys played this game…...maybe, I mean maybe, we will see a female professional player on the LPL stage in a year or two.]

[Hahahaha, I’ll be looking forward to it……]

As the two chatted, the camera moved closed to the area where Tong Yao was sitting. Some girls saw their faces show up on the large screen and bashfully covered their faces with their hands-- --

The camera turned to a couple. They were stunned at first, then they remembered that “couples on screen have to kiss each other” at esports games. The girl smilingly pulled her boyfriend over and gave him a big kiss. The audience burst into laughter and applause. The commentators followed suit-- --

At last, the camera showed Tong Yao.

When she saw her own big face show up on the screen, Tong Yao’s first thought was “oh no,” then she remembered: luckily, she had washed her hair this morning.

Instead of covering her face like those girls earlier, Tong Yao didn’t cover her face. She gave a big smile and waved at the camera-- --

Therefore, her silly face with big white teeth occupied that large screen for about 15 seconds.

The commentator also teased, [This girl is very sociable. Ai, actually, I don’t understand. All the girls in the audience are all very pretty, why do they cover their face when the camera’s on them……]

The other commentator was about to say something, but suddenly paused for a moment. Then he said, [I’ve just received unexpected news. There seems to be a problem with CK Yang god’s equipment……]

[What problem?]

[I don’t know. It seems that water has gotten into his equipment…...I guess he probably spilled some water?]

The audience was silent for three seconds, then burst out laughing.

The fans of the CK stood up one after another to see what had happened. Tong Yao heard some fangirls saying “Yang god spilled water, so cute.” She had to rolled her eyes and looked over at her ex-boyfriend. His head was lowered, vigorously wiping the computer table with napkins……

There were a lot of commotion on the CK side. They questioned him in voices that only could be heard on stage-- --

“Damn, Yang god, did you see a ghost? You even got some coffee on my screen.”

The top of CK, Come Good Luck, was flabbergasted-- --He had just seen Jian Yang drink coffee, then when he turned to the large screen, coffee spat all out of his mouth.

“Shit, I really did see a ghost.” Jian Yang said with a gloomy face. He threw the napkins into the waste basket which a staff member had brought over. “Hasn’t the school abroad already start? Why is she here in Shanghai?”


“Someone important.”


Translated by Team DHH at

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