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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 4 Part 1

The 2016 LoL Spring Tournament Finals was the next day.

Tong Yao got up early in the morning. When she saw the two empty water bottles, she cursed the person who had stolen her water yesterday-- --she had put it on such a high shelf! That person must have eyes like a hawk! Why didn’t the person come to play professionally if he had such good eyesight?!

After she brushed her teeth and washed her face, she saw the WeChat message from the team manager informing her that the team was going to go to the arena soon and asked if she wanted to go with them……

Tong Yao saw her reflection in the mirror, with messy hair, pale face, and black circles under her eyes. It wouldn’t be good if her new teammates got so scared by her appearance that it negatively affected their performance-- --she grinned sheepishly and replied to the manager, “It’s not far from here. I’ll walk over myself.” Afraid of being labeled as lazy, she jumped into the bathroom to shower and wash her hair……

An hour later, Tong Yao was in front of the gate of the arena and joined the long line to go in.

There were a couple of young men, dressed like normal college students, about twenty years old in front of her. Before them, there were a group of girls carrying bags full of hundreds of blue and white banners. Since CK’s team logo was in red and black, Tong Yao assumed that they were the fans of her new employer. Several girls held smaller glow in the dark boards in their hands and placards with cartoon images of Lu Sicheng, Ming god, and other members of her new team. The girls were chatting excitedly about the coming game-- --

“Are these girls coming to watch the game or a Korean pop concert?” The guy in front of Tong Yao whispered in complaint to his friend. “I’m so tired of these fangirls, as if they were chasing after those Korean stars in the esports world. They probably haven’t even reached level 30 yet. They would scream at any combo of abilities from those players……”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s the same when I watch streams. They even scream ‘don’t kill him’. Shit, I can’t stand it-- --”

“It’s a man’s game, I don’t know what these girls are excited about…...they probably don’t even know all the heroes? Someone in Gold is probably good enough for them. The other day while I was watching a game, a girl from behind me asked what mid was. I almost fainted!”

The guy suddenly turned around to take a look as if he was afraid of being overheard. He met a pair of round black eyes. He was startled then realized that the one behind him was also a girl-- --

A girl with short hair, wearing a cap, t-shirt, pants, and slippers was staring at him as if he was some sort of alien.

Both of them were ill at ease.

“We’re all fans coming to watch the game. I don’t think anyone is better than the others?” Tong Yao cleared her throat and raised her hands to clarify, “First of all, I know what mid is. It’s the one who takes the middle lane.”

Young man A, “......”

Young man B, “Aiya, we are not talking about all the girls. Just some of them…...hey, which server do you play on?”

Tong Yao, “I’m on Chinese server one, Ionia.”

Young man B, “Server one! I’m on five…...Chinese server, so you play on the Korean server too?”

Tong Yao, “Yeah.”

Because she had reached the top of her server.

And it was top Chinese server.

The young man A rolled his eyes. “What rank on the Korean server?”

Tong Yao smiled, “Challenger. I just got it recently.”

Then she saw the two men were stunned into silence. They exchanged a look and then started laughing at the same time. There was an obvious look of contempt in the young man A’s eyes…...Afterwards, they stopped chatting with Tong Yao and turned back to “whisper” with a voice loud enough for Tong Yao to hear-- --

“Hahahahaha, she said she’s a challenger on the Korean server!”

“I don’t even know what to say after such a bluff. She probably hasn’t even downloaded the game yet. Korean server, she should Baidu what exactly a challenger is at the Korean server before saying such a thing……”

“Well, I sure don’t know what to say about these fangirls.”

Tong Yao touched her face and thought that she probably didn’t have a “I’m a master” face? Why did everyone question her?

Fortunately, the line finally began moving. Tong Yao finally didn’t have to listen to the questioning of the two men in front of her. After she entered the arena, she walked directly to the location on her ticket-- --

Since the ticket was from the team, the seat was in the inner circle, quite close to the stage. After she sat down, she noticed that the girls with banners and placards were sitting not too far away from her…...One of the girls was getting ready to distribute the banners. When she passed by Tong Yao, she smiled and whispered, “Thanks for standing up for us.”

Err, so they had heard it?

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing.” Tong Yao shook her hand. “I just wasn’t happy hearing them talk about it as just a man’s game. Just because they have a dong, doesn’t mean it helps them play the game any better......Besides, look at all these things you have prepared for the game. No matter what, you care more than those picky guys. I think those players would be really happy to see what you’ve done for them.”

“En, I hope so.” The girl rolled up her hair and smiled helplessly. “I saw on the Baidu fan page that Ming god is going to retire. I’ve followed him all over the place to watch him in competitions and I even reached diamond rank from being lower than level 30 myself. It may well be the last game today. If Ming god retires, I won’t play the game anymore.”


“I’ll go distribute the banners.” The girl pulled out a banner and handed it to Tong Yao. “You’re probably China Telecom’s fan as well to sit in this area. Here’s a banner for you.”

“Oh.” Tong Yao examined the well-made banner. “How much?”  She asked, reaching into her purse.

The other girls in the front all broke out into giggles. One of them turned around and spoke before the banner girl could, “We’re giving these to the fans for free! Make sure you cheer louder later on!”

Tong Yao felt quite embarrassed and put her purse away. That banner girl had already run to the back to hand out banners-- --

Watching the long haired, slender back of the girl who carried a heavy bag up the steps, Tong Yao was mesmerized. She only had one thought: these girls were simply lovely! It would be quite blessed as a professional player to be loved by these girls! What was wrong with those guys!

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