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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 38 Part 2

“How can he play looking like this?” Tong Yao turned to ask Xiao Rui as
he followed her onto the car.

“Even if he’s a corpse, he’ll be carried up to the front of the computer as
long as he isn’t dead cold.” Xiao Rui spoke without much expression on his
face. “It’s all his fault, not taking cold medicine.”

Lu Sicheng heard their nagging, lazily raised his eyelids, defiantly glanced
over them, and said, “Shut up.”

Xiao Rui: “After the match tonight, there’s an event being hosted by a media
company that we have to go to.”

Lu Sicheng frowned and turned his body in the other direction. His whole face
was concealed in the shadow: “Not going.”

His answer was expected. Xiao Rui rolled his eyes towards the direction of
Lu Sicheng as if to say: So we won’t be going. You’re one of the bosses,
whatever you say.

During the time they were talking, the rest of the team arrived at the car and
they were soon heading to the competition stadium.


When they arrived at the stadium, the staff there checked their keyboards and
mouses. Then they went up to the dressing room to rest and put on makeup.

“I don’t want any makeup, it feels bad.”

It was the captain refusing to cooperate. However, his skin was in good condition
and he looked good, it didn’t make much difference whether he had makeup on or
not. Besides, he was unusually quiet today, no one had the courage to say otherwise.  
Nobody bothered to put makeup on him.

Tong Yao sat in the chair to get her makeup without any fuss. After she was done,
it was about 15 minutes before the opening ceremony. She had a slight stomach
ache and went to the bathroom, but nothing came out. It made her suspect that she
was so nervous that she was constipated. She shared her doubts to her best friend,
but only received laughter.

Tong Yao was on her cell phone all the way from the bathroom back to ZGDX’s
dressing room-- --

Since it was the opening ceremony tonight, all players from all the teams were
there in the stadium. On the way, Tong Yao passed by many professional players,
some she knew and some she didn’t. They all looked at her with curiosity, some
with praise…...certainly there were others looking down at her……

Tong Yao didn’t care about all this.

There was no point minding them now, as long as she could play well enough to
beat them all.

After she returned to the dressing room, the opening ceremony began. Each team
lined up to walk in. The hallway to the arena was lined with carpet with photographers
by the sides taking pictures. Tong Yao followed jungler Old K into the stadium.  It
didn't’ feel like she wasn’t going to a competition but rather the Oscars-- --

She slightly tucked in her chin, straightened up…...and prayed that no one could
hear her pounding heartbeats as if her heart was going to jump out of her chest!

ZGDX and CK were the last two teams to go in. They were standing on opposite
sides of the stage. In between, the stage was divided into two halves with 5 computers
on each side. Tong Yao and her teammates stood on the right side of the stage, next
to the computers…...At this moment, no one realize that ZGDX’s mid, casting her eyes
downward with no facial expressions, was actually shouting inside of her-- --

“The cheers are so loud”;

“Do we have more fans or does CK”;

“Is there anyone shouting my name? It doesn’t seem so”;

“Is there anyone holding a support sign for me? It doesn’t seem so either”;

“I don’t have any fans”;

“That guy who wants to propose to me, why don’t you call out my name now. Do you
think I’ll say yes to your later on if you don’t”;

“Why am I standing here”;

“My stomach, my stomach hurts even more now”;

“Help, I want to go to bathroom”;


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