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Inside the spiritual barrier, Wuyou could sense the little flying serpent's worry. The little flying serpent was worried for Xiao Qi's safety. The Wolf King had used the ancient art of the wolf pack and blocked Xiao Qi's blow. Wuyou's divine consciousness departed. She hoped that she would be able to call the Ancient Spirit, allowing her divine consciousness to lead her.

"Your Excellency Ancient Spirit's waited for you for long."

"I know."

Wuyou followed Little Flame Spirit closely, hoping that she would be able to meet His Excellency Ancient Spirit sooner and be able to save Xiao Qi in time.

She could hear the sound of flowing water. Pleasant sounding music floated from the spiritual valley. His Excellency Ancient Spirit flew on the clouds toward Wuyou. Little Flame Spirit welcomed him respectfully while Wuyou knelt on the floor.

"Little Fox has a favor to ask of you."

"Get up and speak."

Jiangyu had found out long ago that his granddaughter had been disfigured in a plot by someone nefarious. This had all happened because of Chidi. The Wolf King was just the claws of Chidi. His granddaughter's insides were being eaten by the poison, and she would not be able to last long even with the protection of the Ancient Spirit.

"Bring the Migu here."


"Litte Fox wants to borrow ten times of Spirit Power. I ask of this from Your Excellency."

"Little Fox is not afraid of dying?"

"My friend is in trouble. How can I abandon him?"

"Using your Spirit Power by force will cause your tendons to self destruct. You will lose your Spirit Power."

Little Flame Spirit brought the Migu. Jiangyu waved his spiritual finger, and the Migu entered Wuyou's soul.

"This is Migu. It can only lock on to the soul for the time it takes to burn a stick of incense. Remember that... remember that."

Jiangyu floated in mid-air. He released the Ancient Spirit and when the spirit whirled around his finger, Jiangyu placed his palms on Wuyou's spiritual cap.

Little Flame Spirit was surprised. It seemed that His Excellency, the Ancient Spirit wanted to give his millennium old Spirit Power to his granddaughter. An endless stream of Spirit Power flowed into Wuyou's soul.

Jiangyu felt tired. He waved and signaled to Wuyou to leave quickly. Little Flame Spirit looked at His Excellency Ancient Spirit and knew that his master was about to fall into the deep sleep once more.

The soul had flown into Wuyou's body. She only had one stick of incense of time. Her body was changing. The moving Ancient Spirit was roaring. Wuyou flew into the spiritual barrier. The little flying serpent flew after her. Xiao Qi wrenched out of the Wolf King's grasp and flew toward Wuyou.

"Xiaoyao, do you know you'll die if you do this?"

"Xiao Qi, killing Wuyou's enemy is Wuyou's business."

Jiang Wuyou knew that she owed Xiao Qi a favor. She turned and headed for the Wolf King. She thought of her father, Xu Linghe, the Teal Hill and Uncle Jiefei who had passed away. The burning Spirit Power rushed at the Wolf King. The spray of Spirit Power lit up the path. Power erupted from her body and shot at the Wolf King like flying arrows.

The blast wave spread and caused the ground to break open. The Wolf King was firmly constrained by spiritual power. His body was collapsing. Wuyou's thunderbolt cut through the Wolf King's body. Xiao Qi had never seen such powerful Spirit Power. It was like an act of God that shocked the world.

The Wolf King looked at the bloody hole in his chest. The devil women had taken his spirit.


Wuyou held the spirit tightly in her spiritual finger. The Wolf King knew that he would most likely not be able to escape this. However, he could not die in peace.

"If you let me go, I'll tell you a secret."

"Tell me. If you don't, I'll eat your spirit."

"Chidi was the one who ordered me to destroy the Teal Hill."

"My Uncle Jiefei?"

"That was also a plot of Chidi."

"Jiang Yu is your grandfather, and he was also killed in Chidi's plot. Do you want to know how your father died? Chidi made me take the soul and then transform into the Teal Hill's Demon Sealing Platform."

"Is it? What benefit did Chidi give you so that you'd put in so much effort in destroying my home, kill my citizens and my father? You didn't even let my Uncle Jiefei go."


The Wolf King wanted power. In the dog eat dog world, one could only live with dignity when they had power. He would even sell his soul for his wants. Wuyou used all her strength, and until the spirit turned into ashes. The Wolf King did not dare to believe that he would die in the hands of the fox. Wuyou rolled up her sleeves and flew down.

"Miss, look. There's fire at the back of the mountain."

The servant pointed in the west where the light of the fire could be seen. He was somewhat curious.

It seemed that something major had happened. Di Li flew to the west. There were burned trees everywhere. There were traces of experts fighting here. The stone house before her eyes had been razed to flat ground. Who had such powerful Spirit Power that could make an entire mountain collapse?

"Miss, there are dead people here."

The servant backed away, so afraid that he hid behind Di Li.

"Useless, go and see who died."

Even though the servant was afraid of dead people, he was more afraid of her mistress. He moved and walked toward the crater carefully. When he flipped the body around, Xu Linghe who had come along was shocked. Wasn't that the Wolf King? He had been killed by someone with one strike. There was a hole in his chest. It looked like someone had taken his spirit. It must definitely be an expert who had killed the Wolf King in one strike.

Xu Linghe checked his surroundings but there was no one suspicious. Just as Xu Linghe was perplexed, a familiar voice came from afar.

Han Chiyou's voice slid through the night sky. Xu Linghe's heart clenched. He followed the sound. When he saw Jiang Wuyou in Xiao Qi's embrace, he snapped.

What happened to my little woman? Her face was badly disfigured, and she did not appear beautiful and elegant anymore. Who had been so evil?

Xu Linghe wanted to hug his little woman right now, but his floating soul caught a light.

"Sister, don't leave Chiyou behind."

Han Chiyou held Wuyou and wailed.

"Xiaoyou is a big girl. Take care of mother when I am not around."

"Sister is the eldest daughter. You have to be filial."

Han Chiyou threw a tantrum, hoping that her sister would not leave her behind.

"Chiyou, sister will not leave mother and you. Even if I'm no longer around, my soul will guard the both of you."

Wuyou knew that she was dying. She was really leaving this time.

"Xiao Qi, take me to the Xu Manor. Even if it is just a passing glance. I'm dying and I'm afraid I won't make it."

Xu Linghe's heart broke. If he could do it over again, he would not let the little woman wait for too long. He would put down all his responsibilities and live only for the little woman selfishly. But it was all too late. His hug turned into an extravagant want.

"Listen up, Xiaoyao. I, Xiao Qi, will not let you die even if I have to give up all my Spirit Power. You have to live well. You have to live for those who love you. Linghe would not be able live if you die."

"Xiao Qi, I saw Linghe. He's lying on the icy cold ground and is bleeding all over. He told me to wait for him and said we would get married again. He said that I would not have to worry for life..."

Wuyou looked at the direction where the Xu Manor was. Her body was completely wrecked. Even though she had the protection of the Ancient Spirit, it was almost gone. The poison sped up in eating her up. Wuyou could not see anything. She was only supporting herself by her obsession. It was hard to meet the person she was waiting for again in this life.

Xiao Qi knew that that person was in her heart. Even if Xiaoyao died, she would not forget Xu Linghe. Xiaoyao had left a holy land in her heart for Xu Linghe. No matter how much he loved Xiaoyao, he could only guard her silently.

"Why is Brother Lin here?"

Di Li hurried over. She only wanted a shoulder to lean on at this moment. She wanted to cry after witnessing that moment. That woman really loved Brother Xu deeply. She had been disfigured and her tendons and veins had been destroyed. Yet, she did not forget Brother Xu. She did not dare to meet the man she loved because of her ugly appearance.

"Brother Lin, do you see that woman? She is Brother Xu's love. She's been disfigured and is about to die."

"What did you say?"

A coldness filled his heart and his eyes felt sore and could not keep open. He did not know how to tell his sister-in-law that her man was gone. And he could not let Di Li know that her dearest brother had killed Xu Linghe.

"Sister-in-law, don't blame Xiaosa for being cruel. I just want Xiaoli to live happily."

"Isn't grand disciple returning to Kunlun?"

A gold light shimmered across the sky. Xu Linghe was caught up by a large hand. Shenzong kept his grand disciple's soul and took off far away.

"Xiaoli, go back to the North Desert with me, alright? Let's leave Qi Kingdom and lead a life that we want to live."

"Brother Xiaosa, I don't want to leave my brother. Xiaoli's home is where my brother is."

The girl in front of him was as pure as a blank sheet of paper. Lin Xiaosa did not dare to imagine how sad Xiaoli would be if she discovered that the brother she respected most had turned into a devil.

He could not let that happen. Even if he had to go against Di Qing, he had to take Xiaoli away with him, leaving this evil country. Little Blacky had died, and Linghe had gone.

Di Qing was no longer his brother. He had been in cahoots with Chidi and killed Xu Linghe for royal power.

"Brother Xiaosa, I will miss my brother, and I will miss you if you leave. If I leave with you, my brother will be sad."

"Leave with me."

"Xiaosa, where are you taking my little sister?"

"Brother, why are you here. Your little sister was taken captive by that demoness for some days and I did not see you then. Is the sky raining treasure today for you to remember me?"

"Xiaosa, I'll say the bad things first. If you want to marry Li, you have to enter court with me."

"Brother, you cannot force Brother Xiaosa. Have you forgotten that Lin Xiaosa is not interested in this?"

"There are things you do not know, little sister. I am about to become the Emperor. I don't have much support and need people, right, Xiaosa? Let's speak."

"I, Lin Xiaosa, am most afraid of the dangers in court."

"Let's speak somewhere else, Xiaosa."

Di Qing shooed away the guards and found a quiet and secluded spot. There were some things that could not be said in front of Di Li. He was afraid that Xiaoli would hate him.

His only family in the world was Di Li. No matter how cold-blooded he was, he did not want Di Li to know how cold and vicious he was. Lin Xiaosa followed Di Qing closely.

"Xiaosa, you cannot blame me for Linghe's death. Chidi wanted the mortal instrument. I was forced to do it."

"I, Lin Xiaosa saw with my own eyes that you killed Xu Linghe. Could this be false?"

"Forget this incident if you want to see Di Li every day. If you speak wildly and let Xiaoli know about this, I'll make sure you'll never get to see her again."

There was a couple sitting in the forest not far away. The man was Xiao Qi, the Emperor of the Fairy Kingdom. The woman was Wuyou, Xiaoyao of the Teal Hill. Di Qing's words were a shock to them as Xiao Qi tried to save Wuyou's life. Wuyou was heartbroken.


The valley echoed with bleakness, and the weakened body fell heavily. Xiao Qi held up Xiaoyao. The news of his cousin's death had crushed Xiaoyao as if it were the last straw. Xiaoyao had to return to the Fairy Kingdom.

"Xiaoyou, Granny Yue of the Fairy Kingdom can neutralize the poison in your sister. Time is tight. You stay in Qi Kingdom and wait for your mother to come. We will meet again after some time."

"Sister won't die."

Xiao Qi nodded when he looked at the girl's determined gaze.

"Who is it? Who's there Come out."

Lin Xiaosa was surprised. His sister-in-law who should have left long ago was being carried by a man. He had met the person once in Joy Hall.

"Since you've heard everything, then leave your lives behind."

Di Qing sized up the man in front of him. This person did not look like a mortal and had extremely high Spirit Power. He was like a deity. The man was hugging a woman whom Di Qing felt looked familiar. (They met before at Jiangnan inn) However, he could not remember who she was.

Lin Xiaosa saw that Di Qing did not behave strangely and felt reassured. It seemed that Di Qing did not recognize his sister-in-law. If he knew that the woman was Linghe's wife, he would definitely get rid of her so that there will not be problems in the future.

Xiao Qi secretly gathered his Spirit Power and while Di Qing was careless, he was forced several feet away. Xiao Qi gathered up Wuyou and rushed up into the sky. Han Chiyou who was hiding in the grass looked at the figures in the sky and clasped her hand tightly to her mouth. Tears flowed from her eyes onto the grass. She felt waves of sadness as she watched her sister leave far away. Indeed! When would their family meet again?

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