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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 33 Part 3

In contrast to the fuss caused by the male team members, the only
female member worked in harmony with the makeup artist. They
spent a lot of time deciding the color of the foundation. By the time
Tong Yao got her foundation on, the others had already had their
makeup on and hair done…...Since they would start with individual
portraits first, the staff figured that by the time the others finished their
individual pictures, Tong Yao would be done with her makeup. There
was no need to rush her. The staff hurried the others into the studio
and reminded Tong Yao to notice the time before closing the door……

“Rui Ge, where have you put the uniforms?”

“They’re in the bag on the sofa.”

“Where’s the dressing room?”

“At the corner. Well, just find a place to change, there’s no one
else here.”


Tong Yao thought: That makes sense.

Her other teammates went into the studio and proceeded to have
their pictures taken-- --

Usually, men didn’t have much concern about how their pictures
were taken. They just walked up and struck a few poses according
to the photographer’s instructions. After the individual picture, they
would randomly be grouped with 2 or 3 other teammates to take
more pictures……

Xiao Rui knelt behind the photographer to check the pictures. He
sighed while looking, “Tsk, tsk, tsk, our team is really the esports
team of male models! Even Little Fatty is the most handsome among
all the overweight people!”

“You said this last year.” Little Fatty had just finished taking a group
picture with their Bot. Lu Sicheng walked over to take look at the
pictures in the camera and asked, “What time is it now? Is it time to
take the team picture?”

“Yeah? What time is it? Why isn’t our only girl here yet?” Xiao Rui
checked his watch. “Is she going to make herself into Wu Zetian?”

“Women like to dawdle.”

When they say they’re going out, it means they have to wash their
hair, blow dry their hair, put on makeup, match an outfit with their
handbag and shoes, spray perfume……

“Well said. Cheng Ge, go get her.”


“She’s afraid of you. You show your face, she’ll be here in no time.”


Lu Sicheng looked at his watch, it was getting late. He reluctantly
nodded and walked towards the makeup room under everyone’s gaze.


Inside the makeup room, Tong Yao was checking her eyelashes in
front of the mirror. The makeup artist was gathering her things, stuffing
them back into her cosmetic case, and said, “They should be done with
their individual photos, they should be looking for you soon……”

“Ah, I’ll be over. I’ll go change into uniform.”

“Alright, you go ahead. I’ll go over there to check it out for you. If it’s
almost time for your turn, I’ll come back to get you.”

“Alright, alright, thanks.”

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