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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 33 Part 2

The next morning, Tong Yao got up to take a shower and wash her
hair. She put on a newly bought pair of underwear. When she came
downstairs, her teammates were waiting. They were all wearing their
own clothes-- --Xiao Rui had collected their uniforms yesterday so they
wouldn’t wrinkle the uniforms on the car trip to the studio. He instructed
them to change into the uniforms as they were getting their makeup.

“Another summer season!” Old Cat stretched and patted Old K’s shoulder.
“Hopefully, we can qualify for the world finals again this year.”

“On the day when we are sure of getting into the world finals, I’ll lock all
of you up.” Xiao Rui muttered while hurrying them to get into the van,
“Until the day you board the plane, none of you can get out and make
trouble for me.”

Little Fatty: “I’ll file a complaint to the fans that you’re illegally keeping
us locked up and let them punish you.”

Xiao Rui sneered, “Go ahead. Maybe they’re thinking the same thing
and happily bought me a safety lock and threw the key into the Pacific Ocean.”

Lu Yue heard the conversation without much embarrassment. He
cleared his throat and touched the tip of his nose to get on the van,
taking a seat right next to Tong Yao…...Tong Yao moved slightly inside,
her shoulder accidentally hit Lu Sicheng as he was playing a game on
his cell phone. He paused and turned to look at her. They were very close
to each other, Tong Yao winked her eye and asked, “Crowded?”

Lu Sicheng: “......En.”

Tong Yao quickly followed up, “It won’t be crowded if Lu Yue get off.”

Lu Yue sneered, “I’m still your alternate even if I’m not in the picture. The
name list has already been turned in. Forget about it you child.”

Tong Yao used her shoulder to bump him and he used his elbow to strike
back. Lu Sicheng could feel the two persons next to him moving restlessly.
With his eyes still on the cell phone, he said, “Get off the van if you two plan
to keep bickering, go to the studio on your own.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Yue: “......”

They instantly quieted down.

It took an hour to get to the studio. After they got off the van, they went
into the dressing room as a group-- --The makeup artists waiting inside
the room started to do their hair, apply foundation, and argue with all the
men about whether to put on eyeliner or lipsticks-- --

Old Cat: “No eyeliner, it looks weird.”

Makeup artist A: “Are you sure? Rui Ge, come take a look. Doesn’t
Old Cat look much more spirited with the eyeliner?”

Old Cat: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “The foundation is too thick.”

Makeup artist B: “Oh, really? Let me see, let me see. It’s true, I’ll take
some off. Cheng Ge, you have good skin.”

Lu Sicheng: “Oh.”

Old K: “Eh, what the heck is with this lipstick! A man doesn’t need it!”

Makeup artist C: “K god, don’t talk to your sister this way.”

Old K: “Can’t I go without lipstick?”

Makeup artist C: “No. Don’t move, you need a little lipstick otherwise
you would look pale later.”

Little Fatty: “I don’t need to do my eyebrows, do I? I have handsome
looking eyebrows.”

Makeup artist D: “They’re handsome looking but they’re uneven.
Haven’t you discovered that?”

Little Fatty: “Really?”

Makeup artist D: “Yes.”

Lu Yue: “I don’t want makeup.”

Makeup artist E: “You have to.”

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