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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 25 Part 2

Xiao Rui couldn’t response to Lu Sicheng’s questions. He scratched
his head in frustration, raised his messy head in dejection. “Cheng Ge,
I was wrong. I shouldn’t have accepted TAT’s invitation and fallen in their

Lu Sicheng fixed his eyes on the team manager for awhile, then he chuckled,
“I told you you’d apologize.”

“......Now isn’t the time to talk about that, right?” Xiao Rui was going crazy,
“Now what should I do? Should I turn down the skirmish? Or should I give
Tong Yao preventive inoculation?”

Lu Sicheng shrugged, indicating that he couldn’t be of any help: If I had known
earlier, I would’ve stopped you.

Xiao Rui was on the edge of a break down!

Xiao Rui was about to say something, but stopped by Lu Sicheng who gestured
him not to talk. He seemed to have noticed something, turning around to walk to
the window-- --The curtain was closed tightly, yet there was a large shadow of mass
which was pressed down on the window behind the curtain……

Lu Sicheng pulled the window open without any facial expression.

The mass which was pressed closely against the window cried out as she fell out
behind the curtain-- --almost falling out of the window. The man swiftly held the person
with the cat in her arms steady, preventing her from falling onto the ground.

Tong Yao’s head pumped into the man’s solid chest. She was stunned, reacting a few
seconds later to throw the cat away and get up-- --

“Are you having fun?”

Lu Sicheng, stone-faced, looked at the girl who had gotten off the sofa and was standing
at attention next to it.

“What?” Tong Yao forced herself to act calmly, pulling her hair behind her ears. “I’m tired
of playing matches and was playing with my cell phone against the window. Why did you
open the window suddenly, I almost fell out!”

“There’s a sofa you don’t sit on and lean against the window?” Lu Sicheng obviously
didn’t want to play games with her. “How much have you overheard?”

“I didn’t eavesdrop…… I just heard a little bit.”  Tong Yao used two fingers to stress just
how small.  “You said I have good skills, good awareness, is optimistic, and working hard,
someone that’s hard to find……”

Tong Yao couldn’t help cracking out a smile while talking, “And I’m a gem.”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Tong Yao cleared her throat and toned down her silly smile. “So is it true?’


Lu Sicheng thought she was asking about the things she heard about the TAT Mid…...
He didn’t expect that the girl raised her finger to point at herself, with shining eyes, “What
you said about me, gem, and all that.”


Tong Yao was speaking in a loud voice, so all the people at the base heard it. Ming god
who was sitting on the sofa paused the video he was watching-- --Everyone turned their
heads at the same time to see a dumbstrucked girl standing in front of the window and
the young man standing outside the window.

Little Fatty: “What’s going on here? You two just cleared the gossip and now you are
praising her like a gem and star?”

Ming god: “......What are you two doing standing one outside and one inside? Romeo
and Juliet?”

Old Cat: “I’ve been your teammate for these many years, Cheng Ge, you never praise
me like this.”

Old K: “You better wake up…...By the way, Cheng Ge, it’s too much, really.”

Lu Sicheng was silent for awhile, then he tried to explain, “It’s not like that.”

However, everyone at the base didn’t change the way they looked at him. Three seconds
later, the man gave up, “Alright, whatever. I’m surrounded by a bunch of idiots.”

He turned around to walk away, Little Fatty added behind him, “Yo, you’re bashful? Has
the glacier melted? The iron tree has bloomed? A dried up tree has come back to life…..
Tsk, tsk, tsk.”


Tong Yao truly didn’t hear what Lu Sicheng had told Xiao Rui. But, later on, both Xiao Rui
and Lu Sicheng had separately talked with her, telling her that TAT’s Mid might do some
mean things to destroy her confidence.

Xiao Rui told her about what had happened to Niu god and warned her that the other side
might use the same trick in the coming skirmish to defeat her with the champion she was
famous for-- --

Lu Sicheng was more direct, “It’s not too late to refuse the skirmish. No one will laugh at you.
It’s shameful to evade, but it works.”

Tong Yao shook her head to Lu Sicheng’s suggestion, refusing to run away.

At the time, she thought she might be able to enforce justice for others. She was very
optimistic: If she was to face this person someday, then it’s no use to avoid him now. If she’s
defeated now, it’s better than to be defeated in a more important competition later on.


What if, she won?

Translated by Team DHH at

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