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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 24 Part 4

“I’ve said it, it’s not time yet.” Lu Sicheng’s tone was turning icy. “Do you
have a problem understanding the human language?”

“Then when is the time?”

“I don’t know.”

“I say now is the time.”

“......It’s up to you.” Lu Sicheng sneered, stretching out his two long legs.
“If anything happens then, don’t come to me to save your butt.”

Xiao Rui turned around and walked away without saying anything…...The
atmosphere was awkward and depressed, but no one was brave enough
to speak. Tong Yao was simply too confused to understand what was going
on between the two men.

She somehow felt that the reason why Lu Sicheng didn’t want to do a
skirmish with TAT was her. She thought she should say something-- --But,
when she looked up the the icy face of the captain, she swallowed back
what she was going to say. She picked up Dabing, which was moving around
the chairs, and began stroking it to calm her nerves.

-- --The entire base was quiet as a tomb until that night because of the
unexpected episode.

The loudest voice came from the delivery guy within that 7 hours.

Everyone sat in front of their own computer to play ranked games. When
Tong Yao went past Old Cat and Old K when she was getting a glass of milk
for herself, she found out that they were playing duos. The most silly thing was
that they were communicating entirely by typing in the game when they were
sitting so close to each other in reality that they could rub elbows..

Ming god sat on the sofa watching the latest game video of TAT, taking down a
lot of notes on the little book in his hand.

Tong Yao returned to her seat and turned on the computer. She saw message
notification from Little Fatty. After clicking on it, she saw Little Fatty, who was two
chairs away from her, carefully ask: [Where’s our Cheng Ge?]

Tong Yao replied: [I heard sounds outside when I passed by the window just
now. He’s probably smoking out there…...Why did you send me a message?
Are you mute?]

Little Fatty: [I’m scared.]

Tong Yao: [......]

Little Fatty: [Really, I haven’t seen him like this for some time now. The past year,
he’s like a peaceful retiree, raising fish and drinking tea.]

Little Fatty: [Oh no. Xiao Rui also just went out. Do you think they’ll get into a
fight? Killing each other before the season, it’s a serious crime. We’ll be doomed
if we get disqualified.]

Tong Yao: [? ? ? ?]

Tong Yao was afraid that Xiao Rui really got beaten up. She hurriedly picked up
Dabing, which was snoring on Lu Sicheng’s seat, to boost her own courage, and
sneaked near the window in the living room to eavesdrop……

She had just put her face on the window before she had steadied herself and
could already faintly hear Xiao Rui’s rushed voice-- --

“......You’re overly protective of her. Let’s forget the other things. But now, it’s
getting ridiculous that you won’t even play a skirmish. You know very well that
to play a strong Korean team before the season is much more valuable than
playing with those Chinese teams which are weaker than us-- --What’s there to
lose? It can’t be to the point that her confidence will collapse? Anyway, I just don’t
understand, Lu Sicheng, you aren’t really falling for her?  How come I wasn’t told
earlier that you’re a damn pedophile?”


Tong Yao’s hand trembled.

She almost threw out the cat from her arms-- --

What was going on?

So Lu Sicheng refused to play skirmish with TAT was because of her?

…...Tong Yao didn’t understand it herself, not to mention Xiao Rui: What the
hell was he up to?!

Translated by Team DHH at

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