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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 24 Part 3

After a few days, the Mid-season Invitationals was coming to an end.
CK lost to the Korean Communication Team at the finals-- --It was a pity,
but most people could accept it as everyone had predicted the Chinese
team would be crushed right at the doorstep.

After the Invitational started, people were surprised to find that China
wasn’t the only weak team-- --It was weak team against weak team
among the 6 regions…...Everyone hoped they’d still have some chance
at this year’s World Finals.

It was already mid May when the Invitational held its closing ceremony.
The weather in Shanghai was getting hotter and it was time to get ready
for the League of Legends Summer Competition in the China Region,
which would start at the end of May-- --

The vacation was finally over. All the players returned to base. Every team
was preparing the their lineup and backups for this season…...There were
more invites for skirmishes as well.

Since ZGDX was regarded as one of the stronger teams, there were
numerous invitations from different teams to skirmish every day. Xiao Rui
picked a few for them to practice with. Some teams were strong, some weak.
The most Tong Yao played was three matches in one day-- --

They won all of them.

Though the results of skirmishes were usually kept secret, eventually their
winning streak was leaked. The whole esports circle all knew one thing:
ZGDX was in its best condition since they had a new Mid, undefeated in all
their skirmishes.

Fans were all excitedly waiting for the appearance of the new ZGDX in the
Summer season…...However, Tong Yao’s team had some minor issues
internally during this time-- --

The problem stemmed from the issue of a skirmish.

That day, Tong Yao and her team had just finished their skirmish with YQCB.
They gathered in a circle to discuss the shortcomings of their new tactics
during the earlier skirmish. Ming god was turning page after page of the notebook
in his hand of their post-game statistics. The team manager, Xiao Rui, passed
by behind them and lightly dropped a line, “Cheng Ge, your old team has come
to invite us for a skirmish. I already said yes.”

The man, who was looking at the small blackboard behind him, paused slightly,
then turned around with furrowed brows. “What did you say?”

Without any exaggeration, Tong Yao instantly could feel the change of the

Little Fatty, who was discussing the tactics that YQCB had used earlier, abruptly
stopped. Old K was also silent; Old Cat, who was analyzing what top champions
he was good at and can use, raised his head, Ming god also stopped flipping
through his little notebook-- --

Sitting among them, Tong Yao look around in confusion.

“We’ve played against Chinese teams for so many days now, isn’t it time to have
a skirmish with a strong Korean team?” Xiao Rui rubbed the tip of his nose. “So I
accepted the invitation from that team.”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

By convention, team members had no right to object to any skirmish arranged by
the team manager. But ZGDX was an exception. Their team member and captain,
Mr. Lu Sicheng, was also one of the shareholders of the club…...Therefore, he
sometimes could make some decisions over the manager and challenge the decisions
of management-- --

It was exactly what had happened that day.

His usual relaxed demeanor disappeared. With eyebrows knitted, he truly looked
as if he was mildly annoyed. “I remember that I said that it’s not the time to play
against TAT yet.”

Xiao Rui tried to correct him, “You said that a month ago.”

Lu Sicheng: “Did I say anything about the situation having changed lately? Or do I
need to repeat it everyday?”

“We’ve played skirmishes for a month now.” Xiao Rui furrowed his eyebrows. “Tong
Yao should already be used to it-- --”

“You want to play against a Korean team, why don’t you invite their communication
team? Why do you have to arrange it with TAT……”

“They came to us themselves!”

“Why did they come to us all by themselves? It’s all because they have heard the
whole world boasting how invicible our new Mid is…...Where’s your brain? Why
didn’t you discuss it with me?”

“You were playing a skirmish with YQCB at the time. Besides, it’s only a skirmish,
no big deal if we lose…...I’m thinking it’s not a bad idea to have the two strongest
teams in the regions meet before the new season begins. What’s the big deal?” Xiao
Rui was unyielding. “We’ll meet them sooner or later……”

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