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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 24 Part 2

Tong Yao moved around her fingers which were slightly sore from
being so focused while playing. She turned her head and saw Lu
Sicheng and Ming god analysing the post-game statistics…...Lu
Sicheng probably felt her gaze, stopped talking with Ming god, and
slowly turned to glance at her……

He paused for a second.

“Good play.”

“Oh, hey hey hey.”

A bright smile appeared on her face, her eyes turning into two crescents.

That night, just as Tong Yao had guessed-- --Somehow the skirmish with
the Huawei team that day was posted online, though they didn’t know who
did it. The match was exaggeratedly described as “Smiling single handedly
turned the match around. As the team was going to lose its advantage from
a bad decision, she helped lay the foundation for victory”......

She was the topic of both waves of gossips during the day and the night.
When Tong Yao got on stream that night, the number of viewers had reached
a new height-- --

Half of the viewers were asking what was going on with Tong Yao and Jian
Yang and Lu Sicheng; the other half asked whether it was true that she had
carried the team to victory during the skirmish that day.

Tong Yao: “Jian Yang was my boyfriend when I was still in highschool. We
later broke up-- --Why? It’s quite normal for young people to break up when
they don’t get along. There’s no why…...Where’s Jian Yang now? In China,
in Shanghai, at the CK base, on my blacklist?”

Tong Yao was very used to streaming now after she had done it for several
days in a row. Now she could look at the bullet comments and still talk while
playing the game…...When she said that Jian Yang was on her blacklist, she
could see Lu Sicheng cast a glance at her and his lips moved silently: Childish.

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao: “As for the skirmish this afternoon, in the beginning we had an
advantage over them. I went back to base to change items right in front of
their Mid. Cheng Ge, Little Fatty, and Old K were pushing the turret at Top.
Afterwards, Cheng Ge was struck by a great idea and asked: why don’t we
go steal a baron.”

Lu Sicheng: “? ? ? ?”

Tong Yao: “Then they tried to steal it-- --It has been proved that it’s better
not to do such a thing. The Huawei team used a ward to find them-- --The
next second, the five of them rolled up and started wailing on them as Baron
kept attacking them, it was hard not to die…...I didn’t carry, really I didn’t.
Perhaps the enemy’s desire to kill those three was too strong, they used up
all their abilities. I was just cleaning up.”

It was then that everyone who was watching the stream could see in her
facecam screen, a big hand stretch over to drag off her earphones-- --

“Who wanted to steal the baron? Say it again if you dare.”

A wave of bullet comments flew across the screen-- --

“666666666” “Team tyrant angry!” “The domineering Cheng Ge will love
me” “What exactly is between you two” “Why don’t you two keep your
distance from each other” “Just do the stream, no need to be so lovey-

Tong Yao grabbed her own earphones back and put them back on her head.
Then she used a relaxed tone to continue, “There’s no need to keep a
distance, what for. There’s nothing to begin with-- --You don’t have to think
too much of it. We didn’t go shopping hand in hand. The only time Cheng Ge
and I appeared together on the street was when I just got here and Cheng Ge
was assigned to take me to buy slippers.”

Lu Sicheng: “Besides, I’m not a pedophile.”

Tong Yao: “That’s right, besides he’s not a ped-- --What did you say?”

Lu Sicheng put on his earphones without any facial expression and turned
the volume of his computer to the max.

Tong Yao turned her head back to look at the bullet comments, speaking
after a short pause, “So we aren’t together. I just got here. If we’re really
getting together, I’ll let you know-- --Right, right, right, I’ll buy you all candies…...
What do you mean by shameless, Bursting Nexus, you better talk nicely-- --
Moderator? Moderator, time to shut him up. What are you waiting for!”

Lu Sicheng: “But it won’t be a day like that.”

Tong Yao: “......Didn’t you have your earphones on?”

Lu Sicheng pulled the wire on the earphones and showed Tong Yao with
a stone face that it wasn’t plugged in……

Tong Yao: “.......................................................Who are you acting for?”

Lu Sicheng: “My ears are cold, it’s warmer with them on.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Now all the bullet comments that had been asking about the gossip about
Jian Yang and Lu Sicheng had been replaced by “Hahahahahahahahahaha”
“66666, little sister, go” “Wait till the Summer season competition, it must
be brilliant”......

-- --Lu Sicheng was right, compared to gossip of the professional players,
people were more interested in things related to the game itself. Overnight,
all the headlines on the esports media were like, “1p1 the strongest female
mid” “Who said girls can’t play good games”

“I look forward to ZGDX in the Summer competition” “It’ll be awesome if a
girl, in the end, leads the team to win the final championship which we’ve
waited for six years”......

At this point, the esports Tale of the White Snake had come to an end.

Translated by Team DHH at

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