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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 23 Part 2

Tong Yao slightly knit her eyebrows; she seemed to remember
that last year ZGDX did have an alternate Mid, but she couldn’t
remember exactly who that was. She was busy at the time getting
all the documents ready to go abroad and digesting the fact that
her boyfriend had lied to her about training while in reality he was
going to karaoke bars to drink with the hostesses there……

Tong Yao pondered for a while then she put Jian Yang back to where
he belonged, on the block list.

She wasn’t annoyed at him for saying that Lu Sicheng wouldn’t like
her. To tell the truth, Tong Yao thought so herself, besides she was
also-- --Nevermind, it was all Jinyang’s fault making her think about
all these unrealistic things-- --She had just joined ZGDX for only a
few days, had only played a few training matches. She was here to
accomplish a great career, who had the mood to fall in love?

She stopped thinking about Cheng Ge.

…...As for that mysterious alternate Mid that Jian Yang had mentioned-- --

“Little Fatty.”


“Did our team have any other alternate mid last season?”


Little Fatty’s hand on the mouse paused abruptly. It seemed that he
hadn’t expected Tong Yao would ask about it. There was an unusual
displeased expression on his chubby face. His eyebrows slightly
furrowed and lightly answered after a long while, “There was one.
But don’t worry, he won’t come back.’

Tong Yao was surprised, “Why?”

Little Fatty cast down his eyes, “Because he was driven away…
all of us. No one wanted to be his teammate.”

After he finished talking, it was obvious that he didn’t want to continue
…...Though Tong Yao was curious, she didn’t feel that it was right to
continue asking. She went online to check it out and only found out
that this person’s id was ‘Lv’. He left ZGDX after last year’s world finals
and disappeared totally from the League of Legend circle.

…...Uhm, there must be some story about this guy?


Tong Yao kept her curiosity to herself till the next day. She was planning
to find a chance to ask the team manager, Xiao Rui. But in the end, she
had forgotten all about it……

Because Lu Sicheng had come back.

In the morning, when Tong Yao, with Dabing in her arms, came out of
her room, the cat jumped off from her as soon as she closed the door to
her room. The cat rolled down the stairs and ran into the arms of another
person-- --Tong Yao looked down from the railings on the second floor
and happened to see Dabing was rubbing its head against the man’s
hand trying to get under his hand……

The cat’s round eyes had squeezed into almond eyes.

Did Lu Sicheng smell like dried fish, was that why the cat cared about
him so much?

The man sitting on the sofa seemed to sense the look from behind, he
turned to glance at Tong Yao and asked, “What are you looking at?”

Tong Yao had almost gotten used to the way he carried a conversation.
She murmured, “Cheng Ge, you’re back.” and slowly walked down the
stairs. Halfway on the stairs, Lu Sicheng suddenly asked, “Shorty, what’s
going on between you and CK’s Yang God?”

Tong Yao almost slid and fell on the stairs. She grabbed the railing to
stable herself and asked in confusion, “What, what’s going on?”

“Someone posted on Tieba what had happened amongst the three of
us while we were playing ranked yesterday, screenshots the whole time.
Did you have any other Chinese teammates on your side?”

“......The top was Chinese. But, you look at Tieba?”

“Then that’s it.” Lu Sicheng ignored her question. “Your messages to
me and your conversation with Yang God were all screenshot word by
word and posted on Tieba-- --There are thousands comments under it
already. The mysterious relationships between us can be filmed into a
TV drama. The actually plot is: the female lead, the love-sick second
male lead, and the cold and heartless male lead.”

When Lu Sicheng spoke with an emotionless face, there was a feel
of dry humor.


Tong Yao walked behind Lu Sicheng and bent over to look at the cell
phone in his hand. She saw a hot post on a certain esports Tieba, the
title of the post was [ZGDX mid and bot seem to have fallen in love,
Yang God steps in, esports edition of The Legend of the White Snake]-- --

Tong Yao widened her eyes and bent over to get a closer look. Her hair
fell next to Lu Sicheng’s ear, it was itchy and he smelt her scented
shampoo…...He quietly frowned and moved slightly to the side, “Don’t
you have a cell phone of your own?”

Translated by Team DHH at

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