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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 22 Part 2

“You really believe that!” Little Fatty glanced at a nervous Tong Yao while
playing his game, “I went with him to buy the fish on the street, two for one,
three only costed five……”

Tong Yao: “......”

She put the cat down and sent a WeChat to the person called [djwdb2333]-- --

[Smiling: Liar! Little Fatty just told me those goldfish cost five RMB!]

Three seconds later, her cell phone vibrated.

[djwdb2333: you really believed that it costed 30,000?]

[djwdb2333: however, though goldfish can be bought with money, lives
are priceless.]

Tong Yao rolled her eyes towards the ceiling.


After Lu Sicheng left, the bickering between the two finally ended. For the
first few days, Tong Yan played duos with her teammates, watched some TV
dramas, played with her cat, and streamed. She was enjoying her life……

[Smiling: this is the normal daily life of a professional esports player. No one
laughs at you daily, you don’t have to worry that someone will read aloud the
bullet comments. Lunch is ordinary take out that costs 20+ RMB. The bright
red flower on the back of my hand has almost faded, you can’t tell if you’re
not looking closely.]

[Smiling: it’s simply so nice.]

Sitting on the bed, Tong Yao, with a candy in her mouth, slowly shared her
thoughts with her best friend, Jinyang. The screen showed that Jinyang was
‘typing’ for quite a while, Tong Yao believed that she was continuously deleting
what she had written……

One minute later, the new WeChat message finally jumped out-- --

[Ah Mao’s mom: you miss him.]

Tong Yao: “..........................................”

She threw her cell phone again. The phone dropped on the floor with a loud
thud-- --A sense of deja vu, Tong Yao, who was sitting on the bed, subconsciously
raised her head to look at the door: Too bad, no one opened the door.

Tong Yao spaced out for a while on the bed until the candy had stuck to the
inside of her right cheek. She crushed the candy as if she was crushing someone's
neck, then jumped down from the bed to retrieve her cell phone. She speedily replied-- --

[Smiling: don’t talk nonsense.]

[Smiling: I’m here only for a few days. I haven’t established my empire yet, no
time for love affairs.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: no need to say anything more. Looking forward to you and
Cheng Ge’s wedding.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: it’s still a happy thing that the man I can’t get becomes my best
friend’s and I can see him all the time.]

[Smiling: bah.]

She put down her cell phone and messed up her hair in irritation. She got up
from bed, going downstairs to find all the others were sitting in front of their own
computer, playing games-- --They were still on vacation and the base didn’t ask
them to train by playing ranked games. But it seemed that they didn’t have
anything else better to do……

Their entertainment was League of Legends.

Their work was still League of Legends.

Tong Yao bent over to turn on her own computer. In the past few days, the one
who read out her bullet comments wasn’t here and she had gotten more used
to streaming. In addition, she wouldn’t team up randomly with her teammates
now…...In any case, her score had moved up gradually for about 400 points from
being Diamond 1 before Lu Sicheng’s left. Today, if she could win a few more
matches, she would be back to Master.

“Tong Yao, are you coming?” Old K asked.

Tong Yao had just entered a new match, “I just got in one. You should ask
earlier. Where’s Cat?”

“Upper jungle was a mess.” Old K said, “He messed up promotion match, and
gave me Teemo at the most critical moment. I’ll never play with him again.”


Teemo was similar to Yasuo in a sense. For those who know how to play him,
he was a very strong champion. As for those who didn’t know how to play--
--anyway, Old Cat was definitely not the former.

“Wait, till I finish this match. Yi.”

Tong Yao, while speaking, found that one of her teammates for this match had
an id called “unlwer”, who was assigned to play jungler. About 30 seconds
earlier, he typed on the team public chat: ya?

Tong Yao: “......”

What luck, she got was in a match with her ex, Jian Yang.

Translated by Team DHH at

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