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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 22 Part 1

The next day, “Tong Yao, what’s that thing on your hand?” The team
manager walked past her then backtracked, staring at the ugly flower
on her hand, “Did you sign a contract with some strange thing to become
a magical girl?”[1]

Tong Yao was nestled in the sofa with the cat. She raised her eyes,
about to complain, when a tall man, with luggage in tow, passed through
the two who were in a conversation. He casually commented, “Aren’t you
a bit too old to become a magical girl by now?”

Tong Yao stood up from the sofa, “Speak nicely. You’re about to leave,
won’t it be better to leave with a good memory of the two of us?”

“I’m coming back next Friday.”

Lu Sicheng set his luggage down and started to look around at the base
to see if he had forgotten anything-- --

Tong Yao: “Wallet, keys, cell phone.”

Lu Sicheng paused to touch his pockets, “I have them all.”

Tong Yao: “Go right ahead, Wukong.”

Lu Sicheng slowly turned around, sizing Tong Yao up and down who was
almost sinking into the sofa. His eyes finally rested on the cat in her arms
…...After a short pause, he spoke in his deep voice, “You better keep a good
eye on this furry beast. This morning I saw it use its paw to stir inside my fishbowl.”

“That’s impossible.” Tong Yao didn’t believe him. “The cat’s afraid of water.”

“They’re only afraid of water that doesn’t have goldfish in it. There’s cat
hair inside the bowl.”

Lu Sicheng brought the fishbowl to Tong Yao, “Look.”

Dabing excitedly raised its bottom as the fishbowl came near-- --Tong Yao
pushed the cat back onto the sofa. She a took look at the fishbowl…...
There were a few cat hairs floating in there.

“They flew in there.”

“My sons are a mix between Italian and Russian purebloods. Their parents
all have certificates. One costs 30,000, three will be 90,000. They aren’t
the cheap kind that you can buy from the market. You better be aware of that.”


One goldfish costed 30,000, who would believe that…...They didn’t look
any different from those you could buy from the market?

If it was coming from any other person, Tong Yao would never have believed
it. But it was coming from Lu Sicheng, who had paid five figures for hot pot,
she believed him-- --

Were the sons more expensive or the hot pot?

Certainly, the sons were more expensive.

Though she didn’t quite understand how she came up with the comparison,
Tong Yao still sat up in the sofa and picked up Dabing, sighed, “Dabing, did
you hear? These fish are expensive and dirty, you can never eat them.”

Lu Sicheng: “Who’s dirty?”

Tong Yao: “......Sorry.”

“Shorty, there’s a problem with the way you educate your cat-- --If it’s
something it shouldn’t touch, then just tell it that it can’t be touched.” Lu
Sicheng put the fishbowl back. “You can’t touch it, it has nothing to do with
the fact that it’s unworthy to be touched.”


“I’m worried how your kids will turn out under your care.”

“You can educate them if you’re so good at it.” Tong Yao put the cat down
and countered without thinking, “I’m only responsible for giving birth, wouldn’t
that be wonderful.”

She didn’t realized what she had just said until a few seconds later, when
everyone at the base, including Lu Sicheng, all turned to look at her quietly
…...She was puzzled, “What’s wrong?”

“......Your relationship has developed to the point that you’re having kids
together?” Xiao Rui said with a regretful expression, “Before I congratulate
you two, I have to remind you two: ZGDX forbids relationships among teammates.”

Tong Yao was about to ask how could a bunch of men have relationships.
Before she opened her mouth, she was suddenly struck by Leblanc’s
ultimate, “Mimic”, replaying the words she had just spoken in her brain-- --

Damn, what did she just say? !

Tong Yao’s face blushed then turned pale, her mind blanked…...Lu Sicheng,
at this juncture, acted normally, looked at his watch and said it was time for
him to go to the airport. He dragged his luggage and walked out the door.

As soon as Lu Sicheng left, Dabing jumped onto his desk to stir inside the
fishbowl as if to show off to Tong Yao proof that the man hadn’t wronged it--
--Tong Yao dragged the cat from the desk and slapped its bottom, “It costs
30,000 each! If you kill any one of them, you’ll be sent back home immediately!”

Dabing stretched out its little short leg, with was wet with the faint smell of fish,
to touch Tong Yao’s mouth.

[1]:  If you don’t know what this is.  See the wikipedia article for Sailor Moon.

Translated by Team DHH at

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