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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 20 Part 3

Tong Yao sat in the van, checking Weibo and chatting with her friend
online. Her teammates’ conversation along the way was entirely about
League of Legends-- --mainly focused on the mid-season competition.
They all agreed that the Korean telecommunication company’s team was
so strong that CK was helpless during today’s match. If the Chinese
Region hoped to have a good chance at this year’s world competition,
they had to first conquer the Korean Region……

“We’re both owned by telecommunication companies, have you guys
ever played a skirmish with that Korean team?” Tong Yao asked, without
even raising her head, still playing with her cell phone-- --

Jian Yang, her ex-boyfriend, happened to text her asking where she
went after the stream. She replied with four-word axiom: [None of your

“We had. A couple days before this year’s Spring season. Ming god
was still playing then.” Little Fatty used his chubby chin to point at the
data analyst sitting next to him. “We couldn’t beat them at all. Cheng
Ge barely had a small advantage at the bot. The other lanes, tsk, ask
Ming god and Old Cat what it was like……”

Old Cat smiled wryly, “I was a lost cause.”

Ming god cleared his throat, “I had nightmare that night.”

ZGDX was one of the strongest teams in China and they were beaten
that badly? Tong Yao was stunned, she stopped playing with her cell
phone and raised her head, “That bad?”

Then she remembered that the day when she first saw Lu Sicheng in
person, the staff who accompanied her seemed to have said something
to the effect, “lost to the Korean team again.”......

“Not just this team, there’s another TAT team.” Lu Sicheng stretched his
legs and lightly sighed, “After Pop left, TAT wasn’t doing great at the
beginning of the Spring season, but they rallied later on-- --The new ADC
of theirs adapted to the team very quickly. Though they lost to the
telecommunication team at the Spring finals, they lost after five close
matches. If things go well for them, by the time of the world finals, that
new guy will be devilishly strong again……”

TAT was the team where Lu Sicheng and Pope had played before.

Two strong carries, Lu Sicheng and Pope, left the team one after another,
yet the team only needed one season to adjust itself and come back stronger-- --

Everyone in the van couldn’t help but sigh.

“It can’t be helped. Korean esports is well developed and constantly
has new blood……” Xiao Rui smiled bitterly. “As for us, since last year,
we only buy established players. Few bother learning about the core

Tong Yao’s interest was aroused from the conversation, she asked
Xiao Rui, “When are you going to arrange another skirmish with the

Lu Sicheng glanced at her, then chuckled while speaking without
emotion, “Just cause you beat Ai Jia today, you’re already letting it
get to your head.”

Tong Yao widened her eyes, “What are you talking about. I just want to
at least give it a try. I know the Koreans are very strong, but how do I
know for sure if I don’t try-- --”

Before she could finish, the man’s big hand landed on top of her head.
He rubbed her short hair as if he was trying to calm a restless kid down
and plainly said, “Not now.”

Tong Yao pushed his hand away and asked in disappointment, “Why?”

Xiao Rui nodded and went along, “Yeah, why? Since Smiling is so eager
and TAT isn’t doing much lately, why don’t we arrange-- --”

Lu Sicheng glanced at Tong Yao, “She needs confidence, not set backs.
You know what kind of person the TAT Mid, Ah Tai, is.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Xiao Rui: “......”

Xiao Rui looked at Lu Sicheng, then at Tong Yao, as if he had stopped
himself from saying something.

Lu Sicheng stressed again, “Therefore, it’s a no if I say so. It’s not the
time yet.”

Lu Sicheng stood firm, so everyone just dropped the topic…...The van
stopped as they spoke, they had reached their destination.

Tong Yao stretched her head out to take a look, except for an old villa,
the street was quite empty. There was no hot pot restaurant to be seen
…….Tong Yao pulled her head back, “I told my mom that Rui Ge’s a
human trafficker, she didn’t believe me. Now, you finally drag me here
to exchange for liquor.”

“You’d only be worth a bottle of Qingdao beer.” Lu Sicheng opened the
car door, “Get off.”

“Where’s the hot pot place?”

“Right here.”

Tong Yao watched her teammates knock on the gate of the villa. The
gate opened, inside was an elegantly decorated restaurant-- --It was
rare to have a hot pot place opened at midnight, what’s more shocking
was that it was located in a villa in a city where land was as valuable as
gold…...Tong Yao followed the others in. Her first impression was: Shit, can
they make enough money to pay for the rent?

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